15 Most Humongous Things Ever Made With LEGOs

From a tiny police car to the Millennium Falcon, there are few people who never experienced the magic of building their own LEGO creation. Although it can sometimes get frustrating, searching through hundreds or even thousands of bricks, all of those hours of " hard work " are forgotten when you get to feel the joy and pride of holding the final product in your own hands.

As a kid, finishing the LEGO castle you got from Santa was a big accomplishment, something to be proud of, and most of all, something that you had to show off to everyone. But what if I told you that there actually is no limit to what can be built with the small bricks. While most adults seem to think that LEGOs are a "kids thing", some people, with a lot of vision and a lot more work, have taken their creations to a whole new level. And by level I mean scale.

One thing is certain. The people who built these insane constructions did not follow any instructions. And if you are not easy to impress, let me tell you that some of them weigh more than your car, and are taller than you house. One celebrity even went as far as building their very own full-size home out of LEGOs.

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15 Life-Size Statue of Jesus Christ

Via : sbs.com.au

This unusual project was undertaken by a Swedish church located in Vaesteras, about 70 miles west of Stockholm. What is particularly interesting about this one is that the nearly 30,000 LEGO bricks used were donated by members of the congregation. The 5ft 8' high statue was modelled after a work by 19th century danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsens, depicting the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The stunning replica was unveiled as part of the Easter celebrations after more than 1 year of work, and the pastor has stated that it will remain permanently in the church.

14 Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration

Via : telegraph.co.uk

To mark the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, the folks at LEGOLAND California decided to bring some ''Change" to the LEGO game and created a disturbingly accurate depiction of Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration. And when we say accurate we don't refer to the near perfect small-scale version of the capitol, but to the fact that everyone who was at the real inauguration is there. LEGO designers worked on every single tiny figure to make them as close to the real person as possible. Every single one of them can actually be recognized, from Michelle Obama to President George W. Bush and Laura Bush, VP Joe Biden and his wife Jill or Dick Cheney and his wife Lynn. Even LEGO Oprah Winfrey came to this very special event.

13 RMS "Queen Mary"

Via: usatoday.com

This one is definitely one of the most ambitious LEGO projects ever built: a 25-foot-long model of the legendary Queen Mary ocean liner. The people responsible for assembling this masterpiece are the professional LEGO builders from Bright Bricks Inc. For completing this very ambitious project they put together no less than 250,000 individual bricks over the span of almost 4 months, bringing the total weight of the ship at over 600 pounds. The small ship is permanently displayed on the real Queen Mary, which is now serving as a museum, hotel and all-around tourist attraction, moored in the port of Long Beach, California.

12 LEGO Pharaoh Floating Down River Thames

Seeing a 16-foot Pharaoh sailing past the London bridge on the River Thames is definitely not something you would expect to see, ever, but a few lucky Londoners witnessed this bizarre scene in March 2009. The one-tonne giant was on the final leg of a 1395 mile publicity tour from the Czech Republic to LEGOLAND Windsor, where it was set to become the centrepiece of their Kingdom of the Pharaohs exhibition. The statue took a team of 4 modellers five months and more than 200,000 LEGO blocks to build. The Pharaoh followed in the footsteps of Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead, who floated down the River Thames in 2007 to mark the opening of the Tutankhamun exhibition in London.

11 Yankee Stadium

Via: seankenney.com

This superb model of the old Yankee Stadium was built by professional LEGO artist Sean Kenney with the help of a Manhattan grade schooler. It is 6 ft. wide and 5 ft. long, at a scale of about 1:150, but it is not actually its size that makes it noteworthy, but the incredible attention to detail. From the elevated NYC Subway Station behind the stadium (with MetroCard machines) to the scoreboard ads of famous brands (there is even one for LEGO), the Yankees locker rooms and even Monument Park, where plaques of Yankee legends like Babe Ruth and Yogi Berra lie. According to Sean the stadium is populated with over 1,700 little "microscale people", and even America's most famous family, the Simpsons are heading to the game.

