10 Things Flat Earthers Might Be Right About (And 5 They Can't Deny)

One of the biggest conspiracy theories out there is focused around a very simple concept: that the Earth isn't round like we've always been taught. According to these people, Galileo and Copernicus were wrong: the Earth has always been flat, and the evidence for this is impossible to ignore. Scientists who feed into the lie that the Earth is round are doing it for a variety of reasons, but that doesn't matter as much as the Earth actually being flat. There's a lot to talk about here, but the first thing that we need to establish is that given what we know and what the science tells us, the earth is round and has always been. However, let's give the flat-earthers the benefit of the doubt.

Let's say that the Earth really is flat? How would our planet and science tell us this? We decided to find ten reasons why flat-earthers probably think the Earth is flat and explain the reasoning behind thinking that way. However, we're not one to skip over the real science here, so we also found five hard-line reasons why the Earth couldn't possibly be flat. While those last five points might end up totally contradicting the first ten, that is precisely the point: science just doesn't support a flat-earth theory. That being said, we can see why people might think that, so we wanted to do some myth-busting. Here are ten reasons why flat-earthers might be right about our planet and five demonstrating that they're totally wrong.

15 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: The Earth Always Looks Flat

One reason that people think that the Earth is flat is a simple one: we perceive the world as flat. Things are flat from our perspective. It's hard to argue with how our eyes process the world around us. It's very easy to convince yourself that the Earth's Sun and Moon work in a totally different way than we're used to. It's also easy to see the sky as a flat atmosphere rather than a spherical one encircling our spherical planet. It's all about perspective to flat-earthers: if it looks a certain way, chances are your eyes aren't lying. Flat-earthers even have an answer as to how seasons work, an explanation that only really works if the Earth is spherical.

14 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: The Bottoms Of Clouds Are Flat

The next time you're outside, look up at the clouds. How are they lit up? Do you see 3D shapes when you look up at a cloud or just a flat shape? If you see the latter, according to anyone who's into the flat-earth theory, you're seeing evidence that the Earth isn't round. Basically, clouds are never lit from below because the sun is always above them. If the Earth was round, we might see some clouds be lit from below because of the way the sun would shine. Because we don't, the only logical conclusion is that the Earth is flat and we've been lied to for hundreds of years. The only time we might see the clouds lit from below is when the sun is setting, and according to flat-earthers, when we see that, we're actually seeing is reflected light, making it so clouds will never be lit from below in any other way.

13 Flat-Earthers Are Wrong: Because Shadows Move Over The Course Of The Day

Have you ever noticed your shadow moving through the day? This is because of the spherical Earth we live on. You can try this out yourself, actually. When you get a chance, get a stick and put it in the ground pointing up. Do you see where its shadow is? Go back to it later on in the day. Where is that shadow now? Is the shadow longer or shorter than it was when you last saw it? Congratulations, you've just made a shadow clock, which is what people used to tell time before clocks became a thing. If the world was flat, you wouldn't see a moving shadow that was constantly changing its shape. Instead, you'd be seeing a shadow that was constantly the same length, and chances are that shadow wouldn't be moving at all. It was shadows that allowed the mathematician Eratosthenes to calculate how big the Earth was with a very small margin for error. If ancient thinkers could understand the Earth being spherical, why can't we?

12 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Ice Keeps Us From Sailing Off The Side

If the Earth is flat, we have a big question: how on earth has no one ever fallen off the planet by sailing off or even flying off the side? The answer lies in the same thing Westeros uses to keep out the wildlings and White Walkers: a giant wall of ice. What we think of as Antartica really isn't Antarctica. It's not a tiny island on the bottom of the world, but a huge, thin wall on the very outside of our flat planet. What we think of as the north side of our spherical planet is actually the very center of our flat disc planet. As for the southern hemisphere, it's just the outer ring of Earth that completely surrounds the inner ring, also known as the Northern hemisphere.

