15 Microscope Pics Of Tiny Creatures That'll Make Our Skin Crawl

It is no secret to anyone that we, humans, suffer from perhaps the most ridiculous case of a superiority complex. It is true; it might not sound pretty, but when we compare ourselves to every other species on our planet, we cannot help but feel superior. After all, we haven’t dominated this entire rock. But even as we think about how superior we are to other beings that also live on our planet, we cannot help but wonder if the same is not being done to us by some higher type of being. And that is one terrifying possibility that our little minds cannot even fathom. So we just stay down here, looking down on all other creatures.

Perhaps the creatures that suffer the most from being victims of our superiority complex are the many insect species that live alongside humans in our day-to-day lives. From ants to mosquitoes, they have to deal with the cruelty of people who know that with a single slap, they can end that creature’s life. And we don’t really think that much about insects, right? What’s the whole problem with killing one ant? There are at least hundreds more in your very house. Unfortunately for them, these creatures only had their shots at fighting back against us in some of the worst movies Hollywood ever had to offer. But we are here to prove that these creatures don’t really need a bad director and horrible actors to show the world that if they were our own size, they would be able to fight back. We are here to show you just how terrifying these things are from up close. So, get ready because here are 15 microscope pics of tiny creatures that will make your skin crawl.

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15 The Common Housefly

via YouTube

Since we are talking about animals that we feel superior to, what better way to start than with one of the most annoying beasts we have to deal with every day? You might not have such a problem if you live in a region that is always cold. But, if you live near the South or anywhere closer to the Equator, then you have to deal with mosquitoes and flies in a way people who get snow most of the year don’t even understand.

Most scientists believe that this disgusting creature evolved all the way back in the Cenozoic Era. And from that evolution, it spread from the Middle East to the rest of the world. And there are many nasty facts about houseflies; like the fact that they are usually around whenever something is dead and the fact that they live on sucking blood and spreading diseases. And after looking at an up-close-and-personal image of a regular housefly, we bet you will try to kill every single one of these monsters whenever you see them.

14 The Flour Mite

Via: telegraph.co.uk

This is one creature that we don’t even recognize as important since we don’t really deal with them on a daily basis as we do with flies or ants. As a matter of fact, these things are incredibly hard to see. Out of males and females, the lady mites usually grow the biggest, and they are only supposed to grow up to 0.026 inches long. You need some serious glasses or Hawkeye’s vision in order to see these things. And if you are not familiar with flour mites, get ready to cringe a little bit.

You probably won’t find these things on your body or on your dog, but you most certainly will find them on your food. These nasty little beings are disease carriers that can infect animals that are used as foodstuffs and cause things like diarrhea and impaired growth.

Don’t feel safe yet, because they can also be a direct pain for you. When someone gets bitten by one of these little fellows, a person gets a severe case of Baker’s itch.

13 The Red Flour Beetle

Via: pinterest.com

If there is one conclusion we can come up with early on this list, it’s that flour is something that attracts a lot of insects. After the flour mites, we bring you the red flour beetle. And, don’t get us wrong, beetles are some of the most awesome insects out there. Hercules beetles are crazy awesome, as are some of their other cousins. But there is one smaller type of beetle that looks terrifying from up close.

In this electron microscope image, the red flour beetle looks more like an alien that is ready to invade Earth and destroy all of us, than a tiny little creature that survives every day by attacking stored grain.

But while it doesn’t seem like they can directly affect the human population, these alien-looking beetles were actually named by the United Nations as one of the two most common secondary pests of all plant commodities in store throughout the world.

12 The Long-bodied Cellar Spider

Via: pinterest.com

This is arguably one of the most common insects out there. They are spread throughout almost all of the continents, and there is a massive possibility that you have at least one of them living in your home. While their long legs and tiny bodies give them that crawly feeling that makes people have goosebumps and want to stay awake at night, fearing that they’re going to wake up with one of these things on top of their noses, they don’t look that menacing in comparison to other spiders. That is unless you look at them from the view of an electron microscope.

This tiny spider literally went from something you could kill with your sandals to something that will definitely keep you awake at night. Looking from afar with the naked eye, they are okay. Some people are still terrified of them, but you don’t feel that inescapable urge to murder the thing. After you look at it from up close, you’re not letting a single one of these little monsters roam free inside your household anymore.