10 Volvo XC90 SUV

Via: media.volvocars.com

This very impressive 1:1 scale model was assembled by a team of LEGO Master Builders at LEGOLAND California to honour the theme park's partnership with the Swedish automotive brand. Being the undisputed champion of driving safety, and a fellow Scandinavian icon, Volvo was chosen as the official car of LEGOLAND California, the two brands vouching to promote a common message of "Safety first" to the park's 1.3 million annual visitors. The unusual version of Volvo's award-wining SUV took about 4 months to complete and required over 200,000 individual bricks. The LEGOLAND staff even used the "pieced together" version of the XC90 to play an elaborate prank on the park's General Manager. They moved their boss' personal car, a Volvo XC60, and replaced it with the LEGO XC90. Needless to say that he was very surprised when he walked out to his car. The pranksters recorded the whole thing, and as expected the video became a viral sensation (at the time) .

9 Allianz Arena

Via: blog.gemr.com

The 66,000 seats Allianz Arena in Munich is arguably one of the most beautiful stadiums ever made. The unique "stadium cover" is definitely its highlight, being made from approximately 2,800 translucent, diamond shaped air-filled pillows. To celebrate this wonder of modern architecture, the designers at LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort created a 1:50 scale model of the real deal, clocking in 4,209 hours of work and using over 1 million lego bricks, with a total weight of 1.5 tons. The impressive arena hosts about 30,000 LEGO fans of the 2 playing teams: VFR Mannheim and FC 51 Reinickendor, selected as a result of a radio competition.

8 Chevy Batmobile

Via: dailymail.co.uk

As Batman's appearance changed over the time in the many movies and animations portraying Gotham's vigilante, so did his vehicle of choice: the Batmobile. But out of all of them I think we can safely say two things: LEGO Batman is the best Batman and this LEGO Batmobile is definitely the craziest version ever envisioned. The 17 ft. long supercar was designed by Chevrolet and assembled with the help of students from Detroit's Cody Rouge to mark the release of  "The LEGO Batman Movie". The crazy project took over 2000 man-hours to design and build and over 340,000 LEGO bricks were used. Even though the car is just a prop, Chevrolet set up a mock product page on its website, listing some of this Batmobile's crazy features like a 60.2L V100 engine producing 20,000 horsepower and a flaming rocket booster, and sticking it with a price tag of $48,000,000. Fortunately, we are pretty sure that Bruce Wayne can afford it.

7 Herobot 9000

Via: commons.wikimedia.org

This humongous robot happened when LEGO employees decided they can't allow the fans to outdo them in the craziness of their creations. Enter Herobot 9000, a 38 ft. tall mega construction built using a mind-blowing 2.8 million LEGO bricks. Like the Pharaoh that sailed on Thames, Herobot was born in LEGO's factory in the Czech Republic and was somehow transported to the US. The 6-ton robot is now guarding Minnesota's Mall of America, and we can't expect anyone to find the will to move him anytime soon.

6 Nintendo DSi

Via: seankenney.com

This amazing creation is another work from the amazing LEGO artist Sean Kenney, who also brought us the LEGO Yankee Stadium. Sean was commissioned by Nintendo to build a human-sized version of their wildly successful follow-up console, the DSi, to celebrate its launch on the US market. He used over 50,000 bricks to make the console that was displayed for 6 months at the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center in New York City. This project is so unique because, unlike many other LEGO models that are smaller versions of the real thing, or 1:1 copies at most, this one is way bigger than the Japanese console, being taller than the size of an average human.

