15 Devices That Can Detect Spirits In Your Home

There are always things that will go bump in the night – old pipes, settling houses, and pesky critters in your walls to name a few. However, if things go missing or you find your old school compass s

There are always things that will go bump in the night – old pipes, settling houses, and pesky critters in your walls to name a few. However, if things go missing or you find your old school compass spinning around like a Gravitron ride, there may be something more than just a squirrel in your house. While a little salt or talcum powder may go a long way, there’s always a technological method that can be less messy than throwing powder around your home.

These days, the market for paranormal related tools is highly saturated and sorting through everything can be time consuming. Some work pretty well and multitudes will swear by them while others are poorly made and are used as scams to make a quick buck. Always be vigilant and research when considering to buy ghost hunting equipment.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all spirits will be active 24/7. Some will only come around every once in a while, or at certain hours, so patience is key. It should also be noted that household items like televisions or microwaves may interfere with tools during investigations, so make sure the power is turned off at these times.

Of course, there’s always room for error when using technology, but that’s the case for any method. Here are 15 cool (and even fun) tech toys to tell if you’ve got a spook roaming your halls. These tools are relatively easy to use and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a top-notch paranormal hunter or someone who just likes to watch ghost hunting shows on tv.

15 EVP Wrist Recorder

Electronic voice phenomenon, or EVP for short, are always a goal when investigating for the paranormal. There is nothing more exciting than capturing the voice of a ghost that wants to communicate, especially if it’s actually a ghost. Some people would argue that any ordinary device like a phone will do, but many will splurge for top-notch equipment. The argument for this is that some analog recorders will pick up their own internal noise and interfere with getting to the bottom of things.

The cool part about this EVP recorder is that it’s essentially a bracelet, making it portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. Rather than dragging something bulky and heavy around your house may not be the best way to find out what’s going bump in the night. It’s got an adjustable band, a digital screen, and a rechargeable battery. While 4GB may not be ideal, it’s still a pretty solid device for the price.

14 Boo Buddy Interactive Bear

It may not necessarily be a “tech” toy, but Boo Buddy is still pretty interesting for a teddy bear. Serving as more than just an EMF reader, it also asks questions to get EVP readings so it won’t have to be monitored at all times. Other features include movement detection and temperature monitoring which can be indicated by lights within its body. These changes are announced in a cute voice rather than a cold electronic one.

Its cute exterior and voice are intended to attract ghost children who may be otherwise reluctant to respond for whatever reason.

As cute as it may seem, it is an actual piece of equipment and comes with its own case.

If that isn’t enough to sell you on it, Forbes Magazine featured Boo Buddy and spoke highly of it.

13 The DIY EMF Meter Kit

For anyone who doesn’t want to splurge too much on an EMF reader they would only use once, the DIY kit is a good alternative. It’s small enough to put inside or attach it to any object or potentially keep it out of sight. While it’s not as susceptible outside as other EMF readers, it’s still fairly sensitive indoors.

EMF readers are used to detect the level of the electromagnetic field of a vicinity. To determine if there’s a ghost present or not will depend on the normal level of the area and how high the spike of energy is when there’s one present.

What’s particularly interesting about this one is that it’s meant to be built by the user. If you can’t find anything paranormal, at least you built something useful.

12 Laser Pointer Grid Pen

Rather than investing in a larger and more expensive version, this pen will be sufficient enough to test your home for movement in smaller areas. To make the best use of this, point it in corners or at a wall in a smaller room. The pens are easier to transport, especially since they can fit in all sorts of places like pockets or bags, and can be set on tables, bookshelves, or somewhere a little more discreet.

There is the chance for false positives, but it’s still a neat little gadget to test out around the house as a substitute for an Xbox Kinect. It also has other uses; it can serve as a ghost hunting tool, a laser pointer for cats, or even to set the mood for a Halloween party.

11 Ghost Detect Pro

Whether you believe that phones can pick up ghostly activity or not, this app’s still worth the try. There are a lot of apps on the market but not all of them have the same features or user-friendly interface like Ghost Detect Pro. It works as a ghost box, picks up EMF reads, and includes a radar among other tools.

Again, not everyone wants to spend their hard earned money on expensive equipment they may only use a few times, so considering it costs just under a dollar, users won’t have to put a huge dent in their wallet to find out what’s going on in their home.

Even if phones don’t have the ability to work as well as the professional equipment, the apps are always good to spook some friends or serve other entertainment purposes.

10 360 Ghost Cam

Since the invention of the camera it’s been nearly impossible to actually catch a decent picture of something paranormal. Most of the time it’s because the camera shoots in poor quality or the operator just isn’t able to keep the device stable enough to understand what’s going on. Until now, that is. The 350 Ghost Cam is able to solve that problem at a decent price. The nifty camera can capture footage from ceiling to floor, and everything in between all at once. It also comes with night vision, streams to devices, and records in 4K HD.

After all, if you want to record a ghost, you’re going to want to do so with a camera that films in the highest available quality, not a shaky iPhone 4S, right?

9 Laser Grid


We’ve all watched that scene in Paranormal Activity when the spirit moves while there’s a laser grid projected around the living room by an Xbox Kinect. Call it a cheap ploy to scare or a useful multipurpose tool, laser grids are handy for detecting spirits.

