It's Now Socially Acceptable To Wear Sneakers With Suits

It used to be a well-documented fact that sneakers and a suit do not mesh together whatsoever. You can always wear one or the other, but not in an outfit of its own. That's because the professionalism a suit brings clashes too much with casual sneakers. A suit is typically worn for work, while sneakers only come out on the weekend- or rather, anytime a suit isn't needed.

But oh, how the rules of fashion have changed!

According to GQ, the combination of a slick suit and sweet sneakers has gone from fashion faux to a comfortable yet cool outfit. The perception of the look recently is that it injects a sense of fun into an otherwise stiff suit. This change of heart is due in large part to many celebrities going ahead and wearing a suit with sneakers — even before it became an acceptable fashion trend. Unsurprising, yes; but it's certainly a nice change.

via GQ

One celebrity who has worn the look includes (but of course isn't limited to) rapper Kanye West. West has worn suits with sneakers plenty of times in the past with little care for what others may think of his appearance. One such example included an all-black Louis Vuitton suit and Yeezy Boost 700 VX sneakers- a pair of shoes covered in black, grey, and white. It was definitely an outfit that any stylish minimalist would want to replicate for themselves in order to keep up with this new- albeit risky- trend in men's fashion.

You may look at this trend and think one of two things: either this trend is something you'll never partake in, or it's one that you're going to do no matter what. If you fall under the latter group of people, then you might not know how exactly to pull off this trend. Your best bet is taking a stab at it is with a black suit and simple black-and-white sneakers. It the simplest way, but it's the safest. Only after you're comfortable with this should you begin to make bolder choices in either your suit or your sneakers- or both. That way, you can execute the suit and sneakers look flawlessly.

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