11 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: So Many Doctored Photos Now

Since the advent of Photoshop, it's very easy to assume that all amazing photos have been doctored or altered in some way. After all, many amazing photos have been doctored in some way. It's not like you'd be wrong to assume that a lot of photos have been altered since we alter photos every day. We throw filters and effects on our faces for fun, so it's easy to imagine big space organizations changing a photo if it suited them or their agenda. In this case, changing a photo to make the Earth look round would suit the agenda of those who want to lie to us about the actual shape of our planet. Then, those altered photos would go in our science textbooks and be used in news broadcasts that subscribe to the round Earth theory.

10 Flat-Earthers Are Wrong: Because If The Earth Was Flat, We'd See All The Stars, But We Don't

While the actual discovery that the world is spherical belongs to many people, the first person to hypothesize that the world is round is Aristotle. He did this the way most philosophers figured things out in Ancient Greece: by looking at the stars. If the Earth was flat, we'd see the same constellations wherever we go, just in different places, but we don't. When you look up at the stars on any given day, you're going to see different constellations. When Aristotle got back from a trip to Egypt, he noted that “there are stars seen in Egypt and…Cyprus which are not seen in the northerly regions.” He then came to the conclusion that the only way that could possibly make sense was if the Earth was a spherical planet and a smaller one at that. According to him, the Earth is “of no great size, for otherwise, the effect of so slight a change of place would not be quickly apparent.” Aristotle was wrong about a lot of things, but not about this.

9 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Only NASA Photos Show Any Curve At All

According to many flat-earthers, the only photos that show even a little curve are the ones that come from NASA. This makes sense since NASA is a big space organization and one of the main sources we have for learning about space. If NASA wants to push the spherical Earth theory, they have all of the reasons and resources to make that happen. They can dismiss any photos of the Earth looking flat as a matter of perspective rather than acknowledge it as the truth. If NASA actually told the truth about this, they'd have to admit that they've been lying about a basic fact of our planet for decades now and convinced the entire world of that lie as well. They'd also have to admit that they know far less about the world than they'd like to admit, which would be a hard thing for the world to swallow about a leading space organization.

8 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Planes Never Fly Down

Have you ever taken a plane ride from the Eastern Hemisphere to the West, like the one shown above? If you were to take a ride from England to Texas, like it's shown above, you might find yourself going through Canada. This seems weird on a round planet because there's clearly a path from England to Texas that goes over the ocean but doesn't need to go near Canadian airspace at all. However, if you look at a picture of a flat Earth, it's totally easy to see how you would potentially need to fly over Canada on your way from England to Texas. You'd have to go up rather than across in order to make better time. Planes never have to fly down in order to make trips like that. Perhaps it's because what we think of as the Southern Hemisphere is actually just the outer part of the world and flying down would make flights take much more time and gas? Who knows?

7 Flat-Earthers Are Wrong: Because The Lunar Eclipse Proves The Earth Is Round

Every piece of science we can get our hands on these days proves that the earth is round. Sorry, flat-earthers. First, let's talk about the moon. The moon, during lunar eclipses, ends up with a weird shadow on it that is decidedly round. That circular shadow is the Earth's. Since the Earth is always rotating, that oval shadow is always consistent. More importantly, that shadow proves that the Earth isn't just round, it's spherical, which isn't flat.

If you're more interested in hearing about this, check out the Foucault Pendulum experiment, which will prove that the Earth is round and spherical beyond the shadow of a doubt. However, it's an experiment that we don't have the time to get into right now. Just know that it's been around for a really long time and is still used to help people learn about the Earth's rotation. There's also the fact that while planes need to refuel in weird places, they can still circumnavigate the glove and if you look out the window of your plane, you'll actually see the curvature of the Earth.

6 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Nothing Is Ever Made Rounded

If the earth was truly round, why aren't more things made rounded? Everything is made flat to accommodate the flat ground under our feet. If we lived on a rounded planet, wouldn't building foundations accommodate that even a little? On top of that, a flat earth would even explain why no one has made it beyond the Antartica ice wall. Geophysicist Carol Finn talked about what gravity would feel like on a flat planet, and if you're a flat-earther, this could make sense. "In the center of the flattened Earth, it probably would feel similar to now. At the edges, the gravity field would start to point slightly toward the center, making it increasingly difficult to move toward the edge. It might feel like you are going up an increasingly steep hill. Once you hit the edge, you could walk more easily on the side of the Earth disk, as you’d be pulled toward the center of the Earth again (might feel like now)." That could explain why it's so easy for people to believe that Antarctica is a small island.

