15 iPhone 7 Apps You NEED Right Now

Apple seemingly can do no wrong. The house that Steve Jobs built (with a little help, of course) is more than a technology giant. It is the one company whose products function as part of a lifestyle that touches lives on a global scale. We have all been touched by Apple in some way or another, which brings us to the iPhone 7. It’s too early to say whether or not this is the greatest iPhone of them all. However, the device does host new features that lift it beyond the competition. Two of the most discussed items on the spec sheet are the new waterproof design and the revamped camera system which continues the tradition of optical excellence.

According to Apple, the new optical image stabilization feature nearly eliminates pesky motion blur associated with taking cell phone pictures. The Quad-LED True Tone flash uses 50 percent more light in the flash process which gives the camera more room to play with the situation’s environment. The end result is images that are true to the moment and much more realistic than most others in the industry. The iPhone 7 is said to be twice as loud as its predecessor, but there is a host of other specs that make this one special. Let’s take a look at the best apps on the market that make the most of what the iPhone 7 has to offer. No brainers such as YouTube, Netflix and Spotify have been left out in favor of quirkier fare that is just as valuable yet not as popular. Check out our list of the 15 must-have apps for the iPhone 7, and see what you might be missing out on with this upgraded new phone.

15 KORG Gadget

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Not many people can justify spending $40 on an app, but there are some serious music makers that will consider the KORG Gadget app a steal. It is as powerful as similar desktop applications that cost nearly $1,000. With each passing generation, the iPhone becomes a bigger player in the portable audio game and this app takes advantage of this surge. One of the biggest draws to the KORG Gadget app is the sheer ruthlessness of its sound. The synths are lush and the bass tones rumble out of your speakers or headset. In fact, there are those that predict that a new generation of music makers will turn to this app to create entire bodies of work. There are multiple ways to export raw audio into a separate mixing environment or it can be done within the device and exported as a finished product. It has mind blowing capabilities and sounds absolutely incredible. It also offers a nice library of sounds and synths and it’s very easy to use.

14 Sky Guide 

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What’s the point of having a new retina-HD display if you don’t have any software installed that takes advantage of your new toy? Sky Guide is nothing short of an awesome time-waster. This celestial tour guide introduces color that pops off of the screen. This must-have astronomy app is true art with the ability to enjoy an unlimited supply of tranquil joyrides through the galaxy. A huge plus is that this particular app employs the use of the 3D Touch feature to create custom experiences on each pass. You can also dial up the traditional constellations with ease. The stars are at your disposal day or night but truth be told, there is nothing like the color that pours out of this thing after dawn. Developed with the intent of providing users with a gorgeous way to learn and enjoy the heavens above, Sky Guide is a moving picture show for anyone that enjoys beauty.

13 Bumble 

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The makers of Bumble have deemed its purpose as “social pollination” with units called Hives and a color scheme that coordinates with that concept. There is even a queen bee feature to take the theme to the next level. In truth, Bumble is a hook-up app with a twist. More than a trillion times, ladies have complained about the pile-on savagery that is desperate Internet men on the prowl. The Bumble team is predominately female and they have created a concept that allows women to initiate contact with men. Hence, no more loaded inboxes with unsolicited lewd requests. From there, both parties have 24 hours to keep the party moving or the connection disappears. Furthermore, Bumble has solved the pesky accidental swiping issue and promotes the concept of maintaining friendly and romantic relationships in their space. At times it feels like Bumble does too much, but for every action there is a reaction and this time the ladies have a bigger role to play.

12 Moves

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The new and improved Moves app is wise for anyone that is new to monitoring their fitness goals. The logistics of how the app works is why it found itself on this list. Despite joining the arsenal of apps that were acquired by the Facebook army, Moves has stayed true to its initial vision. It’s not the prettiest or shiniest entry but it does a very good job of providing the type of information that a user wants and needs. The app is always on, which offers a much more comprehensive tally compared to other fitness apps. It keeps track of every step you took, the pace it was taken at, as well as the exact location of each step to ensure complete accuracy. The impending cooler weather isn't exactly the ideal temperature for outdoor fitness activities. So, although many won’t care about this data for a few months, it will be good to know where and how you can ramp up your fitness routine in the spring when it’s time to get moving.

