15 Creepiest Pics That Prove Aliens Exist

People have been curious about aliens for decades. Even scientific scholars have contradicting views on this issue. There are many researchers who believe in alien life. They also believe that aliens visit earth on a regular basis and try to connect to human beings in their own ways. NASA has been accused for a long time of hiding critical information about alien life. Hacking group Anonymous earlier claimed that NASA would announce soon that alien life had been discovered. The hacking group claimed that a NASA scientist revealed the secret to the US Science, Space, and Technology Committee.

In a YouTube video, Anonymous claimed that NASA Science Mission Directorate Professor Thomas Zurbuchen, told the committee that researchers were about to make an unprecedented discovery regarding alien life in the cosmos. Soon after Anonymous claimed the same, NASA gave out guidelines for alien life search in the future. To look for life beyond Earth, NASA believes researchers should look for the ozone build-up in the atmosphere even when there is no oxygen.

These may be technical details of certain procedures to explore alien life in space. However, there have been numerous occasions in the past when people claimed to have seen alien creatures. Many of these mysterious creatures have been captured on camera. Even scientists are unable to give any logical explanation for some of these captures. On the other hand, these pictures give strong hints for us to believe in the existence of alien life. Here are 15 creepy images that prove aliens exist.

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15 Rendlesham Forest Lights

Via: ianridpath.com

This photograph is one of the most famous ones related to alien life research. These mysterious lights were captured near RAF bases at Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England. According to military authorities, there was nothing suspicious about the activities going on there at that moment. Authorities also insisted that there was no risk to the national security. However, alien life researchers were heavily convinced that it was an alien spaceship that was responsible for the eerie lights. Things have become more mysterious over the years also because some of the authorities did claim that there was a UFO. Nick Pope, who served the Ministry of Defense between 1985 and 2006, said that there were no mysterious lights. “The UFO actually landed,” he claimed. Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, who investigated the scene as a security police commander, claimed that the UFO was hovering and going in and out through the trees when he arrived there.

14 UFO In Brazil

Via: UFO Sightings Daily

In 2011, Brazilian TV channel G1 presented an amateur video that captured an unidentified flying object. The object looked like a saucer and was visible in the clouds for a minute. There was a bright light as it disappeared into thin air. According to the TV channel, the video was captured by two people in Sao Paulo. As they saw the mysterious object in the sky, they got out of the car and captured it. The two people also claimed that everything was shaking while the object was in the sky. However, there was no seismic activity recorded by the US Geological Survey in that region. While there were claims that it was nothing but a hoax, alien life enthusiasts refused to ignore the apparent authenticity of the video. Brazil is considered one of the hotbeds for UFO sightings. For many, this is one of the most genuine captures of a UFO.

13 Baptism Of Christ

Via: Wikimedia Commons

This is one of the oldest images on this list. It is not a photograph but a painting. UFO researchers love Aert De Gelder’s 1710 painting “Baptism of Christ.” They believe it is one of the strongest reasons to believe in the existence of alien life. In this painting, a UFO is apparently seen above Jesus Christ, while he is getting baptized at the Jordan River by John the Baptist. A large group of people can also be seen in the painting. The object that looks like a typical UFO is beaming down light on Jesus in the painting. Alien life researchers believe this is evidence that aliens have been visiting Earth for many centuries. According to the Bible verse of Matthew 3:16, Heaven opened soon after Jesus was baptized. It was the “Spirit of God” that put the heavenly light on him. Conspiracy theorists claim that this painting shows that Jesus might have had an alien origin.

12 Alien Autopsy

Via: Express.co.uk

This is one of the earliest snaps of an alleged alien creature. This picture is a snapshot of an authentic US military video of an “alien autopsy” in 1947. This incident reportedly took place outside New Mexico after a UFO crashed with alien creatures inside. British music producer Ray Santilli apparently has a copy of the original footage. However, he believes that it is too grainy to screen. Santilli claims to have a copy of the entire video that he claims he will show the world in future. The problem with the footage is that it may take a lot of money to make it presentable. Even if all that money is spent to restore the video, it may not be conclusive to prove the existence of alien life. Nevertheless, this image surely fuels the fire of conspiracy theories. For believers, this looks convincing enough to feel that there might have been an alien invasion in the past.