5 Milan LEGO Tower

Via: pointbrick.com

Although it seems unbelievable, these photos of a 113 ft. tower piercing the skyline of the Italian city of Milan are as real as the 500,000 LEGO bricks it was made of. In June 2015, during 5 fun-filled days, the creative collaboration of thousands of LEGO fans, of all ages, managed to break the Guinness World Record for the tallest structure made entirely out of LEGOs. Every single person that laid a brick took part in this amazing feat and to further this message of creative collaboration and togetherness, LEGO decided to donate 7 Euros for every centimetre built of the tower to Urban Oasis, a project which focuses on the protection and development of green areas in cities, in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The historic event was visited by more that 50,000 spectators and 18,000 builders, while the grand finale saw Italian TV personality Alessandro Cattelan riding a crane to add the final brick to the top of the tower.

4 Jubilee Seaways

Via: dfdsseaways.co.uk

The employees of danish shipping company DFDS Seaways decided to celebrate the firm's 150th year by building a LEGO version of one of their ships, and in doing so they broke the Guinness World Record for the largest ship ever made out of the tiny bricks. The ship, appropriately named Jubilee Seaways, was built with the help of no less than 7000 faithful DFDS employees coming from 75 locations across 20 countries. These men had the task of building thousands of big LEGO bricks each made from a total of 48 little bricks. These big bricks were then used by LEGO artist Warren Elsmore and his team to create the magnificent ship. After every one of the more than 1 million bricks found its rightful place, the Jubilee went on a tour of Europe, being showcased in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam and other European cities.

3 James May's LEGO House

Via: techcrunch.com

British TV personality James May, best know as former co-presenter of the motoring programme Top Gear, built the ultimate LEGO craze: a 20-ft. tall house made exclusively from LEGOs and full  with a working bathroom, kitchen utensils and a very uncomfortable bed. The 3.3 million bricks masterpiece was built by May with the help of 1000 volunteers on a wine estate in Surrey, in the southeast of England. May has stated that Legoland passed on a deal to take it to their theme park in Windsor, Berkshire, after deciding it would be too expensive to move. He even slept in the house for a very uncomfortable night, when he also discovered that the house was not waterproof. Tragically, the building was demolished because nobody really wanted to take it (for free), given the fact that moving it would have been an extremely complicated and expensive task. The bricks used were donated to charity, but its greatness will never be forgotten.

2 Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

Via: insidethemagic.net

Furious that James May's LEGO house outdone The LEGO Group's Herobot 9000 as the largest structure made entirely out of LEGOs, the danish powerhouse set to smash any record, past, present or future by creating an incredible 1:1 replica of the famed X-Wing star-fighter. The design is based on the 560-piece LEGO X-Wing Set, but the appearance is the only thing the two have in common. Just like the Herobot 900o, the X-Wing was built by LEGO master builders at the company’s facility in Kladno, Czech Republic and it required a total of 17,336 man-hours to complete. The record-breaking model was assembled from 5.3 individual LEGO bricks, shattering James May's 3.3 million record and bringing the crown home once again. All of its 23 tons were unveiled in Times Square in celebration of the new LEGO Star Wars animated TV special “The Yoda Chronicles” . When you think about the fact that this humongous starship has 2 million bricks more than an actual house, it seems impossible to imagine it ever being dethroned. And yet...

1 Tower Bridge Supporting 2 Land Rovers

Via: autoexpress.co.uk

This entire construction inspired by London's Tower Bridge but made entirely out of LEGOs was part of the unveiling of the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, near their flagship factory in Solihull. Oh, and if you were wondering who that guy hanging from a rope above the bridge is, that's the famous adventurer and TV presenter Bear Grylls. During the very elaborate launch, he descended from a helicopter onto the 13-metre high bridge to present the company's fifth-generation Discovery sports utility vehicle. Now, the new car might be quite good, but everyone agrees that the true star of the show was the colossal construction that did what effortlessly broke the X-Wing's previous record, becoming the world's biggest sculpture made entirely from LEGO bricks. How many? Just 5,805,846 interlocking bricks, that were put together by the UK's only LEGO certified professional, Duncan Titmarsh. He was helped by a team of expert LEGO builders and the whole project took a little more than 5 months to finish. Even though this record is more than impressive it may not take such a long time until someone with enough creativity and will decides to challenge it.

Sources: bbc, telegraph

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