10 Most Expensive Sneakers In The World

Shoes have become more than just a basic staple to everyday attire. Long gone are the days where someone would throw on a pair of shoes without giving them much thought. Shoes have in fact become a statement piece. Shoes of all types have been commemorated as historic collector pieces, and many have been highly sought after, therefore increasing their value.

Some pairs of shoes are meant to be safely put into a closet for safekeeping and are brought out only as items to be showcased and bragged about. While some things tend to vary from one country to another, shoes seem to be a universal language of sorts. Every person, in any part of the world, can appreciate the monetary and sentimental value behind a special pair of shoes! Let’s take a look at the 10 Most Expensive Sneakers In The World…

10 Nike Waffle Shoe - $437,500

The sale of this shoe at auction has shattered all records. This pair of shoes from 1972 was purchased by Miles Nadal, a known collector who bid for these shoes in Sotheby’s online auction. As the proud owner of his private museum in Toronto, Canada, Nadal is no stranger to the purchase of expensive shoes. He had also previously purchased a collection of valuable shoes at the lump-sum cost of $850,000 through a private Sotheby’s sale. These iconic Nike’s are by far the most valuable of his prized collection, not only monetarily, but historically. They are essentially a piece of sports history that nobody could ever duplicate.

9 Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordan’s - $2 million

We all know that Drake’s brand attracts a lot of media attention and that Michael Jordan’s brand is synonymous with success and high valued shoes. When you merge the two to create the perfect, solid gold sneaker, the end result is an astonishing creation valued at $2 million.

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Drake and Nike collaborated with an American artist by the name of Matthew Senna to create this unbelievable pair of shoes that are actually made of solid gold. Each shoe weighs 50 pounds! Clearly they are meant to be collected and never worn!

8 Buscemi 100 MM Diamond - $132,000

You read that properly – these shoes are indeed worth a small fortune. You could own a supercar for the price of these sneakers, or put down a hefty down payment for a new home. Alternatively, if you’re among the elite, you can also opt to purchase these runners instead! These shoes are loaded with 11.5 carats of diamonds and are set in 18 karat gold. If diamonds are your thing, this is a statement shoe that would certainly out-perform the rest!

7 Michael Jordan’s Game-Worn Converse Fastbreak - $190,373

Historically known to be among the most expensive game-worn shoes to ever be sold, these shoes sold for a staggering $190, 000. Visibly used and abused by none other than Michael Jordan himself, these shoes made their debut in 1984 when Team USA won gold at the Olympics in Los Angeles.

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Owning this pair of shoes is equivalent to owning a historical possession that could be easily showcased in a museum and forever preserved for future adoration. Collectors are in awe of these shoes and their value is estimated to rise.

6 Air Jordan 12; Flu Game - $104,000


These shoes originated when Michael Jordan was feeling under the weather with the Flu, yet pushed himself to stay on the court and battle it out with his competitors. He ended up scoring 15 points in the last quarter of the game and leading his team to victory. While most of us aren’t celebrated for our tenacity and dedication to our jobs when we are sick, Michael Jordan sure is. The shoes he was wearing that day will forever be commemorated as the “Flu Game” shoes, and are now worth a staggering $104,000.

5 Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake Edition) - $100,000

Drake’s love for the sport of basketball has long been publicized. The world watches as he loudly participates in the support of his beloved Toronto Raptors team. When he combined his love of the sport, and his constant desire to create new sell-out products, the Air Jordan 12 OVO Drake Edition shoes took form. Only the rich and famous can afford these shoes, which make them all the more desirable – and valuable.

4 Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1: $50,000

It’s not difficult to understand why these shoes are so expensive. Diamonds? On sneakers? Yes, you heard it right – these shoes belong to Outkast’s Big Boi and he spared no expense in their design.

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Made durable enough to wear, but fancy enough to cherish, these shoes are adorned with fine diamonds, adding bling to every step. Created in 2007, they still hold a value of over $50,000 in today’s market.

3 Air Jordan 11 Jeter - $40,000

This incredibly rare pair of shoes can be yours for just over $40,000 if you’re in the market for something expensive to store in your closet! This will definitely gain you some street cred and earn you some bragging rights, as these navy blue beauties are very rare collectibles. This Yankees-themed shoe was released in time for Derek Jeter’s retirement ceremony at the Yankee Stadium and acquiring ownership of a pair of these shoes is nearly impossible. These are considered to be one of the rarest, most collectible-worthy pair of shoes ever created.

2 Air Jordan 2 OG - $31,000

Air Jordan’s constantly populate lists which discuss the most popular, valuable, and expensive shoes of all time, and the 2 OG versions are no exception. If you have $31,000 these too could be yours! The Jordan brand sees success with the release of every single shoe style, but this was particularly successful as a result of the functionality of the shoe. Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also very comfortable, and sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

1 Eminem X Carhartt Air Jordan 4 - $30,000

The value of this shoe continues to rise, with no end in sight. Previously valued at $30,000, we assume it will continue to increase in popularity, as well as in its value. This extraordinarily limited edition shoe is so exclusive that only 10 pairs were ever made. Eminem and Carhartt collaborated on all aspects of the design and donated all proceeds of the sale of the shoes to a Michigan State University’s music school. Eminem loves his kicks, and now they’re part of history!

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