11 The Human Flea

Via: medium.com

Fleas are some of the nastiest creatures out there. The simple fact that there is a type of flea that preys on humans is an especially unnerving fact. Although the name might lead us to believe that humans are the sole victim of this little bloodsucker, that is a wrong assumption since they will get attached to and suck the blood of whatever unfortunate creature gets near them.

Still, the most terrifying aspect about fleas is their ability to become vectors for deadly diseases. It was the fault of these creatures that a majority of the human population was decimated during the Middle Ages. They are the primary vector that conduces the bubonic plague. And to be honest, when it comes to evil creatures, they do look the part. Do you need something more to be scared of? Well, we came razor-close to another outburst of plague during World War II. While the Americans were developing the atomic bomb, the Japanese had a different project in mind. They were trying to find a way to pack bombs full of plague-caring fleas and dropping them on the west.

10 Jumping Spider

via Imgur

What is the one thing people who are terrified of spiders have to hold on to? Well, it’s the fact that they can predict how a spider is going to move. Sure, having a bunch of legs gives them a wide array of movements. But at the end of the day, you know you are probably faster and definitely stronger than a spider. And those factors combined with the idea that you know how fast they can move and how far they can move in a blink of an eye give you a certain sense of safety.

There is one species of spider, however, that makes us throw this entire reasoning out of the window. That is the jumping spider. It has all the eyes and the legs and creepy little hairs that every other spider has, but it combines that with an eerie ability to jump. And if you ever thought that you were safe from this species, think again. The only place on Earth where they are not located is in Greenland.

9 Caterpillar

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Caterpillars are about as common as insects come. They come in all shapes and sizes, and the most interesting thing about them is the mystery that each caterpillar holds. Unless you are a specialist or someone who has studied these creatures, there is a big chance that you have no idea if a given Caterpillar will eventually harden into a cocoon and become a moth or a butterfly.

But there is one thing we can all conclude from caterpillars and the way people interact with them. Every time you walk by them, crawling up a blade of grass or doing whatever else they might be doing, you cannot help but think one thing—they look harmless.

Still, that could not be farther from the truth. First of all, from up close, they look terrifying. Just check out this tropical caterpillar. More than that, caterpillars can burn you if you touch them, and they are also one of the most vicious agricultural pests.

8 The Common Wasp

Via: imgur.com

Since we just talked about caterpillars and how they look harmless for everyone, let’s talk about the complete opposite of that. Everything about wasps is terrifying. Most people can be scared of bees, but that fear turns into nothing the first time they see a wasp flying around. These things can be huge in comparison to their cousins.

One sting from one of these creatures could leave you crying in pain for a good while. If you have any doubts about how scary they are, just try to remember: what were the animals that caused the most damage during The Hunger Games? Yes, Tracker Jacker Wasps.

These things are terrifying from afar, and they are even more terrifying from up close. Wasps in real life might not cause you to hallucinate or make your body melt, but they could certainly do a lot of damage if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. So whenever you see one of these, just run away as fast as you can.

7 Honey Bee

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Let’s jump straight from wasps to bees. Yeah, we are nailing these connections right now. While their distant cousins might be strictly terrifying creatures, honeybees have a kind of beauty to them. It might be the fact that the way their society works reminds us a lot of human beings or the fact that the patterns of their bodies are incredibly cute. There is also the idea that a lot of scientists have spread that if bees were ever to become extinct, we would follow right behind. Those and more ideas make us feel sympathetic towards bees and care more for their well-being than we do for wasps.

Still, that all goes out of the window as soon as one of these little monsters lands on your arm and jams its nasty sting into your skin. That is the kind of pain few people ever forget. Some people don’t even come out alive from encounters with bees since a good number of humans are allergic and could die from a bee sting. Yes, we might depend on them, but bees are still one of the types of creature we cannot help but hate in a way.

6 Bed Bug

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Did you get a good night of sleep? Well, you better change those sheets because if you don’t, we guarantee you’re not going to sleep soundly tonight. Just try to picture this: See that terrifying creature looking up at you in the image? Now imagine dozens, no, hundreds of these little things crawling all the way from your mattress, up your heels, and then all the way up your legs and your entire body while biting you non-stop. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the common bed bug.

