Who Wore It Better? 15 Times The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters Shared Outfits

The Kardashians are a family known for style. When they were just starting their careers, they all worked at a small store at Dash. After hitting it big on their reality series, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, the sisters were always under the spotlight. What they chose to wear and who they choose to model for is always making headlines, building a big road for their little sisters. As soon as Kendall Jenner was old enough to, she started modelling, working runways before she was legally able to drink. Kylie started getting the attention of designers as well, both sisters following in their older sibling’s footsteps.

The girls have gone on to be designers and entrepreneurs, and what they choose to wear on the daily has only gotten more cut-throat. They’re constantly being judged for what they wear, and when they choose to wear nothing at all, they get the heat too. Fashion is relative, so it can be said that the girls are always looking good. Because of their impeccable taste, many of the sisters choose to copy each other’s styles, sometimes wearing the exact same garments.

We’ve collected 15 times that the Kardashian and Jenner sisters were spotted wearing the same thing. We decided who wore it better, but ultimately, it’s for you to pick who you think looked the greatest in the wardrobe they chose to wear. Who Wore It Better? Here Are 15 Times the Kardashians Shared Outfits:

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15 The White-Knit Fit

Kim and Khloe were both caught wearing a white knit crop top and matching pencil skirt. When it came to accessorizing, the sisters differed in their style a bit. Khloe kept her hair parted to the side with tight waves. She went with an animal print heels and quilted purse.

Kim kept it a bit more casual with relaxed wavy hair, matching her purse to her heels. Both girls are knockouts in this set, but Kim’s is a more timeless look. For that reason, we think she won this one. She also seemed to bring popularity to the trend of wearing crop tops with pencil skirts. Of course, it’s always been a style, but the matching set boomed back into the fashion industry just as the curvy figure did. Not many things pair better with an hourglass shape than a figure-hugging skirt.

14 The Model Face-Off 

Kendall and Kim are no stranger to the red carpet or to the camera. While Kim might not be considered a professional model like Kendall who's walked countless runways, Kim has done so many photoshoots, we've lost count. She might not be tall enough to be a model, but she know how to work the camera. We bet Kendall got some tips from her older sister.

Still, Kendall wins this one in our book, as her mile-long legs are killer, not to mention that she wasn’t afraid to pair the minimal look with care legs and black heels. Although Kim looks good, the black nylons and belt are a bit much. With a print like this, it's best to keep it simple.

13 It's A Corset Competition For Kim And Kylie

It seemed like for only a moment in the fashion world, wearing corsets around T-shirts was a look. Not everyone was down with the trend, but it’s clear that the Kardashian and Jenner sisters were a fan, as Kylie and Kim were both spotted. Kim wore a cream-colored one over a white t-shirt, and Kylie decided to match her green corset with her boots.

It’s certainly a unique look and both rock it well, but Kylie wears this one when compared to her big sis. Those boots are out of this world. They’re almost too good to be allowed to exist. Not everyone is a fan of Kylie and her blonde wigs, but this is certainly a look. It’s probably the only time she’ll ever wear this outfit, but do you need to recycle looks when you’re Kylie Jenner?

12 The Pink Swimsuit

Kylie decided to snatch her mom’s swimsuit for a day at the beach, later revealing that her mom rocked the same one years earlier. Kylie’s gone through a lot of transformations throughout her time on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

We have to say that Kris wins this one when it comes to deciding which woman wore the suit better. Without Kris, none of the other girls would be in this world. What might our planet look like had Kris Jenner had all sons instead of daughters? For this reason, we have to say that she rocked the suit better. Just look at that pose! It's no wonder her daughters love the camera.

11 The Jenner Sisters Love Their Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Kendall and Kylie are always being compared, which is expected, as they’re the youngest of Kris Jenner’s daughters. When it comes to this white crop top, it’s hard to decide who rocked it best. Kylie sparked rumors when it came to this photograph. Many people thought her figure looked fake and believed it was obviously evident she had work done.

Everyone always says that, and Kylie was quick to remind everyone that she hasn’t been under the knife and only experienced an enlargement when she was menstruating. For that reason, we’re saying that she wore it better. Kendall looked cute in the top at the races, but Kylie’s ability to wear one white shirt and cause so much controversy is truly iconic. Both girls managed to twist the style in their own unique way.

10 Kim And Khloe Know How To Wear Pink Latex

Pink latex isn’t something that’s easy for many people to wear. When it comes to Kim and Khloe Kardashian, both sisters have no problem looking flawless in tight pink dresses. Khloe popped out in this outfit somewhat recently after going through a revenge body transformation.

Still, we have to give this one to Kim. She kept it a bit simpler in a lighter shade of pink, and she was the one to rock the bold style first.

Khloe and Kim kept their hair center parted and surrounding their face, and both perfected the ensemble with some pointed heels. It’s hard to compare the sisters, as even when they’re wearing the same things you can see their obvious differences. Which sister do you think looked better in these similar dresses?

9 Kendall And Kourtney Both Like To Keep Things Low Key

Kendall and Khloe appear on our list aside each other once again, making it clearer that they’re the sisters with the most similar styles. Both seem to like the spotlight the least out of everyone, Kendall often opening about her experiences with anxiety from all the fame. Because of their desire to keep things low key, their style certainly reflects that desire to be casual.

Still, we have to say that Kourtney managed to pull off the all black-and-jean look best. She kept it simple with a leather cap, only draping the jacket over her shoulders. Even though they’re wearing outfits most would wear to the grocery store, these iconic looks were likely still meticulously planned. When you’re a Kardashian or a Jenner, you never know who you’re going to run into.

