Iron Man

Top 16 Greatest Superhero Fights Of All Time

2016 is perhaps the greatest year for comic book fans and fans of the superhero medium. This year marks the first time Batman and Superman will appear on screen together. It is a historic event for fanboys and movie buffs.

Top 10 Greatest Iron Man Armors

What can over $12 billion and a genius intellect when it comes to mechanical engineering get you? Keep in mind, that this is an amount of money that Charlie Sheen could probably have blown through in ...

The Top Ten Sexiest Men of 2012

From the time of Rudolph Valentino, male sex symbols have caused mass hysteria among their female fans. Stars like Gary Cooper, Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart continued Valentino’s legacy. John Wayne...

The Top 10 Sexiest Women In The World 2012

They are whistle baits, the object of desire of a lot of men, and probably of envy of most women. They are young, hip, beautiful, and sexy. Here is a list of the top ten sexiest women in the world.