11 Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run - Tactical Runner

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Oftentimes, most games that piggyback off the success of a hit TV series or film aren't considered very good. Yet, Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run - Tactical Runner is as addictive as the AMC show in which it came from. With a record-breaking number of fans of The Walking Dead series, fans will love the fact that the app allows gamers to choose from a huge roster of characters. This feature renders it extremely playable since other mobile games are often limited in this area. There are a lot of weapons to work with, which creates scenarios that stretch beyond your flat screen. The graphics are ultra crisp and the ease of play is intuitive, as there are no funky combos to remember to drag the game experience down. With a strong tie-in to current and upcoming episodes, the shelf life is and will be long as the continuous updates will keep it fresh. In the spirit of the best app titles, the action is here for those that want it. Get ready because it looks good, feels good and was executed correctly.

10 Laundry Day - Care Symbol Reader

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This app was initially given consideration because it has a novel concept. It is easy to snicker at a smartphone app whose sole purpose is to decipher laundry tag codes. It is doubtful that developer, Jan Plesek, honed his craft specifically to deliver a laundry aid. When the light bulb went off, it was certainly nice to have the skill-set to take advantage of inspiration when it arrived. The jokes about clueless college students and lonely bachelors should be overlooked. Laundry Day scans clothing tags, cracks their code and provides easy-to-use feedback as to how to get the job done. This app is simple to use and it makes a strong case study for how the iPhone inspires innovation outside of the Apple compound. Laundry Day is the result of a genius at work and it could be as vital as bleach, detergent and fabric softener for the demographic that needs it.

9 The Rock Clock

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Although there are some pop culture snobs that won’t touch this app, there are millions of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fans on the other side of the spectrum that will snatch it up like free candy. The Rock Clock serves as a digital motivational coach. Upon entering this world, users are prompted to enter personal or professional goals. After the life plan is established, the process of providing daily inspirational nuggets will begin. The Rock Clock is here to push civilization across the finish line so that society can be as fulfilled as its namesake. It is never a bad idea to take advice from a millionaire. As the name states, The Rock Clock is also an alarm clock. Custom times can be programmed or there is the option to wake up when The Rock wakes up. The downside of the app is probably the few corny alarm tones and catchphrases The Rock Clock delivers. Yet, it is worth noting that The Rock does not believe in snooze buttons.

8 ESPN: The App

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There are multiple ways to spin a sports app. The NFL created an exclusive app in cahoots with telecommunications giant, Verizon. ESPN decided to play it straight and unlatched the gate for free access to what they have to offer. ESPN is recognized as the leading voice in sports reporting. The latest incarnation of their mobile contribution had to be perfect and it almost hit that plateau. News, game scores, fantasy updates, highlights, live streams and a list of other features are fed at a rapid rate. A recent update has rendered it less buggy and much cleaner in appearance. Immersion is the key factor in any app and never before has it been easier to get trapped in the web of the network’s personalities and the sporting world at large. Down to something as far-fetched as the latest cricket or polo score, ESPN’s app has the necessary details and coverage that elevate it above the pack.

7 Notion 

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When Notion was introduced, the mental reply was, "great another email app." Each of Notion’s claims was tested for 72 hours and it became clear that with a little bit of support, Notion could become a true alternative to Gmail. It uses an intelligence layer to drive results and win in a crowded space. Concepts such as effective time management, efficiency, and productivity are factors that are desirable in a healthy life. Notion trims the fat of the email process by bringing certain common denominators to light. A situation could arise where multiple individuals have emails sitting in an inbox that are awaiting answers to various questions. To solve that problem, Notion will establish a thread that will allow answers to be cranked out in a breeze. The ability to make simple lists also helps a great deal. There are certainly other apps and solutions that have similar features, but Notion is pound-for-pound the easiest to use and features the most accurate results.

