15 Photos That Prove Sarah Hyland Is The Most Stylish Dunphy Sister

One of the most famous and iconic sisters in American TV would be Haley and Alex Dunphy, both from the long-running family quasi-documentary sitcom Modern Family. The Dunphy sisters, respectively played by Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter, are also very beautiful. And while there is definitely no sense of competition whatsoever between the two young lady stars, those who are into all things Hollywood won’t be able to not compare the two, just like how regular people compare real-life siblings with each other.

Having said that, we’re sure you’ve already noticed the title. Yes, we are biased towards the somewhat naïve and academically unimpressive, yet secretly crafty, Haley Dunphy. Or rather, Sarah Hyland. We’re absolutely not ragging on Ariel Winter, as she’s definitely a pretty girl too, but well, this is a contest for us and in our humblest opinion, Sarah leaves Ariel in the dust.

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If you’re a big fan of Ariel Winter, you’ll definitely challenge our opinion. However, ours is the right one. It shouldn’t even be up for debate. For aside from the fact that she’s the elder sister in their show, she’s also a knockout when it comes to rocking a dress on the red carpet. Go ahead, check out the list of all the times Sarah Hyland proverbially one-upped her sitcom sister. Heck, with how great she looks at almost every awards show she attends, it’s probably not only her sister that she outshines. Now, can Ariel Winter manage the same feat? We don’t think so.

15 2016 Oscars

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Silver is a difficult color to pull off. Perhaps it’s even more difficult to pull off than gold. And for some strange reason, it’s seen a lot less often at formal parties than the latter, even in Hollywood ones. Sarah Hyland, however, managed to not only do the precious metal-based hue justice but also managed to shine (pun intended) in it. The gown was custom-made by fashion company Blumarine.

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Sarah wore the shimmering and sparkling sequin dress, which has a daring yet tasteful plunging neckline, for the 24th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar Viewing Party. With her being part of such a prestigious event, as Elton John’s party is one of the two big parties on the night of the Academy Awards (the other being Vanity Fair), it’s only right that she dressed to impress. And impress she did. Just take a good look at her. Needless to say, she outshined Ariel Winter that night.

14 2018 Golden Globes Afterparty

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Simplicity is beauty. It’s not true all the time, but Sarah Hyland wearing this simple outfit to the 2018 Golden Globes afterparty is one of the times when that saying rang truest. Sarah wore a straight and shiny jet-black sequin dress made by Rasario, a fashion company by Russian designer Rasida Lakoba. She’s among those—or rather, almost everyone—who wore a black dress in solidarity with the #MeToo movement. As you can see in the photo, she truly looked glamorous and this is probably one of her best red carpet outfits. Unfortunately for Sarah, however, the focus on her during that awards night wasn’t due to how stunning and alluring she looked, but because of her “tone-deaf” Twitter short skit video—a tradition of hers for the Globes—where she pretends to be a little out of it and flirts with the elevator operator. So, is it just a fun video or an ironic and insensitive one?

13 2013 Golden Globes

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If The Huffington Post writes an entire article that is solely about your dress for a particular awards night, then it means you’ve made it. It also means that you have made the dress work for you. So yes, Sarah Hyland at the Golden Globes 2013 definitely rocked that black strapless gown with a satin peplum top, a long, flowing skirt and a low neckline that shows off her shape. The dress was designed by Max Azria, renowned fashion designer who’s designed for other famous celebrities like Halle Berry, Fergie and Alicia Keys.

Her successful carrying of this stylish and elegant dress is a comeback from what happened to her in the same awards show back in 2011, where she encountered a wardrobe malfunction that involved a zipper popping out. Now we know why her dress two years later didn’t have any. She has definitely learned from her wardrobe mistake.

12 2015 SAG

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Everyone who follows fashion, the entertainment industry, or both knows Vera Wang. If a female celebrity is wearing a Vera Wang, then aside from the obvious fact that the gown is pricey because it’s designed by the namesake visionary and famous designer, it'll more than likely be one snazzy and stylish gown. However, a gown, even a Vera Wang, is only as good and elegant as the one wearing it. The good thing is that when it comes to this black and nude silk gown with a jeweled bodice, Sarah Hyland carried it like no other when she attended the 2015 Screen Actors’ Guild Awards. And while the dresses she wore to previous awards shows either looked good on her or were misses, this time she definitely nailed the classy look an actress like her is expected to have at big events. It looks like Sarah’s definitely matured.

11 2015 MuchMusic Festival

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Gowns with a plunging neckline have been a favorite of a lot of celebrities, as it’s sassy and alluring without going overboard. Of course, Sarah Hyland was in on it too at the 2015 MuchMusic Festival, where she wore a black Solace London gown. The color, the sleek and straight pencil cut of the skirt, the thigh-high slit, and the V-shaped plunging neckline were all perfect for Sarah’s slim frame. It looks like 2015 was the year when she had a major level-up when it comes to being classy.

Other than her black handbag, she also had another accessory with her at the event— her now-ex-boyfriend, Dominic Sherwood, who’s famous for the teen vampire film, Vampire Academy, and the Netflix high-fantasy series, Shadowhunters. They’ve called it quits since 2017, but that’s alright, as Sarah seems to be doing just fine. She’s got all her gorgeous dresses anyway. And she’ll definitely find a better boyfriend someday.

