15 Times Margot Robbie Dressed Better Than Naomi From Wolf Of Wall Street

The 27-year-old actress is on the top of the world these days. Margot Robbie is not only as gorgeous as a gal can be and recently married, but she is a stellar performer who was just named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. For a 20-something, that is surely an impressive accomplishment!

The adorable Aussie actress was just made for the big screen, as her presence is larger than life. Her most recent film, I, Tonya, has received rave reviews, and other films she has been in such as The Wolf of Wall Street, About Time, and Suicide Squad are all fan favorites. Her talent and beauty jump off the screen and audiences are just waiting to catch them.

We mostly see the ravishing Robbie on red carpets, but when she is just doing her everyday thing, she still looks great, and sometimes, even better. Whether she is dressed down casually or dolled up a bit for style, Robbie rocks her “street wear” better than any other celeb we have seen in a while. Effortless and eye-catching, this breathtaking blonde babe is all about comfort, class, and creativity.

Check out these 15 phenomenal photos of Robbie and see why we think her street looks are as lovely as the designer duds she wears to premieres and parties. Robbie is a true fashion force who makes chic look simple and in our opinion, outdoes Naomi from Wolf of Wall Street. Then again, when you are as beautiful as she is, anything looks like a million bucks — and she is worth every penny.

15 Sweating It Out

We all know that actress Margot Robbie is fit and healthy-looking, and to keep her amazing body looking as great as it does, the woman needs to work out regularly. Here we see the alluring actress in her exercise clothing, and she looks as if she just finished an intense workout.

But no need for her to change clothing before hitting the road since Robbie’s gym style is cool enough for doing errands around town or meeting a friend for a post-workout coffee or smoothie.

While Robbie may feel a tad wet and sticky with all that sweat dripping down, she still looks well-put together, strong, and foxy. It must be difficult for the fellas to concentrate on their deadlifts and bench presses at the gym when this stunner walks past!

14 Snow White

Dressed from head to (almost) toe in fancy-looking winter white makes the gorgeous Margot Robbie look effortlessly elegant and refreshingly refined.

While her simple shoes add a pop of black, the all-over, white-on-white look is classic yet modern, thanks to Robbie’s subtle touches of style like her cool shades and red handbag.

Dressed like this, Robbie proves that foxiness does not necessarily mean you need to wear miniskirts and crop tops. Even fully covered, this gorgeous gal oozes subtle s*x appeal that is so much more mature than skin-tight dresses and sky-high heels. As long as she does not spill anything on her pristine outfit, Robbie is good to go for a day out in the big city. She is confident and cool and knows how to do the all-white look just right!

13 Ice Cream Dream

We all scream for ice cream when we see this lovely lady in red licking her tasty vanilla cone.

Margot Robbie looks as cute as can be in her little red-patterned jumper, chic sunglasses, and blonde hair pulled back.

Enjoying a warm summer day, the adorable actress makes the most of the weather by sitting outside and enjoying a cold, sweet treat. Since she is so naturally pretty, Robbie does not need much makeup to play up her fine features, so her bare-faced glow can shine in the sunlight. Although she is a stunner, fans may have walked right past Robbie since she does not give off an air of self-importance. She is just a down-to-Earth chick who loves ice cream as much as the next person!

12 Easy-Breezy Broad

Look at this beautiful breezy broad as she walks down the street with her soft and shiny blond hair flowing in the wind and in a dress that looks as though it was designed just for her. Margot Robbie is movie-star material, even when she is simply taking a stroll down a city street.

Her classic look is timeless and tasteful, and that gorgeous face makes heads turn as she struts her stuff like a supermodel.

At 27 years old, Robbie has a good head on her shoulders and knows she’s got it going on. But she does not need to act or dress flashy because her natural attractiveness is all it takes for us to stop and stare. Black and white always works, but on Robbie, things somehow look even better.

11 Any Jacket Suits Her Just Right

Robbie rocks her puffy winter coat with its furry hood, her leather jacket and sporty tuque, and her thick leather coat layered with wool — clearly any kind of jackets looks amazing on her.

Winter wear is meant to be functional, but in this case, Robbie looks super cute while she stays nice and warm.

All done up in the pic on the right, we can see how Robbie can go from a day-to-night look in a flash. But she looks equally great in her “plain Jane” clothing as she does when the lights and cameras are all on her in the photo on the left. And let's not take away the comfy outfit she's got going on at the airport in the middle photo Versatile is the name of the game for this golden-haired goddess!

10 Cute And Cozy

Here we see the magnificent Margot Robbie dressed for the colder weather in a soft grey sweater and a stylish light-brown coat. That signature smile of hers is the perfect accessory to go with this standard snow-day look, and Robbie surely has a lot to be happy about. She is a big-time movie star with the world waiting to see what she will do next.

As usual, when Robbie is not all done up to the nines for a big event, she sports little-to-no makeup and still looks like a supermodel.

Her facial features are enviable, yet she does not seem to be full of herself at all. Natural and nice is what this actress is all about. She can dress like the average gal and still shine like the star that she is.

9 Street Style At Its Best 

Wow, that is surely one heck of a long coat, but on the marvelous Margot Robbie, the impressive length looks just right.

Paired with a simple tank top, rolled-up jeans, and flats, this casual look is street-chic and seems to be quite comfortable. Robbie’s modern “lob” hairstyle is a winner, as is her choice of cool jewelry.

