The Top 10 Best Movie Theaters in the World

Despite the advent of home theater system with surround sound that you can install in your living room, there is still no substitute for the movie theater experience. Watching the latest Hollywood blo...

The Top Ten Busiest Airports in the World

Airport security can be such a hassle. Those long lines for baggage and body checks may take time and can be demeaning. This is especially true in airports that serve a lot of passengers. We cannot co...

The Top Ten Largest Cities In The World

These are the ten largest metropolitan areas in the world based on land size. Each city’s population and density (or number of people per square kilometer) are also listed, for comparison purposes.

The Most Prosperous Cities

In this world where poverty is the main problem, it is very important to have leaders who act in favor of the people. The success of one’s administration depends on the number of problems he was able ...