15 Images Of Hospitals Doctors Don't Want Us To See

Hospitals are supposed to be safe places. We go there to get the help we need when we’re sick or ill. There are all kinds of sicknesses. You could have a disease, an infection, or a virus. Maybe you just have a broken bone or sprained ankle. Even depression and anxiety can be serious sometimes, and for all the things mentioned, you would go to a hospital if you had any one of those issues. You’re supposed to go to a hospital knowing that you’ll be better off once you leave than you were when you went in. Doctors and nurses are supposed to be trusted professionals that can give us the proper care. What happens when you can no longer trust the people out there to take care of you? Where can you go once the doctors and nurses can’t help anymore? Although hospitals are supposed to be safe places, they can definitely be pretty terrifying every now and again. Whether a hospital is still operating or it’s been abandoned for several years, there’s bound to be some terrifying things happening inside the hospital walls.

Do you have scary experiences with hospitals or do you consider them to be safe places? What’s the most chilling photograph on the list? Share with your nurse and other hospital working friends to see if any of this scares them or if they’re used to it! You might not want to look at these photographs at night or before you visit a hospital!

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15 A Navy Nurse Goes Too Far With A Snapchat Joke

The photograph above was taken from one Nnval nurse's snap chat after she posted to her story images of other people’s newborn babies. The story quickly went viral as people were infuriated with the way she was treating the newborns. In one picture, you can see that she was holding their arms and flopping them around while they played rap music in the background. In the other picture, she’s flicking one off stating that that’s how she felt about the “mini satans” that day. That’s a despicable way to act in a hospital, especially as a staff member. Mothers and parents were mortified after seeing that this is how the person they trusted with their newborn babies treated these children. What would you do if you found out this was the way the nurse was treating one of your children?

14 Who's Peeking Out The Hospital Window? 

The photograph above was taken outside an abandoned mental institution. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone inside at the time, but this photograph proves that the abandoned building explorers might not have been as alone as they thought they were when they snapped this spooky picture. The face doesn’t look human and it certainly doesn’t look friendly. If you believe in ghosts or other paranormal activity, you probably believe that ghosts and spirits usually haunt the place that they passed in since they might have unfinished business. If that's true, then hospitals are certainly places of terror. There’s no denying that you wouldn’t want to find yourself alone in an abandoned mental institution, and that’s certainly the case for the face staring at you in the photograph above. Whoever or whatever it is, a doctor certainly wouldn’t want you to know that this might be in their hospital.

13 This Used To Be A Solution For A Fussy Baby

At one point in time, putting babies in cages was thought to be normal. If a child was particularly unruly or loud, their parents might take them to a mental institution in order to get the help they needed to take care of their out-of-control child. One solution for these wild tots was to just put them in a cage! Sure, it works at the time, but we know now that putting a baby inside of a cage is never a good idea. It can cause panic, disorders, and even affect the way their muscles are growing. It’s disturbing to look back at some medical photographs and see the way we used to treat sick patients that were just looking for help. They came to doctors and nurses to seek some medical care, but instead, they were put inside a cage.

12 A Ghost In A Wheelchair?

The photograph above was taken in the hallway of a hospital and the photographer believed that they captured a patient in a wheelchair. Only there wasn’t any patient in a wheelchair at the time the picture was taken in the hallway, leaving viewers to speculate that it was probably a ghost that they snapped! Of course, many people would never outright deny the existence of ghosts. We don’t have proof that they exist, however, we also don’t have proof that they don’t exist. This is what makes looking at pictures like this so terrifying sometimes. The only problem with this photograph, however, is that there’s a wheelchair. What did the wheelchair have to do to become a ghost? If we throw our stuff away, do inanimate objects become paranormal beings too? All jokes aside, this is still a pretty freaky picture that makes hospitals all the more terrifying.

11 How Is Anyone Supposed To Heal In Beds Like This?

Just like prisons, schools, and Starbucks, overpopulation can happen at any time. If there’s an accident or it’s simply a dangerous month, a hospital might fill up with patients faster than they can take care of them and send them home. that is what happened in one hospital, in which they had to resort to putting beds in the hallway for some of the patients. Imagine trying to get better and heal in an environment where you have to lay next to someone who’s also trying to heal and get better! This doesn’t look like the place any sick person should be, right? Unfortunately, it can happen. Sometimes, people are even turned away or sent to a different hospital further from where they live because they can’t get the care they need.

10 Who's At The End Of The Hall?

The photograph above is another one taken in the hallways of a hospital that the photographer believes captured something paranormal. It looks as though it’s a dark shadow, although there’s nothing around it that would cast such a shadow. It’s also too dark to make out any sort of person or other creature that could explain why it looks the way it does. Some people believe this is what might be known as a shadow person, which is a type of paranormal life. Others think that it’s just cheap Photoshop from a person too lazy to make it look like a real ghost. There are still some people left who think that it’s just a glitch in the camera! No matter what it actually is and what the possibilities are, it looks like we don’t want to walk to the end of that hallway! Whatever could be waiting through those doors isn’t worth it!