8 Workout Gear: Khloe VS Kylie

Khloe Kardashian has basically made working out her full-time job. She does it on camera and off and is always open to sharing her weight-loss experience. Kylie is known for having a flawless figure as well, though she doesn’t open up about working out as much as big-sis Khloe.

For that reason, we’re going to say that Khloe wore these grey leggings better. She looks like she’s just trying to get some Starbucks, either to help her through her workout or reward herself after she finished. Kylie seems like she did her makeup and planned her look just to get photographed in this outfit. We’re not hating on that, it just seems like Khloe is the one who’s legitimately dedicated to this look. Side note, look at all those people in the back of the picture staring at Khloe while she walks to her car.

7 Kim Must Have Borrowed This From Kourtney 

The Kardashian/Jenner sisters have now given Kris Kardashian nine grandchildren. That means years of maternity looks, despite some of their efforts to hide their baby bumps. Kourtney embraced pregnancy and loves being a mother. When Kim was pregnant with North, she was constantly anxious, always uncomfortable and in pain.

Though both women look great in the flowy white maternity gown, we have to give this one to Kourtney. It’s most likely her dress and they both have similar hairstyles, so it wouldn’t seem right to give it to Kim for that reason. Kim opted to use a surrogate for her third child, not wanting to endure another painful pregnancy. Kourtney has opened up as well about wanting another child, though she isn’t sure who exactly she’d have it with.

6 Kim And Khloe In Lace And Denim

Khloe Kardashian rocked the lacy bodysuit and denim look above for a Good American event. Kim had previously worn a very similar look, giving Khloe some stiff competition. Still, we have to give this one to Khloe, as she worked incredibly hard on her revenge body.

She clearly knows how to wear jeans, proving her brand is the one to beat. She’s received some hate for the clothing line, with a few smaller artists stating that she ripped off her style. She doesn’t respond much to those haters, but it’s still interesting to wonder where the Kardashians get their inspiration from. They clearly look to each other as style role models, but the matching outfits really work for them. The shoes can really what make the outfit, however, and Khloe’s strappy sandals get the prize.

5 Keep Those Shirts Tucked In Exactly Right

Kendall and Kylie were actually spotted out together wearing basically the same thing. They aren’t exactly matching, but both of the youngest Jenner sisters decided that they were going to wear some casual pants and a plain long-sleeved shirt. Even both of their purses have a fuzzy keychain. There is an age gap between the two, but there’s no denying that these young girls are related.

Though they’re similar, we’re still going to go ahead and say that Kendall wore this one better. It looks more in line with her regular style, and Kylie looks like she just threw on what was comfy. That’s to be expected when grabbing lunch or doing something low key, but we’re still talking about who wore things best here.

4 Kim Is More Like Her Mom Than She Knows  

Kim owes everything to her momager, who’s allowed her to grow her name into a multi-million-dollar industry. Still, Kris copies her style every once in a while. Kim got a style makeover throughout the middle of the running of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she started dating Kanye.

He cleaned out her closet and restocked it with items approved by him and his stylist. Her brand changed completely, and since then, her mom and sisters have been copying her style, though they’ve certainly made a name for themselves as well.

Kim’s influence is what earns her the title for this one. Kim might not exist if it weren’t for Kris Jenner, but Kris Jenner wouldn’t be wearing that sweater dress if it weren’t for Kim, right?

3 The "Kolorful" Boot 

Kourtney often found herself wearing just T-shirts and over-the-knee-boots. Her sisters were quick to participate in the trend, leaving everyone wondering if they were wearing really short shorts underneath the T-shirt, or if the shirt was just supposed to act like a dress. We may never know the truth, but we do know that both Kourtney and Kylie have some intensely bold boots.

Kourtney wins this one, maybe purely because of the fact that her boots are velvet. Kylie’s boots are purple, and though that is the best color, nothing really beats over-the-knee velvet boots. The real question about this, however, is whether or not Kourtney is actually a fan of Metallica. The sisters are known for stirring up some drama with their band shirts, and Kourtney is no exception.

2 Double-Red Maternity Mini

Kylie Jenner managed to hide her entire pregnancy from fans. She chose to never confirm the rumors that circulated about her pregnancy and instead, waited until after she had the baby to announce that it was all true. This decision was made for the baby’s sake; Kylie did not want the stress of the public and media to affect her unborn child. Khloe Kardashian had been trying for years to get pregnant, almost succeeding Lamar. For that reason, we’re going to say Khloe wins this one.

It took her relationship with Tristan to finally get pregnant, and as soon as it was safe to tell everyone, she revealed she was expecting as well. She only just recently gave birth, but before that, she shared a photograph of herself wearing a tight red dress on Valentine’s Day. Her sister had also been seen wearing the minidress in a video she released with the announcement of her baby.

1 Blonde, Pregnant, And Crop Tops

Kylie Jenner shocked fans this year after releasing a video dedicated to her daughter. The shocking part was that there were only rumors of her pregnancy up until that moment. Once the truth was out there and the birth of her daughter was announced, her sisters ended up congratulating her on social media, her sister Khloe sharing a picture of the two pregnant at the same time.

They’re both rocking blonde hair and round bellies in the picture on the left, and the one on the right teased fans on social media, not revealing if anyone was pregnant at all. It’s impossible to decide who wore the ethereal look better, so we’re calling this one a tie. Just when we thought this family couldn’t get any crazier, they all ended up having babies at the same time!

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