15 Beautiful Cars Ruined By Douchebags

For many automotive enthusiasts, racing, mudding, and customizing their cars by any means is something pursued in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, the results, whether intentional or not, happen where the rubber meets the road each and every day. Thank heaven some of these poor decisions can be entertaining. Especially the mishaps that involve a terribly customized car, or watching one vanish into the shadows on a tow hook for us all to enjoy. It’s easy to find yourself laughing, pointing at the car that once was one of the world’s most coveted vehicles. You might ask yourself, “What in the hell was that person thinking?” Whether these people were thinking at all is debatable.

Vehicles often represent the second biggest purchase we make in our lifetime. That’s why it’s amusing to see some of these wealthy Richards mess up their vehicles with questionable custom paint choices and modifications. Others stroll away from their wrecked exotic cars as if they were meant to be parked in a lake! To be fair, some of those accidents are just that, accidents. We all make mistakes even if whatever we did seemed like a good idea at the time. However, that doesn’t make their stories any less interesting to read. Some of these pictures are examples of idiocy in its most blatant form. See for yourself. Surely, at least one of these fifteen will put a smile on your face.

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15 Vintage Pickup Truck

Via rantnow.com

Restored vintage Ford and Chevrolet pickup trucks are popular vehicles for all the right reasons at any local car show. So when stumbling across this picture of a purple vintage pickup truck, I figured it would make a good candidate for this list. What looks like a two-tone white and flat purple paint job turned out as nasty as the idea itself. The owner of the truck also slammed it to the ground for that rat rod look. Adding some white-wall tires to finish off his dream that, in reality, turned into a modified nightmare. Apparently, that evening, the owner was sound asleep, dreaming about Barney the purple dinosaur and what kind of truck he’d drive.

14 McLaren 12C 

Via carcrushing.com

From what I understand, London is a pretty dope city. Full of style, beautiful people and plenty of places to blow a lot of money. You can unload that money on a good time, having bubbly passed around the V.I.P. section of a nightclub, or possibly purchasing designer label Hermes bags for your boo, who’s got 3 other men besides you. Or maybe it’s the place to watch your cherry McLaren 12C burn to a crisp on the side of the road and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it...other than watch it go up in smoke. London seems to be the place where destroying your sweet, exotic ride in the worst way possible is easy to do. Under an open flame!

13 1932 Ford Roadster

Via thethrottle.com

Oh my gosh! Do you see what looks to be a posted 30 mph speed limit sign in the background? This guy was in way over his head when he ran what appears to be a restored ‘32 Ford Roadster, with some pretty sweet custom paint work, head first into a tree. I almost hate to label this individual a douchebag because he obviously has excellent taste in automobiles, but damn. This wreck could be part of ESPN’s skit called Common Man. If you’re not familiar with the skit, it’s where Boomer and the boys present what they feel are the biggest football blunders of the week. It’s well done and funny. After seeing this photo, and what this motorist managed to do to his beautiful 1932 Ford Coupe, it makes me think he belongs in the spinoff show... if there ever is one!

12 Mercedes-Benz 

Via zerotosixtytimes.com

It’s comical seeing the famous-for-no-credible-reason-other-than-being-hot-and-stupid crash their cars in what looks to be the easiest accidents to avoid. Especially those few who’ve been given multiple chances by local judiciary systems to fix their faltering life. Slapped on the hand once again and told to go play nice with the others. Sometimes though, douchebag errors fall into the hands of the female gender. Females like Lindsay Lohan and the time she crashed her Mercedes trying to run from her most loyal followers... the Los Angeles paparazzi! Lindsay isn’t a stranger to wrecking nice cars. She was once hospitalized briefly after totalling her Porsche. Leaving a person to wonder how much money does this girl have left?

11 Hummer H3 

Via ranker.com

Last time I saw a vehicle that somehow ended up wearing a bit of Wild West panache was the last time I watched the movie Back to the Future III. Oddly enough, Michael J. Fox’s DeLorean looked better than this disastrous wagon-wheel modification. Judging by the license plate, this batty owner looks to be living overseas. That’s a good thing considering this guy's current piece of crap Hummer probably wouldn’t receive much street credit on this side of the pond. You’d think the Hummer owner would at least stain those obnoxious wheels with a darker finish, but no! They wanted to make sure that each person that passed by knew they were born without a shred of taste.

10 Lifted Ford F-250

Via pictaram.com

The modifications that can be done to a truck are seemingly endless. Lift kits, leveling kits, nerf bars, big rims, and even larger tires are what we usually see driving down the road today. Custom paint work on a vehicle this big isn’t cheap, so I bet turning your Ford-F250 into a fish isn’t any cheaper. This guy or gal, definitely had money burning a hole in their pocket when they decided on a fish theme for their custom paint work. Maybe they chose the theme so they'd always feel like they were out at the pond? Too bad this truck is a fish out of the water, sure to smell up any parking spot in which it comes to rest. Yuck is an understatement!