11 Hearts On Mars


There have been numerous Mars images captured by NASA cameras that are hard to explain. This 2011 image is one among those. When the Mars Global Surveyor captured random images on the Red Planet, it managed to photograph this shape on Mars. NASA even allowed romantics to use the image to create their Valentine’s Day cards. However, the space research agency is not willing to consider it as evidence of alien life. UFOlogists, on the other hand, consider these as strong examples of extraterrestrial life on Mars. Debunkers laugh it off as a coincidence to find such shapes on Mars. One of such shapes is a heart-shaped pit found in the Acheron Catena, situated on the eastern flank of Alba Patera. Even though it may be far-fetched to think that the human symbol of love was created by aliens on Mars, the well-designed structure might not have been created by nature on its own.

10 Kenneth Arnold’s Sighting

Via: YouTube

In June of 1947, Kenneth Arnold claimed to have spotted nine unidentified objects flying in a specific formation. The V-shaped flight was spotted by the civilian pilot over Washington’s Mount Rainier. According to Arnold, the objects were in-flight approximately at 1700 mph. He also mentioned that the shape of the flying objects was like a saucer skipping across water. However, when Arnold’s story was covered by media, the statement was misinterpreted. It was reported that the flying objects looked like a saucer. In fact, this is how the term “flying saucer” became a common synonym for UFOs. What makes Arnold’s case even stronger is that the same objects were seen at the same time by a prospector on Mt. Adams. The following month, a newspaper from New Mexico reported that US Army recovered the remains of a crashed UFO, even though military sources claimed that it was a weather balloon that had crashed.

9 Alien Skull On Mars


Alien life researcher Scott C Waring earlier slammed NASA for not being successful in its missions to find life on Mars. Even though NASA has been conducting its mission for decades, there is no conclusive evidence yet. Waring claimed that he had found evidence within 30 seconds of looking at a NASA image shot on the Red Planet. First, he claimed to have found a spider that looked like a jellyfish. Then, he claimed that he had spotted an alien skull. According to Waring, the gigantic skull was extremely easy to find. The skull had its mouth wide open. In terms of size, it was double the size of a bowling ball. This was not the first time Warning claimed to have found evidence of alien life, and debunkers have dismissed his claims in most cases. However, this time, he came up with a photograph that is convincing enough for many.

8 This UFO Sighting In UK, US

Via: Twitter/Andy Signore

UFO sightings are common. However, in most cases, it turns out to be something explainable. At times, there is some promotional balloon that people mistake for an alien spaceship. In some other cases, the mysterious lights in the sky turn out to be a jet plane. Nevertheless, the one that happened in September of 2017 is hard to explain. While it is common for people from one region to report such sightings, it is extremely rare to find people from different parts of the world to report the same sighting at the same time. People in London spotted the strange lights in the sky. Interestingly, the same sighting was reported in the United States. UFO researchers claimed that it had something to do with Nibiru, a.k.a. Planet X. They believe the sighting indicates that the apocalypse is imminent. The planet takes 3,6000 years to complete its orbit around the sun. Multiple people reported the sighting and even posted photographs of the same.

7 Face On Mars


This is one of the earliest images of the Red Planet. In 1976, NASA got this image during the Viking 1 mission. While some thought it was just an illusion, there was a strong belief among many others that the rocky face captured on camera was convincing enough to prove the existence of aliens on Mars. NASA did not announce that an alien’s face was captured on camera. It rather said that the huge rock formation “resembled” a human face. NASA’s claims did not impress alien life researchers because they always accused NASA of deliberately suppressing information on alien life existence anyway. UFOlogists believe that this photograph clearly exposes an extraterrestrial city on Mars. The area where the photograph is captured is called the Cydonia region. According to some scientists, water might be found in this region. So, the possibility of life in this region is high. The face in the image definitely hints that it is.

