15KORG Gadget

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Not many people can justify spending $40 on an app, but there are some serious music makers that will consider the KORG Gadget app a steal. It is as powerful as similar desktop applications that cost nearly $1,000. With each passing generation, the iPhone becomes a bigger player in the

portable audio game and this app takes advantage of this surge. One of the biggest draws to the KORG Gadget app is the sheer ruthlessness of its sound. The synths are lush and the bass tones rumble out of your speakers or headset. In fact, there are those that predict that a new generation of music makers will turn to this app to create entire bodies of work. There are multiple ways to export raw audio into a separate mixing environment or it can be done within the device and exported as a finished product. It has mind blowing capabilities and sounds absolutely incredible. It also offers a nice library of sounds and synths and it’s very easy to use.

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