15 Most Disturbing Things Found Preserved In Ice

Preservation of the things we hold dear is a vital part of living our daily lives. We have memories that we wish to immortalize, and while some of the methods of preservation that we use may be a little bit strange, they are performed out of love in order to keep something or someone alive forever. Whether it is in the form of taxidermy, which allows owners to always have their pets by their side, or photographs that freeze moments in time, we keep the memories of those we love alive so that we may always remember them.

However, sometimes nature takes part in the preservation of some pretty weird things. Places like frozen tundras and areas that are below freezing hide secrets that have yet to be discovered. But ice isn't just limited to cold and remote places. People are very much capable of freezing something, especially when it comes to things that should never be frozen. Throughout this article, you will see bodies that have been found in ice. Long forgotten but well preserved, these bodies laid quietly until people happened upon them. You will also see things like body parts, fish, blood-like water, and even stories about people who have frozen unbelievable things. Sometimes the secrets we keep buried far beneath the ice have a way of resurfacing.

15 World War I Soldiers

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Imagine walking through the northern part of Italy. You're hiking through a very mountainous area and the sun beaming down seems unusually warm for the snow covered region. Things begin melting along your walk and you notice what looks like the head of dead man. This is certainly a possibility, as it has happened before. Many bodies have been surfacing due to the warming of the area. During WWI in 1916, soldiers in the area were fighting, but what they didn't expect was the wrath of nature. A very large avalanche, which occurred in the Dolomites, took out around 10,000 men. The soldiers never had a chance as the frozen tundra came tumbling down around them. They most probably died to due to suffocation. Being trapped under so much snow and ice leaves little breathing room. Now the bodies keep showing up and it's only a matter of time until most, if not all, of the bodies finally surface.

14 A Mom In A Freezer

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In 2016, a woman from North Carolina had a freezer to sell. After a neighbor decided to buy it for a mere $30, the woman didn't say a word about the contents that were awaiting her within. The freezer the neighbor received was taped shut. This should have been the first sure sign that there was something weird inside, but the lady decided to open the freezer anyway. After all, she intended to use it. When she opened the lid, the body of a woman was resting within. She was astounded. What is so crazy about this story is that experts did an autopsy on the body. They said they couldn't find any evidence that suggested homicide. It's thought that the lady had kept her mother in the freezer after she died for the sole purpose of collecting social security. Whether or not this is true, the question must be asked: Why would you store your mother in a freezer of all places?

13 Otzi - A Man Frozen In Ice

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In 1991, hikers were making their way through Val Senales, Italy, when they came across something very extraordinary: a man, captured within a glacier. It hadn't preserved him completely, but what the ice had kept hidden for over 5,300 years certainly didn't disappoint. After researchers were really able to get a good look at him, they found out many important things about how humans once lived during Otzi's time. It gave a great deal of knowledge to the scientists who had the opportunity to work on him. He was found within the glacier with his clothes and equipment. Both painted a picture of what type of person Otzi really was. After some analysis, it was determined that Otzi had been moving around the area when he was murdered. Researchers are still studying him to this day. He was a very phenomenal find considering that we don't have many things that give us a clear picture of what life was like so many years ago. Otzi has been able to give experts true insight.

12 Treasure Beneath The Ice

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Isn't the idea of buried treasure a wonderful one? All of us, at some point in our lives, have thought about what it would be like to find a chest full of gold. While on some perilous journey, the hero would find the treasure and bring it home victorious. For lack of a better term, that's what happened to Daniel Roche, a French treasure hunter who was searching atop Mont Blanc in Western Europe. Roche had been searching for many years in the area when he finally came across a metal box that was full of wonderful treasure and while the journey may not have been perilous, it was certainly exciting. The Bossons glacier had somehow ejected the container which was filled with 50 pieces of incredible jewelry. Roche believes the find comes from a plane which crashed in the area in 1966. It was known as Air India flight Kangchenjunga, on which 117 people died.