6 Baltic Sea Anomaly

Via: YouTube

Discovered in 2011, this object continues to interest alien life researchers. This mysterious object was 100 meters below the waves on the Baltic seabed. The 70-meter-long Anomaly had a strange shape. According to experts, it is not possible for nature to create such an object on its own. When samples of the object were collected by a team of divers, it was found that the Anomaly had metals like goethite and limonite. Israeli geologist Steve Weiner said that nature would not be able to produce those metals. Moreover, the divers complained that their electrical equipment did not work when they went close to the object. According to the team, even satellite phones stopped working in the 200-meter radius of the Anomaly. Conspiracy theorists believe the object is the result of a UFO crash into the sea. What the sonar found was the remaining of an alien spaceship. Even scientists are unable to crack the mystery.

5 Alien In Chile


Germán Pereira unknowingly took this photograph of an alien figure. The civil engineer captured two mounted police officers. However, during the process, he captured a mysterious being in Santiago, Chile. Pereira captured the officers on horseback because he thought the subject was interesting. When he was taking the photograph, the overcast conditions forced him to use low shutter speed. At the same time, he used an optical zoom. Because of the combination, the end result turned out to be blurry. The tiny creature captured in the image is convincing enough for many alien life researchers. According to them, it is a clear case of a tiny humanoid captured on camera. Pereira claims that the photograph does not involve any kind of fraud. He has made the image public because he likes the photograph a lot. The large head on the small body definitely makes the creature look like a typical humanoid. According to many, this photograph looks pretty authentic.

4 This Mars Rovers Image


Conspiracy theorists claim that many of the authentic images of alien life are captured by NASA itself, even though it denies to have found any evidence of life beyond Earth. One of the images captured by the Mars Rover apparently shows a UFO in the middle of the rocky surface of the Red Planet. The image captures an object which has a smooth metallic exterior with lights around it. It definitely looks like what we believe to be a traditional UFO. Even though NASA did not make any official statement on this, UFO researchers believe that this is strong evidence of alien life. It would not be possible to have any other logical explanation about the thing in the image. It surely does not look like something created by nature. What makes it different from other so-called UFO images is that this is captured by the Mars Rovers equipped with powerful lenses.

3 Alien Skeletons On Mars

Via: YouTube

According to UFO conspiracy theorist Jeffery Pritchett, the “skeletons” on Mars are surely “the fossilized remains of a creature.” This image is one of the most powerful hints that there might have been life on Mars at some point in time. The skeletons resemble the typical alien structure. Pritchett said that the skeletons did not give a clear idea about how these creatures actually looked like. Thus, the mystery around aliens on Mars remains unsolved. One of the skeletons has a couple of baby arms, a tiny torso, and a small head. There are other structures that look similar as well. The interesting part of this image is that it is captured by the Mars Curiosity Rover. When the photograph is zoomed in certain parts, it reveals the bony structures. Nonbelievers have different views on this. However, alien life experts believe that the structure definitely looks like bones. They also consider it striking evidence of alien life on Mars.

2 Google Maps Image

Via: Google Maps

This may be an example of how mainstream media tries to keep people oblivious about the alternate truth. Having a creepy-looking alien in the human society could be a scary idea for commoners. Aliens have long been associated with the paranormal. There have been many theories about ghosts and other supernatural creatures being linked to the life in cosmos. This image was captured by Google. People could have easily ignored it by thinking that it was a tiki statue. However, things got suspicious when Google decided to edit the image to restrict the public viewing of the mysterious figure. The image went viral immediately. Shortly after that, Google blurred the part of the image where the creature could be seen. While some claim that Google accidentally captured a ghost, some believe that it was an alien creature standing on the balcony in Nancy, France. The image remains unexplained. At the same time, it may be strong evidence that aliens exist.

1 Alien In Argentina

Via: diarioprimeralinea.com.ar

This is one of the most recent images that raise questions about alien life. In September of 2017, a group of teenagers spotted a mysterious creature in Parque Miter, Argentina. They even managed to use their mobile phone to capture a photograph of the humanoid extraterrestrial. According to alien enthusiasts, this may be the strongest evidence of aliens existing among humans. According to paranormal expert Terry Larch, this is one of the greatest alien pics ever taken. Soon after the group of teenagers reported about the creepy creature, police officers went to the spot to investigate. They checked the area to see if there was anything unusual that should be taken into account. The image became viral in no time, as social media websites were flooded with claims that there would be no way to dismiss this evidence of alien existence. Nonbelievers, however, claim that the “hoax” is based on a Photoshopped image.

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