Fans who see this lovely look on Robbie are sure to head to the stores to find a similar coat to wear come fall. She looks super cool and casual, taking the jeans-and-a-tee style up a notch. When the sun warms up the temps outside, Robbie can ditch the coat and show off her fun-loving look that lies underneath. Never has such a basic and classic look been so beautiful!

8 Mad For Plaid

Plaid looks totally rad on the cute and chic Margot Robbie. Her big and broad smile shows that she is loving how she looks and feels in this black, red, and white number, and those adorable booties pull this look together terrifically. A little playful fringe on the hem and sleeves makes the dress even more divine, and the slight wave in Robbie’s blonde hair looks pretty and carefree. Not too many people could pull off this sort of look, but there is just something about Robbie that makes everything look magazine-worthy. Perhaps it is the inner beauty that she radiates that comes through and makes everything on the outside look so special. Whatever her little secret is, fashionistas want to know! Although, if we were to all wear so much plaid, the trend may become a bit much.

7 Red-Haired Honey

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This red-haired darling dame is none other than the fabulous Margot Robbie. Perhaps the regularly-blonde babe dyed her hair for a movie roll or she is just experimenting with the look, but Robbie looks just as ravishing as a redhead as she does as a blonde. But aside from what’s up top, Robbie’s cool and fashionable outfit is a standout.

That pretty powder-blue coat with black accents paired with black pants and booties is super stylish and easy to pull off. Her oversized bag is the perfect choice and those cool sunglasses are movie-star chic.

Fans probably did not even realize it was Robbie walking right past them on the city street, but they must have known that someone drop-dead beautiful was in the vicinity.

6 Polka-Dotted Darling

Polka dots are always super adorable and never go out of style. The young and the old and everyone in between can rock the little dots with confidence and flair. Just look at the impeccable Margot Robbie as she wears her polka dots with a pair of sporty sneakers. This mini-outfit is youthful and fun, and fun is exactly what it looks like Robbie is having with her masculine main man. With her blonde hair pulled away from her fantastic face, we can see Robbie’s natural beauty and a sweet smile that says she is in love. While this look is totally fashionable, it seems like it is very comfortable to wear. Hand-in-hand with her hunk of a man, aside from that delicate necklace, the only accessory she needs is her mate!

5 Flower Power

Pedals sure look pretty on this breath of fresh air walking down the street looking like a floral phenomenon.

Margot Robbie rocks this frilly frock full of bright and colorful flowers and playful ruffles. Spring is in the air and there is a spring in Robbie’s step as she pounds the pavement in fashion-forward and feminine style.

Those super-high heels make a serious statement, but nothing as impressive as Robbie’s mega-watt perfect smile. Her lovely lips match the flowers on her knee-length dress and her chic shades add that movie-star touch. Plenty of ladies would love to get their hands on such a gorgeous dress, but would they look as fab as Robbie does? She’s hard to beat, but then again, why would anyone want to try to top the woman that’s born to be a fashion leader?

4 Crowd Pleaser

What athlete wouldn’t want a “cheerleader” like Margot Robbie in their corner rooting them on? She looks ready for the game, but she can’t seem to take her eyes off her gentleman friend sitting beside her. But he is quite smitten with the actress just the same. Even an A-list Hollywood actress knows how to chill out and relax for a sports night as a fan in the crowd.

In her jersey and jeans, Robbie is all about being casual and having a good time. No need for high fashion or much makeup when being a team player means dressing the part.

It must feel so freeing to not have to worry about high heels or a too-tight dress when a loose-fitting sporty top is the go-to outfit for this sort of event.

3 The Not-So-Cold Shoulder

The “cold shoulder” look is very popular these days, but leave it to Margot Robbie to take the look to a whole new level with her puffy sleeves and shiny material. The navy-blue color looks impeccable against Robbie’s skin tone and light hair color.

That peep of skin in the shoulder region is just foxy enough without being overexposed. Robbie knows what is in fashion, but with her own spin on style, she always stands out and never looks like she is following a fad.

That’s why fans love to watch her and see what sorts of looks she’ll put together on her own. She may have a stylist for major events, but it seems like when it comes to the everyday outfits, Robbie is a fashion-minded gal who knows how to look great on her own.

2 Disney Doll

Who says that only little kids can wear the image of Disney’s Mickey Mouse on their shirt? Not Margot Robbie, who looks like she is having a total blast in her adorable and fun-loving white sweatshirt.

Her yellow shades are cute and the matching bag goes well with Mickey’s cartoon shoes.

Perhaps Robbie is at Disneyland, but you certainly don’t need to make the trip to the amusement park to get that childhood vibe back. Just look at how joyful and youthful the actress seems in this photo. Mickey Mouse and the other Disney characters can bring out the kid in all of us, and Robbie is no exception. We wonder if she also has a Minnie Mouse or Daffy Duck shirt for another afternoon of fun in the sun!

1 Beachy Babe

There is nothing more fun than a day at the beach, and nobody looks better by the ocean than Margot Robbie. Her unique swimsuit is colorful and cute and Robbie’s body is fit and healthy-looking. She looks like she is having one heck of a time splashing around and soaking up the rays of the sun. The clear blue ocean water looks like paradise, which is surely the reason Robbie is smiling so sincerely. Perhaps she is on vacation or on location for a film, but either way, time in the warm weather is always a delight. It’s evident that Robbie has great fashion taste, even in swimwear. This isn’t your basic bikini, but then again, Robbie is no basic woman. Only the coolest suit will do, as she is the coolest chick at the beach!

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