11 Viruses Hiding Within

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Ice is a very interesting thing. It has the potential to conceal and encase pretty much anything on the planet. Probably the last thing we would think about being concealed is a form of sickness. As terrifying as it sounds, there have indeed been viruses hacked out of the ice. While it's very interesting, viruses being unearthed after staying dormant for so long is a very horrifying thought and it's a subject that is often discussed in the scientific community. Even people who aren't scientists have something to say about it. It's a universal concern considering our history with deadly viruses. For example, the Black Plague devastated the world and killed millions of people. Granted, we now have better means to take care of such an outbreak, but what about the chance of something even stronger? We still don't have cures or treatment for various types of viruses. Hopefully experts will have more answers as the years go by. For now, we do what we can. Who knows what deadly viruses could be lurking beneath the ice in the Arctic or elsewhere?

10 Frozen Missing Hikers

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In 2015, two bodies were found inside a glacier atop Pico de Orizaba. The remains on Mexico's highest peak proved to be preserved rather well due to being captured in the glacier. It wasn't long before people started talking and realized the remains could possibly be those of two climbers who went missing in 1959. After they were discovered, a team of climbers set out to take a look at the remains. They found two bodies, both supposedly clinging to each other. The corpses were partly mummified. They could see muscle tissue and skin along with some clothing around them as well. It was a ghastly find, and Luis Espinoza, who was part of the team that went missing, had said they looked to be the ones that were part of his team that year. Luis had luckily made it out of the avalanche alive and slowly made it to safety. There were seven climbers in all, and only four survived. While these two bodies were discovered, one still remains missing. The team suspects they will find the third body with time as the ice melts.

9  Body Parts Frozen in A Freezer

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When bodies and such are found throughout the cold wilderness, it's certainly terrifying. But the first thought that pops into the mind probably isn't murder. However, if you were to find remains and various body parts stuffed into a freezer on someone's property, that might raise a few alarms. Just this year, police and other officials discovered the remains of Joseph Mastropole and other random body parts in a freezer on Mastropole's property. Apparently Joseph and Gaston Gomez, a close friend, had some type of altercation and Mastropole ended up at the bottom end of the fight. Gomez ended up shooting himself in a standoff with the cops and after everything was said and done, police discovered the unthinkable. Body parts were scattered on the property, along with Mastropole's body, which was stuffed into a freezer. It took officials a while to identify his body, but after some analysis, they confirmed it was indeed Joseph Mastropole.

8 Frozen Fish

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Can you imagine something that is capable of living in freezing temperatures and flourishing? It doesn't seem possible, but, deep in the Antarctic Ocean, many types of fish swim under the ice caps and frozen waters. Some of them move so slowly, at times, it may appear that they are frozen, but that's not the case. These fish are able to live in such cold waters. It goes without saying that they're cold-blooded, but their blood is so cold that it's almost ice. They're blood also lacks hemoglobin, which takes away the red color, leaving a strange, almost transparent-looking blood. For something to be able to exist in such dire temperatures is creepy in itself, which is one of the reasons these fish made it onto the list. It almost seems unnatural, but they are in fact the opposite, proving that life can exist in harsh environments.

7 Incan Corpse

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It's hard to believe that history holds such terrible acts committed by mankind. Unfortunately this is a sad truth that must be faced, but sometimes these terrible acts give us insights into the past by offering us evidence. The perfect example is known as The Maiden. She is over 500 years old and was found preserved so well that it's practically eerie. She was fifteen when she died and experts think that she was suffering from a form of tuberculosis. But what is so terrible about the find was the fact that the young girl appeared to have been sacrificed along with two other young children. The sacrifice was called capacocha. It was a ritual that was performed at the time. Ritual killings like this were actually fairly common. One can only imagine the struggle and brutal death the children must have met. It's an unfortunate situation, but one that scientists have been able to learn from due to the preserved state of this Incan girl, along with the other two that were found as well.

6 Plane Wreckage Frozen

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In 2014, the remains of a plane showed up jutting from the ice of a glacier. When a National Guard helicopter spotted the strange-looking wreckage, they weren't entirely sure what it could be. They decided to send a team to check it out. Not long after, officials confirmed that it was indeed parts from the American military transport plane that had crash landed in 1952. Out of fifty two people believed to have perished from the accident, seventeen of them were retrieved and identified. The remains were sent back to families for proper burial. After more than 60 years of wondering what had happened, those affected finally had some peace of mind. Unfortunately, however, much of the remaining wreckage fell deeper into the glacier, so retrieving the other remains proves difficult for the time being. At least for a few of the families, confirmation was finally possible, and they were able to move forward with that closure.

