United Arab Emirates

All About Yas Island

The United Arab Emirates has some of the greatest modern attractions in the world. From the tallest building in the world to man-made islands, the UAE is certainly benefiting from its abundant oil. Du...

The Top 10 Biggest Fish Tanks In The World

People have always kept fish as pets. The most popular of them all is the goldfish, which has kept us company since the year 960. Goldfishes are popular because of the low maintenance level needed. Yo...

The Top Ten Oil Producing Countries in the World

They possess the most important resource here in our planet. This resource is what makes countries run and their industries hum. Nations have gone to war because of this. This precious resource is the black gold called oil.

Top 20 Richest Countries in the World

What are the richest countries in the world? High standard of living, low unemployment rate, welfare and social programs…these are some of the traits of a modern and industrialized country.  But which...