10 Most Expensive Outfits Suri Cruise Has Worn

Much before the Kardashian's children and Blue Ivy took over the fashion scene, Suri Cruise was a fashion icon. Perhaps, the girl was the first child on showbusiness to drag so much attention for her outfits. In 2012, her wardrobe reportedly cost $3,000,000 and was filled with designer clothes.

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Suri Cruise was named one of the five best-dressed women in the world in 2011. However, since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got divorced, the mother wanted her clothes to be more affordable and would return overpriced gifts. Holmes makes exceptions to formal events, and she is also saving her gowns to give it to Suri in the future. Keep scrolling and discover the most expensive looks Suri Cruise ever wore.

10 faux fur coat- $169

When Suri Cruise was growing up, we have seen her wearing several faux fur coats. When she traveled to Canada with her mother, they packed an Eliane And Lena coat, which is valued at $169. She matched it with patterned pumps (another essential item in her wardrobe) and a purple dress. The fur coat looks like a fancy and cooler style.

Some of the most expensive things she wore were coats. But after Suri grew up a little, she didn't wear fur coats anymore.

9 Mischka Aoki dress - $350

Suri Cruise looked adorable when she wore this Mischka Aoki's dress, valued at $350. The outfit looks like a fairy tale and also has a name that matches it: 90 Days of Snow Dress. She paired it with a bow that costs $40.

Suri's style raised some eyebrows and was considered inappropriate by some people. Sometimes she wore makeup and heels, but most of the time, she was dressed like a princess or with modern clothes — most of the time with expensive looks, of course.

8 Susan Alexandra bag - $385

One of the many things Katie Holmes changed about her child's upbringing after the divorce was how much she spent on clothes. The girl had a wardrobe evaluated at $3,000,000, and Katie was not ok with that. However, she still makes some exceptions for formal events and special occasions.

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Earlier this year, Suri went to have dinner with friends at the fancy Sant Ambroeus restaurant in SoHo. She wore a pink dress, sneakers and an oversized green jacket. Suri and her friends had matching bags from Susan Alexandra that cost $385.

7 Alice and Olivia by Bryant Park dresses - $600

Katie Holmes faced a lot of criticism for the way she dressed her daughter, especially how much she spent on her clothes. The actress didn't care for the critics and carried on shopping. In 2010, she was spotted at Alice and Olivia by Bryant Park shop, where she dropped $600 on dresses to her daughter, according to HuffPost.

According to sources, Kate chose a tennis dress for children and a lavender ruffled outfit. Although we have never seen Suri in public with those outfits, the publication tried to guess her choices.

6 Salvatore Ferragamo - $850

Suri Cruise lived the first years of her life wearing lavish clothes and also had some luxury bags. In 2010, she was spotted carrying a Salvatore Ferragamo for children, valued at $850. She was only three years old. Her mother also has the same model for grown-ups, which also has a much higher price: $1,850.

Suri used the model when she made a helicopter trip with her parents. In an interview, Tom Cruise revealed that Suri would choose all her looks and also loved girlish outfits like dresses and heels.

5 Burberry coat - $900

Burberry is another brand that makes part of Suri's story, and she wears it since she was a baby. She seems to love it still. Last year, she was spotted wearing a bright pink Burberry coat that costs at least $900, according to Wonderwall.

Although she has a more down to earth lifestyle in the last few years, it seems that fashion is still something big in her life. And she has a sense of style and is often very well dressed. Her mother influences her sense of fashion since they have a similar taste.

4 Dolce & Gabbana Dress - $1,200

Suri Cruise's public appearances are rare in the last few years, and she is managing to grow up away from the public eye. At least most of the time. But when she shows up, Suri makes sure to make it remarkable. Last year she attended American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala at the Metropolitan Opera House together with her mother.

Suri wore a floral Dolce & Gabbana dress with long sleeves that is valued at $1,200. She matched the look with golden flats and a bow. Katie Holmes had a similar style but looked more classic.

3 Dolce & Gabbana ladybug coat - unknown

Some years ago, Kate Holmes and Suri Cruise watched the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. NY Knicks NBA game in New York. Suri Chose a lovely Dolce & Gabbana Coccinelle Ladybird print to wear. Although the price was not revealed, you can expect to pay some thousands of dollars when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana.

Another thing that we notice at her style is that Suri has loved wearing pink since she was a small kid. We have seen her wearing the color countless times. Some things never change.

2 Dolce & Gabbana trench coat - $2,140

Suri Cruise is only a 13-year-old, but she already has a long-term relationship with the most expensive brands in the world, and it seems that Dolce & Gabbana is her favorite. We have seen her wearing the brand multiple times since she was a toddler.

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When she was five years old, Suri was spotted wearing a red trench coat from Dolce & Gabbana, which made everyone wonder if there was a version for grown-ups too. The coat was evaluated on $2,140. She matched it with leggings and a sparkling pair of heels, that doesn't look the best choice for a child.

1 Shoe collection - $150,000

Suri Cruise is famous for having an extensive shoe collection, and it is worth a topic just to talk about it. It doesn't matter how much you love shoes, you will hardly match up with Suri Cruise. According to the Daily Mail, her shoe collection was valued at $150,00 in 2011.

She started wearing heels when she was only three years old. The publication affirms that Suri has an expensive taste and already loved brands like Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs. Some sources told the Daily Mail that the parents bought several expensive custom-made shoes for the girl, all from expensive brands.

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