6 Patronus

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Patronus is a reminder that the planet Earth is a dangerous place. According to CNN, an Uber driver freaked out, ran amok and took lives. It is possible that Patronus could have in some way, shape or form derailed that situation in its early stages. If the iPhone 7 can be used as a protection tool, it should serve that purpose. Patronus is a lifeline to a sophisticated edition to the 911 system that relies on a true location instead of signals that ping off of cell phone towers. Beyond enhanced GPS targeting, Patronus alerts selected friends and family that a 911 distress call has been made. The media showcases daily reminders of situations that could have either been avoided or ended with happier endings if a victim’s location was known by the authorities, friends or family. The "On My Way" feature shares a user’s movements with contacts while in transit. These are just a few of the reasons that make Patronus an unfortunate necessity in a world in turmoil.

5 Astropad

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Creative people shop with Apple because their products make it easy to bring vivid ideas to life. Man and machine coming together to create something beautiful is why the Astropad app has been so successful on the iOS platform. Astropad originally found its niche as a tablet app. Now that the iPhone 7 has upgraded itself across the board it has a second home. The sophisticated drawing app makes it easy to use either fingers or a stylus. Depending on the user's skill level, the results can be very impressive. The import, export, and save features don’t present a challenge. The editing options are similar to what is found in run-of-the-mill graphics programs but the output is not. Astropad serves its purpose for either doodling or creating storyboards for a blockbuster animation piece. Like the KORG app, it comes with a hefty price tag but true quality is always worth the price of admission.

4 Prisma

via prisma-ai.com

Apps can be bridged together to accomplish a single end result. Prisma and Astropad are listed back-to-back because they complement each other very well. After exporting from Astropad, an image can be remixed in Prisma into a brand new work of art. That transformation can take something basic and turn it into something epic. The popular swiping technique controls the flow as Prisma breaks down preexisting images. Generic filters and processes that lift from the styles of classic artists such as Piet Mondrian are a part of the visual landscape. Work can be effortlessly shared on the major social networking portals. The downside of a watermark is a check in the minus column. The digital scar can be removed with a simple crop in another program. Prisma shied away from the creation by network concept and wisely streamlined itself into the ultimate offline app to use for final touch ups.

3 Word Flow

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Microsoft has once again changed the game. It sounds weird when discussing the iOS freight train, but it is what it is. Word Flow is hands down the slickest keyboard to hit the App Store. Devoid of the gimmicks like super emojis or the ability to search for memes and gifs, this one is built to last. One-handed texting is a precarious position that is weaved into the fabric of our culture. Word Flow is based on the concept that typing on a mobile device should be easy and intuitive to that experience. A word wheel and an auto correct feature that tends to actually help more than it hurts are a few of the perks, in addition to custom backgrounds. From the belly of the Microsoft Garage comes an experiment that makes sense and is in step with what the world needs now.

2 Snapguide

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Thanks to Snapguide, gone are the days of searching YouTube for random self-help videos that are typically bogus. Snapguide has created an ever-expanding library of helpful guides that range from kitchen recipes, automotive solutions, arts and crafts suggestions, technology ideas and more. The girth of the catalog is nothing short of fantastic. The detail in which the catalog is presented is sharp and well thought out. It’s super interactive with the ability to comment, rate, share and create new guides with ease. The greatest contribution that the Internet will make to society is that information can be shared between parties at any time. Snapguide organizes these thoughts into a locker of projects in the spirit of the concept that situations or problems are not exclusive to a single entity. Snapguide can also help if confusion sets in during a project or a quick answer is needed to overcome a recent tragedy.

1 ProCamera

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The iPhone 7‘s biggest upgrade is its camera. It only makes sense to determine which camera app pushes the device to the limit. ProCamera dominates the default camera app in every way that matters. Extra filters and window dressings are cute contributions but they are superficial helpers at best. There can be plenty of satisfaction to be found in quick hits that manipulate images in post production. That is not why the app is in the winner’s circle. ProCamera’s deeper layers enable the iPhone 7 to truly function as a professional camera. Shooters that understand how to manipulate moments while they are being captured will quickly reap the benefits of what ProCamera has to offer. With a great eye and time spent digging through the near endless settings that mirror expensive standalone cameras, magic will be created with this app. The next step in the evolution in digital photography is here and ProCamera does all of the heavy lifting.

Sources: CNN, iTunes

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