Seiko SKX: An Affordable Watch That Will Turn Heads

It should be common knowledge at this point in time that every man should have a wristwatch. It oozes class and style. However, everyone considers watches like the Rolex Submariner and others as the watch to go for, but only the mega-rich can afford them, and it's not like you can't find a watch for cheaper that does it in a similar style and offering similar functions.

One such watch is the Seiko SKX series, this includes the 007, 009, and 013 versions of the same model with very little difference other than case sizing between the three models. The SKX goes for $175 dollars online if one looks hard enough. While the SKX is very bare bones, looking out of the box and the bracelet it comes with is maligned on by watch enthusiasts, it can be just as much a conversation starter as any high-end watch out there because this guy can be heavily modified. There are actually whole forums online dedicated just to the modification of this model.

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Part of the joy of this watch is that you can mod them, this can be something as simple as installing a slightly higher end movement that fits into the watch case or going all in on it and modifying the aesthetics of the watch to your heart's content. One of the neatest mods out there is the Night King, which changes the watch face from black to white and installs a blue bezel on it along with different white hands from what comes on the watch standard.

As one can see the Night King mod is inspired by the color palate of the Night King from Game Of Thrones. Also, as you can see is a HUGE departure from the look of the original model it started out as. Though that is not the only mod you can make to it. The mods are near infinite to make the watch unique to the owner of it, and if you aren't handy you can always take it to a watchmaker and they will be more than happy to do the mods you ask them to whether it be purely cosmetic or one that actually adds new features to the watch.

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One of the more unique mods involves watch getting coated with PVD (the material used to cover guns to give them that gunmetal grey colour) or you can have the watch mimic the famous Rolex GMT minus the GMT hand by doing a mod called "Pepsi" which changes to bezel from the standard black to a blue and red one.

Instead of featuring a quartz movement like most watches at this price point, the Japanese designed SKX series of dive watches have a fully automatic movement which is typically found on higher end Swiss branded watches. Seiko watches, however, are a bit different in that they require the user to shake the watch a little bit to get the watch to store some energy, which is required to accurately set the time, it's not one that you wind up like one would see on higher end automatics. So, that is either a charming little feature for some or an annoyance for others. That's the thing about the SKX series, they're cheap and cheerful watches whose quirks are either going to totally annoy people or be idiosyncracies that you'll find enjoyable.


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The SKX007 was first released in 1996 and was designed solely to be a beater watch by the Japanese watchmaker and was designed to be an entry level. Seikos usually focuses on mid to high-end watches. But that's the thing, this watch was never intended to be a fashion statement, it was meant to be a dive watch for the everyday people.

The simplicity of the watch is what makes it a modding dream and can turn it into a fashion statement. However, because the SKX series is not an homage to a Rolex or similar timepiece, it has a unique look unto itself and that can make it a conversation starter on its own. Then again, old school wristwatches are becoming less common nowadays and that makes them a conversation starter as it says more about the person wearing it than those who aren't wearing one or are wearing a smartwatch.

It says that the user doesn't need to be connected at all times, and that is something we should all aspire to be like, marching to the beat of our own drum, sometimes that will mean looking to the past vs wearing what everyone wears.


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