5 New Zealand Glaciers Reveal A Body

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Once again, here is a story about a body that has been frozen in ice for quite some time. The body was found on Fox Glacier in New Zealand this year. A tramper was walking in the area when he noticed something strange. When he finally realized what it was, he reported it as soon as he could. While authorities are not sure whose the body could be, officials have been searching the records of people that have recently gone missing in the park. They hope to recover the body and examine the corpse to determine who they're dealing with. At the time, it was reported that officials would have to wait to recover the body due to weather conditions. Accessing the area during storms is not ideal. In order to reach the desired spot, you must fly, and doing so during a storm can be deadly even for specialists.

4 Frozen Body In Detroit

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In 2009, when Detroit authorities were receiving calls about a dead body trapped in ice in an abandoned warehouse, they were highly skeptical. After all, why would there be a body frozen in such a state inside a place like that? They probably assumed it was some kind of prank, but later they would find they couldn't have been more wrong. After three calls were made over a span of two days, action was finally taken. They found a body frozen in ice in an elevator shaft of an abandoned warehouse. At the time, the man's cause of death, as well as his identity, were unknown, so it's not clear as to what events led up to the man's unfortunate demise. Finding bodies like this in large cities is not very common, so when it happens, it does make one wonder what business someone would have in such areas. Could the man have been a victim of some terrible crime, or was this simply an unfortunate accident?

3 3 Year Old Found In Ice

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Each of these entries have been filled with some pretty creepy stuff. Unfortunately, none of them really compare to this particular case. Just a few months ago, a mother and her boyfriend, both from California, tortured and killed the mother's daughter. After everything was said and done, the little girl was frozen and placed in a freezer for some time. Police were unsure how long she was frozen, but when they found her, she was laying in her bed, her body still freezing to the touch. The little girl's name was Kayleigh Slusher, and the coroner determined that she died from multiple blunt force injuries. The mom, Sarah Lynn Krueger, and boyfriend, Ryan Scott Warner were both charged with first degree murder, and rightfully so. To imagine such an act could be committed against a small, defenceless child, who probably had no idea what was going on, brings one to tears. May this little girl's soul rest in peace, and hopefully those who did this to her will forever remain in prison.

2 Woman Is Frozen, Then Comes Back To Life

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In the year 2000, a story was released that made it to the eyes and ears of many around the world. The incident involved Dr. Anna Bagenholm. At the time, she was a 29-year-old doctor. She was in school, studying and working hard to become an orthopedic surgeon. One of her favorite things to do was ski, so on her time off, she would often go skiing with a couple of friends. However, one ski trip took a turn for the worst. When Bagenholm had made her way around a waterfall, something went wrong, sending Anna headfirst into the icy water below. The rocks and cold ice held her in place, preventing her from moving. The cold water continued to cover Bagenholm and while she did find a way to breathe and stay conscious, the cold water was too much. When officials arrived, Anna didn't have a pulse. Her circulation was nonexistent and her pupils were dilated in a way that suggested death. However, doctors were able to slowly and gradually bring her back, but the battle didn't stop there. Her kidneys and digestive system weren't working and Anna was paralyzed. On the bright side, Anna did indeed recover, with some problems with her nervous system that prevent her from doing certain activities. However, she supposedly started skiing again, pushing past fears and proving that one can indeed fight to live.

1 Blood Underneath The Ice, Or Just Iron?

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Imagine walking through the Antarctic area and looking to your right. You notice that one of the glaciers in your line of view looks a little strange. The tip seems a little darker than the others and it looks like it's ready to burst. Suddenly, a strange red liquid starts pouring from within. At first glance, this probably looks like blood, however, this simply isn't the case. Located in Antarctica, the famous glacier has been aptly nicknamed "Blood Falls" by many people. As for the red color of the water flowing out, this is due to high levels of iron in the salt water beneath. Once the water goes through oxidation, it spurts its red, eerie color. Just walking by this glacier without the knowledge of its process could be unsettling, as it has been for a few people. However, rest assured, there are no dead bodies beneath this glacier. At least, none that we know of just yet.

Sources: nbcnews.com, poconorecord.com, independent.co.uk

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