9 Arresting A Nurse Who Was Just Doing Her Job

The photograph above is of NnAlex Wubbles. She is a Salt Lake City nurse who was arrested last year after refusing to draw blood from an unconscious patient. The patient had just been in a car accident and the cop was demanding blood from the patient to test their blood alcohol level. The problem is that it’s completely illegal to draw blood from a person unless they are awake and consent or a judge signed a warrant to retrieve the blood. The cop had neither of those things, so Alex refused. When this made him upset, she called her supervisor who called their supervisor, all of which agreed it was against hospital policy to draw the blood that he was requesting. He still arrested Alex and dragged her to his car, stating that she was interfering with a police investigation. He was fired, but that still doesn’t make up for the traumatic experience that Alex had to go through in front of her coworkers!

8 Does This Look Like A Patient Getting Treatment?

The photograph above is an older picture taken from a psychiatric facility that is now abandoned. This man was a sick patient who needed help, but what he got instead was wrapped up like a mummy and chained to a wall. Sure, chaining, caging, locking up, and tying up a person is a great way to make sure they don’t harm you. However, this is an incredibly demeaning, damaging, and degrading process that shouldn’t have been practised on mentally ill patients looking for healthcare help. He might have been dangerous to himself or others, but he looks like a zombie chained to the wall. It’s sad to know that this is how we used to treat patients, but with so little known about mental health then and still today, what would you have done differently?

7 This Looks Like A Ghost In A Straitjacket!

The photograph above claims to be a picture of a ghost in a straitjacket. This picture was another one taken in an abandoned insane asylum. There are many abandoned asylums around the country that slowly rot as they lost the funding necessary to stay open. They’ve become popular destinations for people to explore and hopefully capture something spooky. That is certainly what happened in this picture! It’s scary enough that they were able to capture a scary figure that wasn’t even there in the first place, but the fact that it also appears to be wearing a straitjacket makes it all the more terrifying. Straitjackets and the idea of having to wear one is pretty scary as it is, but once you wrap it around the ghost it becomes way more terrifying! what would you do if you ran into something that looked like this?

6 This Doctor Is Smoking While Doing An Examination...

The photograph above is a Russian doctor smoking a cigarette while doing an examination on a patient. It’s definitely not illegal to smoke, but it is to do so in certain places, and in a hospital, seems like it’d be on the top of a list of places not to smoke! This doctor had it that day, however, and decided to light up while taking care of a patient. He ended up only getting a small fine, and on a doctor’s salary, it really wasn’t that difficult. It’s still scary to know that this doctor didn’t care about his patient or their health at the time he decided to smoke in front of him. Did he not have the patience to just wait until after the examination to have a smoke? Maybe it was a long day and he was fed up with finding a break to take a puff. What would you do if your doctor started smoking in front of you?

5 This Is Not How Children Should Be Looked After

The picture above is of children taken at a mental health facility specifically for kids. When thinking of putting kids in one place where professional adults take care of them, you would think that there would be colorful and nice environments around for the kids to grow and learn in. They’re there seeking help and obviously need extra care compared to other children. Instead, they’re packed in like cattle in a boring and empty room. They need attention, care, and stimulating activities to improve their mental health. If you’ve ever been in an empty room with nothing around to entertain you, you can just imagine how it might make you a little crazy. It’s no wonder places like this closed down over the years.

4 The Man In Blue Is A Doctor Who Brutally Punched A Patient

The man in blue in the CCTV still above is a Russian doctor. He had just gotten done examining a drunk patient, alongside his nurse. The reason for the examination is unknown as his medical records are private. The nurse stated that during the examination, the patient touched her inappropriately and kicked her. This angered the doctor, who can be seen in the footage (that we didn’t include due to graphic nature) lunging at the patient and punching him. The patient falls to the floor and eventually dies from a brain hemorrhage. It only took one punch for the doctor to kill that patient. He ended up getting  nine years in prison. His medical license is also only suspended while he’s in prison.

3 We Hope No One Was In That Coffin

The photograph above is another one that was taken inside an abandoned hospital. Although we’ve seen some pictures on the list of abandoned places containing ghosts and other creepy things, this one is a little different. This one is real. That’s actually a torn-up coffin in the middle of a room. What was in this coffin before this facility shut down? Why was this coffin even in this particular room? Was someone inside? Why is it all torn apart like that? People have stated that the ripping and shredding of the lining of the coffin is likely rats or other critters making a nest, however, it’s still a creepy sight nonetheless. What would you do if you found a coffin in a random room?

2 Sick Kids Deserve Better

This is another photograph of some kids stuffed into a small boring space looking unhappy. There used to be a time when people would send their kids to mental health facilities more often than they do now. If their kids were acting unruly, strange, or just a little bit different than other kids, they might have been sent to a facility like this. Also, if they had any mental disabilities, they might also have been sent away. Of course, not everyone is capable to care for a mentally disabled child, however, it’s still sickening to see just how many children were stuffed into these facilities when they would have been perfectly fine in the real world. They've been abandoned by their parents and the system.

1 A Friendly Patient

The photograph above is a patient at a psychiatry facility. Although this patient probably means no harm, there’s just something about seeing a black and white picture of a person wearing a mask that really gives us chills. He might not be harmful and is just another patient, but it’s pictures like these that make us scared of hospitals altogether. The juxtaposition of a dreary place along with a creepy mask is just very unsettling. No matter what this patient has done or why he’s in the hospital, we’ll still be freaked out by him wearing this mask. Do you think that it’s a scary photograph or are you unbothered? If you’re a healthcare professional, there probably isn’t much left that still scares you!

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