Laser grids can be great to detect sprits because of the way they project onto surfaces in larger rooms compared to the pen version. Pair that with a camera and you’ve got a DIY ghost trap. Sit back and watch footage of what could potentially be a home-made horror movie. If it’s good enough you might be able to sell if for a quick buck and easy scares.

Again, do be careful when using it though because like any device, it does give a few false positives. Although the dots are used to detect movement or possible shadows, the dots can be covered by anything, even dust.

8 iEMF

iEMF is a good tool in the sense that it’s actually been tested next to an expensive EMF reader. It’s one of the few apps that have been proven to be trustworthy by professionals. Just as any other EMF reader, this app is used to find ghosts looking to communicate with the living. Of course, just like any other app, the creators have also made a point to add in the word “simulator” for people who don’t want to believe.

Rather than spending $300, this app runs for 99 cents. It’s not fancy, but it does the job well.

Again, if phones don’t serve as legitimate ghost tracking tools then maybe the app is better as a cheap thrill, or even as a way to start up a niche YouTube channel.

7 P-SB7 Spirit Box

Spirit Boxes allow for ghosts to communicate by scanning radio waves for high-frequency sounds such as white noise. The reason this particular model made it to the list is because of the high reviews and ratings, as well as the creepy stories. These reviews, along with the lower price, make it a steal for anyone looking to communicate with the dead.

While Spirit Boxes are very popular it is important to remember that one of its biggest cons is that it is possible to pick up words from other radios. Remain skeptical and over time you’ll be able to figure out what’s a nearby radio and what’s your dead grandmother.

Also, be sure to wear headphones. Just like any other audio device, the best experience comes from wearing headphones.

6 Zoom H4N Portable Digital Recorder

Zooms are known to be good recorders, but this one in particular has had a good rapport online through message boards with users claiming to have had some spooky experiences. Not only is it a good size for portability, but the official website even states that professional ghost hunters are among the many that use it.

Even those who don’t use this recorder for ghost hunting have said the recorder is a good device for any audio project.

Again, just like any other audio device, be sure to wear head phones and be mindful of any other sources of sound it may pick up. Not everything will be a spirit per se, but there is a good chance of getting something interesting.

5 XParanormal Detector

Apparently, the fluctuation in waves of your Wi-Fi adapter can be the result of ghostly activity. This software program monitors any activity in your surroundings with minimal use of memory on your PC. Leave it running in the background and should any spirit want to communicate, the program will spit out their words. Recording is an available feature but only an hour’s worth.

Just as any other spirit box, words may seem random or irrelevant, but there have been cases where certain words held an eerie meaning. Again, take it with a grain of salt as it may be picking up a radio or a neighbor’s dog. There’s no telltale way to be 100% certain of what’s going on, but after a while, you’ll get a feel for it.

4 Webcam


If your budget’s a little smaller, this method is probably up your alley. Webcams are so common these days that virtually 99% of laptops come with them equipped. There are usually settings that allow you to select the amount of time you’d like to record for and where to save it to. Even if you don’t have a high-quality microphone, many laptops have them installed as well.

The only downside to using webcams is that not many of them are high quality, so make sure the area of investigation is well-lit. While there have been a few cases of some paranormal activity being recorded through them, many have been debunked because of the low quality. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if it’s free software.

3 Etekcity Digital Infrared Thermometer

Even though a regular household thermometer could tell you about temperature drops, it won’t give you an infrared read like this one. With a decent price, this one has a wide range of measurement, a laser for precision measurements, backlit LCD screen, and of course, can be used for more than just ghost hunting like cooking.

Sure, a regular household thermometer could work, but it won’t tell you the temperature of a specific object. It’s a good idea to know this should there be a spirit attached to an object within a house or if there’s one standing right in front of you. It’s also important to get the change of temperature as quickly as possible, which is why digital is a better route compared to mercury.


The company FLIR makes a variety of different infared cameras for all sorts of uses. The downside with FLIR is that it’s very expensive, but again, there are many different uses for their products. Sure, ghost hunting is one of them, but having x-ray vision you can see if your car engine is overheating, if your stove is turned off, or where your friend is located during a game of hide-and-seek. It also comes in the form of an iPhone attachment which is handy for someone on the go or who is attached to their phone 24/7.

The attachment does cost a bit over $200, but it’s a lot cheaper than the average thermal heat imaging detectors, and it does work almost just as well. There are a lot of positive reviews online for it, especially since it does have a crisp image, but it doesn’t work so well on reflective images.

1 Starter Ghost Hunting Kit

Don’t know what to buy? Why not everything! There are kits specifically packaged for ghost hunting and come with several different tools to see if there really is a spook in your home or your pipes are just a little noisier than you remember. They’re a little on the pricy side, but they really are a bargain compared to buying all the items individually.

However, not all the products that are included will have multiple uses. Some are just specifically for ghost hunting, so if you’re looking for some multi-use items, it’s best to steer clear of these. However, they are a nice way to find out if maybe ghost hunting is your calling, since there is that variety included. Maybe one spook will lead to your next big adventure?

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