9 Bugatti

Via jalopnik.com

Ever wake up in the morning and have the uncontrollable urge to destroy your Bugatti with a terrible custom paint job? No? Well you can add me to that list as well. Then again, I doubt I’ll ever have a Bugatti to ruin. Not without winning the lottery. It’s hard to tell what impression this Bugatti owner was trying to portray when he let his local area body shop loose on his extremely expensive car. What we do know, is the results look like crap. Orange interior paired with an electric blue paint job (Don’t forget the lightning bolts please) clash on so many levels it’s hilarious. I believe we can label this custom paint work an epic failure!

8 Rat Rod

Via ratrodbikes.com

Rat rods can be awesome pieces of rusty artwork. These particular vehicles are seen in all shapes and sizes. There aren't any limitations to what owners can do to their potential tetanus shot on wheels. So what in the world was this guy thinking when he decided to turn his into a tubed out chicken coop? Your guess is as good as mine. Customizing any vehicle due to the amount of labor involved takes tons of time, preparation, and money, much like this rat rod did. It may be more inexpensive to build your version of a rusty P.O.S. on wheels, but that doesn’t mean it’s free. Or in this owner’s case, sensible in the least.

7 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible 

Via bobatoo.co.uk

I don’t know about you, but this photograph puts a smile on my face for so many different reasons. What looks like an old Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible (I’m not sure that’s a factory option) has been transformed into the 'rolling on dubs' version of everything Coco Chanel and her luxurious brand doesn’t represent. This car is so hood, so tacky, so wrong in every conceivable way, it had to be modified to its proverbial death by a huge douche. Maybe the biggest one of all time? It’s hard to say where to start picking this piece of garbage apart, so go ahead and just laugh. We all know you can begin damn near anywhere when making up jokes about this modified mistake on wheels.

6 Ferrari Enzo 

Valued at over 1.5 million dollars, businessman Daniel Sadek kindly decided he’d lend his friend, Eddie Griffin (comedian-actor), his rare Ferrari Enzo. Eddie needed to borrow Daniel’s supercar for a charity event called “Race For A Cause” at Irwindale Speedway in which he had agreed to attend. In early 2007, one of only four-hundred Ferrari Enzos built was smashed into a retaining wall when driver Griffin lost control after mistaking the gas pedal for the brake pedal. Video footage shows Griffin hit the retaining wall pretty hard, totalling the red Ferrari Enzo. Lending fear to doubt for Mr. Sadek the next time Eddie Griffin comes sniffing around his house asking to borrow an exotic car for the day.

5 Toyota Supra

Via motor1.com

Do you think this dragon blowing smoke modification to a Toyota Supra is taking modifying your car too far? Well, I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels that way. The iconic Supra has been high on automotive tuners' and enthusiasts' lists alike since the mid-1990s. Sporting a 3800 v6 and as many as two turbochargers, the v6 proves to be a rock solid motor even by today’s standards. So why in the world did some weirdo put a dragon on the side of his car? Not only a mythological flying reptile but one that blows smoke from its nostrils to collect attention from anyone bored enough to watch. His mother didn’t hug him enough, that’s why!

4 Ferrari 458 Spider

via MoeJackson.com

It looks to me like these two dudes are smiling awfully big in their bro photo. I can only assume the girl taking the picture is fly as hell because these two have no reason whatsoever to be smiling in that Ferrari. That car they’re riding in looks like a design I saw on a toddler’s bib at Target last night... minus the vomit of course. Regardless, the defiling of this 458 Spider makes for a good story any time you ruin a perfectly good supercar. As you can see by all the cameras, these two made themselves a few new friends that day. I doubt that’s because their stellar idea to modify a rare Ferrari came out so well!

3 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?

Via pinterest.com

I’m pretty sure this failed attempt at modifying your car to reflect your personality is a Chrysler Sebring convertible. Custom painted in a horrific green color, and yet, the owner decided he couldn’t stop there with his modifications. He then added the biggest set of matching rims (my god they’re huge) he could find, raising the car so high off the ground any person could visibly see it coming from miles away. Loving his whip the way he obviously does, this douchebag owner finished his ride off with a teal convertible top. He carefully made sure he left no part of his vehicle’s exterior untouched. I guess he never considered spending all that modification money on a car that his friends might want to ride in.

2 Bugatti Veyron

Taking the second spot on today’s list must mean some narcissist did what most of us would consider blatantly foolish. In the case of this Bugatti Veyron, the owner's plan was to crash his car, leaving him uninjured for the most part, and collect the insurance money. He figured having back the $2.2 million he splurged on this exotic car would be an excellent start to fix his financial hardships. This unbelievable wreck was caught on tape. All at the owner's expense. Once the authorities got their hands on the video footage, it was all over for the Bugatti owner and his mischievous plan to collect. This shows us once again that breaking the law never seems to give back much, other than jail time. What a shame, right? Such a beautiful car wasted!

1 Buick Riviera

Via fiero.nl

The top spot today goes to this vintage Buick Riviera and the grotesque amount of money and modifications that went into making it look so flipping terrible. These old Buicks are getting harder and harder to find. So when you see an example like this one that just can’t be ignored, it can leave a hole where your heart once was. I suppose that’s all a matter of opinion, but I have a feeling I’ll be hanging out with the majority this time around. The huge wheels and Little Mermaid color theme, along with what’s supposed to resemble graffiti tags down the door, doesn’t work out in public, let alone on stage. The fat lady isn’t singing this time; she’s screaming!

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