Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's 10 Most Expensive Looks

Kim Kardashian has a genuine love for fashion, and she became one of the most outstanding fashion icons of her generation. For years, high-fashion magazines and brands ignored the reality show star, b...

10 Insanely Expensive Beauty Treatments

Beauty comes with a price. The cosmetic industry was valued at $532.43 billion in 2017, and it will surpass $800 billion in 2023, according to Reuters. It seems it is a market that knows no crises.

10 Most Expensive Things Kanye West Owns

This year, on the premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kanye West proclaimed that he is basically Mr. Incredible from the famous animated superhero movie, and his extravagant lifestyle proves ...

Detroit Files For Bankruptcy : Financial Crisis

Known commonly as the motor city, Detroit, home to the headquarters of three big automotive companies; General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler has filed for bankruptcy after being unable to repay the debts amounting to approximately $18 billion.

The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities

Many celebrities have repeatedly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Being in the spotlight usually means that both negative and positive publicity stunts are essential because popularity is inc...

The Story Of The Kardashians

When anybody hears about the Kardashians, they immediately envision the popular television reality show on E! Kardashian is an Armenian surname and the most prominent people with this surname are from one popular Armenian-American family.

Celebrities with Big, Beautiful Butts

Girls and guys are always admiring celebrities who have been born with big healthy butts. We hate people who try to ingratiate themselves to others by kissing ass. But if our boss is someone like the ...

Celebrity Beauty Tips for Less!!

We can all agree that celebrities have an image to portray. To be a star means to look a way that seems almost unattainable. This article will let you in on little tricks that will get you looking fre...

Most Expensive Celebrity Dresses

Celebrities get to wear the most beautiful and most expensive dresses in the world. During the awards season, they can show off on the red carpet dresses from some of the most expensive designers ever...

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