It is as common as dirt on the floor and mosquitoes in the sky, but it is the one parasitic insect that will terrify you the most. Why? Because it attacks you while you are asleep. You don’t see it coming, and you can’t do anything until it is too late. These things can directly affect you by causing skin rashes because of its bites, to the psychological problems of not being able to sleep because you’re getting bitten. Oh yeah, they are also disease vectors. So yes, you better go wash your sheets. But it can wait until you finish this article. Don’t worry. The bed bugs will still be there when you get back.

5 The Cat Flea

Via: telegraph.co.uk

We have already talked about one species of flea, but we could not help but mention another one, simply because this picture was too terrifying and golden to be left aside. This is a cat flea in its natural habitat. Yes, those things behind the flea are actual cat hairs. So if you have one little kitty living with you inside your home, purring up next to you, lying on your bed or around your neck, you better remember that you might also have one of these little monsters coming along for the ride.

Fleas looked at from up close are already scary, but looking at it amidst the cat hairs makes it seem like a monster straight out of a sci-fi movie. How many bullets do you think you would need to penetrate that armor if this thing was, let’s say, four or five feet tall?

Either way, make sure you take your kitty to the vet and tell her to be certain that there are not any monsters living within that lovely fur.

4 The Dust Mite

Via: telegraph.co.uk

Just what the absolute hell is that thing? Yes, the same question crossed our minds when we first laid eyes on this most bizarre of creatures. At first, we didn’t even know what we were looking at, to be honest. But after that primary question was answered, we were filled with a sense of horror. This is a dust mite. And if you asked yourself, what the hell does that have to do with me? Well, the answer is far from reassuring. As of this moment, there are probably millions of these microscopic parasites living inside your house. Yeah, are you touching your laptop right now? It probably has a bunch of them crawling inside your keyboard. Your phone? You see those little edges around where there is a little bit of dust that never seems to get clean? Yeah, there are a bunch of these monsters over there as well.

Take a good look at that creature because this is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Because, there is no escaping the dust mites.

3 The Silverfish

Via: telegraph.co.uk

We all know the theory of evolution, right? Basically, all living beings adapt to become more successful in the environment they live in. So what are the most terrifying creatures in the world? The answer to that one is easy. The most terrifying creatures on Earth are those that have not changed for millions of years. The answer is logical. If you haven’t had to change in millions and millions of years, you must be the perfect creature. That is the case of the silverfish. This tiny wingless insect is one of the earliest evolution of the most primitive insects. And after it reached the state of development you are looking at right now, it has remained virtually unchanged.

And fear not. If you ever want to see one of these nocturnal dinosaur insects, all you have to do is go to your attic. There is a good chance that there are some of them living up there. And you could actually see some of them since they get to be about one inch long.

2 Lice

Via: telegraph.co.uk

If you ever go to that part of a hospital where they give birth to babies and take care of tiny infants, you will get tired of hearing about how birth is one of the most magical things a human can witness. Well, let’s just say that after looking at this image, we would choose to keep the “magical” feeling locked onto human birth.

This nightmarish image you are probably still glancing over at every second or two is the picture of a human head louse with an egg. And yes, a cosplay of that exact same image might be happening in your hair at this very moment. This is what lice do in your hair while they are not trying to bite your head. These things live their entire lives on the human scalp, so it is a given that they lay their eggs up there and watch them hatch, all on your head. So the next time you feel grossed out about an alien hatching out of an egg in a sci-fi movie, just remember that something worse could be happening on your head at that very moment.

1 Ants

Via: telegraph.co.uk

You felt scared for a second that we were going to leave the most classic of insects out of this list. But fear not, the ants are here to stay. These are arguably the most formidable and scary insects out there. Unlike a lot of other insect species, ants are part of the select few that can actually kill a human being by sheer brute force. Yes, people can be killed by swarms of fire ants and even by other species. Sure, the ants that appear in your house after you drop some sugar and forget to clean up for just a few minutes can be annoying and hard to get rid of, but some ants could turn your regular Saturday into a nightmare depending on where you live.

Looking at them from up close does little to help the image of these insects. They can be tiny, but they are vicious without a doubt. It probably is also not a coincidence that a lot of aliens that go to war against humans in sci-fi movies and books actually look like ants. These, after all, are our fiercest enemies.

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