5 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Flying Should Be Much Harder On A Round Planet

Because of the way gravity works, flying around Earth should be a lot harder than it actually is, that is, if the Earth is round. Flying on a flat Earth would actually be super easy! Consider the average flight path between say, Chile, and Australia. The average flight path takes you from Santiago, Chile, over through the Northern hemisphere, then back down to Sydney, Australia, making stops at different cities along the way. Why do these weird stops have to be a thing at all when on a spherical Earth, Chile and Australia aren't as far from each other as the flight path would suggest. The only way such a crazy route would make sense is if the Earth is flat. That would make all the stops logical. You can do this with lots of different cities, too. South Africa flights to Brazil have to stop in London more often than not, and Australia flights to South Africa have to stop in Dubai or Hong Kong before getting to their actual destination.

4 Flat-Earthers Are Wrong: Because Higher Ground Lets You See Farther

Have you ever been mountain climbing or been on a plane? Did you notice that when you were on higher ground, you were able to see farther? This phenomenon can only exist on a spherical planet. Flat-earthers will chalk this up to Earthly obstacles like buildings and trees not being in the way anymore, but it's more than that. Even if you were in an area where there was nothing to obstruct your vision, you'll still see higher once you get off the ground. If the Earth was flat, you'd simply be seeing the same area, just higher. It's the curvature of the Earth that allows you to see more. The higher up you are, the more curve you're seeing. It's also the curvature of the Earth that allows us to have time-zones! The same phenomenon that allows you to see more the higher up you are, also determines the time of day that it is in your corner of the world. The world being flat changes all of that according to the most basic points of science, but flat-earthers don't seem to care about the science of it all.

3 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Everyone Loves A Good Conspiracy Theory

Honestly, everyone loves a conspiracy theory. It's why those types of YouTube videos are just so darn popular. We like the idea that there might be more out there than we think there is. We want to know if the world is scarier, more complicated, more simple, or more interesting than we think it is. The idea that the world might not be round like we've thought for the last few hundred years, but flat like many people thought for thousands of years before that, is an appealing idea, especially for flat-earthers. It's also an interesting idea to think about: that the people who imprisoned those early thinkers who realized the earth was round might have actually been right and those thinkers could not have been more wrong. Unfortunately, flat-earthers could not be more wrong, despite their reasoning.

2 Are Flat-Earthers Right?: Honestly, It's More Interesting From A Storytelling Perspective

I'm not going to lie, a spherical Earth is a little boring, at least from a mythological perspective. It's basically a giant marble revolving around a huge marble that's also on fire while other, weirder marbles revolve around as well. A flat Earth opens us up to many possibilities. Not only do we have the question of what lies beyond in space, we have the question of what lies just under the Earth's surface. We've only managed to make it only a little ways into the surface of the Earth, so while we might end up face to face with the molten core of a spherical rock, we might also end up on the back of the space turtle swimming through space. We could end up on a plate and Earth is just a spherical hamburger in the entree called the solar system. Our flat planet could just be in the petri dish of an alien laboratory. The possibilities are endless. A flat Earth might just be more fun.

1 Flat-Earthers Are Wrong: Because The Horizon Proves The Earth Is Round

Do you live next to a port or at least some water? The next time you're around water, check out the horizon. Sure, the horizon looks flat, but it's not. Look at the picture above, for example. You can clearly see that while the Earth looks totally flat, there is a very slight curve that shows that there's some roundness there. While that can be photoshopped, what can't be is your own eyesight. To get back to the horizon, watch when ships come into view. If the earth was flat, you'd see ships appearing slowly out of the horizon. However, I guarantee you that's not what you're going to see. What you're going to see is ships and boats emerging from "under" the sea. Ships appear like they rise from the sea and disappear like they're submerging under the sea, and the only reason they appear that way is that the Earth is spherical. If you have no access to a port, watch an ant or some other bug crawl on an orange without moving the orange around. The bug will appear as it's rising up to meet you if it's facing you and disappearing under its surface if it's walking away.

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