Net Worth Of Each Batman Actor

Earlier this year, Robert Pattison was announced as the next actor to play Batman. Pattison, who became famous thanks to the Twilight franchise, will replace Ben Affleck after three movies. As of this...

15 Forgotten Times That Batman Killed People

Batman’s most important character trait is that he doesn’t kill. It’s what makes Batman Batman. It’s as important as the fact he wears a cape and cowl, drives the Batmobile and fights the Joker. There...

Top 16 Greatest Superhero Fights Of All Time

2016 is perhaps the greatest year for comic book fans and fans of the superhero medium. This year marks the first time Batman and Superman will appear on screen together. It is a historic event for fanboys and movie buffs.

Top 10 Greatest Batmobiles Of All Time

There is no vehicle in all of pop culture that is as cool as the Batmobile. The Fast and Furious franchise has its share of fast, impressive and modified cars. Furthermore, the James Bond films have f...

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