10 2011 Globes

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It’s pretty hard to believe that we’re closer to 2020 than we are to 2011. A lot has already happened and changed, and Sarah Hyland definitely has. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and look back at her dress seven years ago at the 2011 Golden Globes, where she wore a golden-beige Max Azria tube and lace gown. Complementing it is her beautiful brunette hair, an extravagant and elegant 50-carat diamonds and pearl necklace from Mikimoto, Charles David shoes and a Daniel Swarovski clutch. If that ensemble isn’t fancy then we don’t know what is.Sarah was so young at the time,  yet she already had superb fashion sense. So it’s no surprise that she continues to be one of the best-dressed Hollywood actresses today. And it definitely wouldn’t be news if she still is a few—or even many—years from now. We look forward to seeing more of her in beautiful dresses.

9 2016 Guys Choice Awards

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People have mixed feelings when it comes to male-oriented subcultures. Some think it’s crude and stupid, therefore not enjoyable or funny, while some think that it’s enjoyable and funny because it’s crude and stupid. Well, regardless of what people think of it, Sarah Hyland sure was nice enough to attend back in 2016 one of the least serious awards shows ever: Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. She even spoke onstage.

But we’re here to critique what she wore (and *cough* marvel at how good she looked), not what she said, and what she wore was a black dress designed by Amanda Wakeley. It has a really open and plunging neckline and has trousers for the bottom rather than a skirt. Indeed, Sarah was a sight to behold for both the boys (and some girls). Oh, Sarah, the dudes hope you never change.

8 2017 Emmys

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If the Academy Awards is to movies, the Emmys is to TV. And when it comes to TV, Sarah is definitely one of the most recognizable faces, especially after appearing for so many years in the long-running Modern Family. Therefore, as one of the small screen’s biggest stars, it’s only right that she catches considerable attention at the awards night dedicated to TV shows. That’s why last year, Sarah, after skipping the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards due to undisclosed health-related reasons, made a comeback in a red Zac Posen gown with leaves design printed on it and a cutout midriff. While what she wore got her a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, as her Spanx underneath made a little peek, it doesn’t matter. What does is that she managed to make a return and a stunning red carpet entrance. Plus, her hair and makeup were totally on point and matched her dress well.

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7 2014 VMA

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The VMAs—or any MTV awards night, for that matter—are rarely taken too seriously. Being a youth-oriented channel that caters to those whose tastes are, to say the least, somewhat sophomoric, it’s no surprise why. Nevertheless, because it’s a fun and simple event—and significant nonetheless—celebs still flock the event. Of course, that includes Sarah Hyland, who dressed with so much class—even though she didn’t have to, as a lot of stars dress badly on purpose for the VMAs.

She wore a blue gown from the Kaufmanfranco Fall 2014 Collection. As the collection’s name suggests, the upper half of the dress seems slanted to the right, with the left shoulder featuring a thin strap and the midriff featuring a small diagonal cut from the left to the right. To complement it, she wore Stuart Weitzman’s “nudist” sandals and carried a Jimmy Choo clutch.

6 2011 SAG

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This is the second time on the list that Sarah Hyland rocked it with a simple design. Heck, it’s almost as if simplicity does work best for her. To the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011, she wore a simple yet elegant long and flowing, orange Max Mara Elegante pre-fall gown. Adding to the stylishness of her look were her Me & Ro gold and black diamond jewelry, as well as a Stuart Weitzman clutch and heels. And of course, her beautiful wavy brunette hair definitely helped.That year, Modern Family was nominated for a lot of awards, including Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, so it’s only right that she was dressed for the occasion. The long-running show, after all, is the reason why she’s one of the biggest TV stars in America.

5 2016 SAG

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Sarah Hyland is one of the press’s favorites every time there is an award show, thanks to her sense of style, as you can see in this list. And one of the times where she made huge waves on the red carpet was in 2016 when she attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards. For the event, she wore a dark blue J. Mendel gown.

At the same event, Sarah spoke about a then-newfound interest in playing the guitar, as well as watching Fox’s live musical event on TV, Grease: Live, as she’d be rooting for her friend, Vanessa Hudgens, who would be playing Rizzo. Goes to show that she’s not your usual Hollywood celebrity, as she’s pretty eccentric. She’s more than just the acting and the beautiful dresses at awards shows; she’s also all about pretty random yet fun stuff. And it seems she’s a pretty great friend as well.

4 Teen Vogue’s 8th Annual Young Hollywood Party

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In the entire list so far, Sarah wore a long dress, with one exception being her outfit for the Guys Choice Awards, where she wore a dress with trousers. Here’s another exception, as Sarah, at the 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, wore a short black dress with a diagonal strap. Since it’s a party, and the event was hosted by the teen branch of a magazine centered on women’s fashion, health and lifestyle, going to an event in an outfit that is not so formal, and at the same time not so casual, was a great move. Plus, it’s nice once in a while for Sarah to show off her toned legs. Obviously, we could all see that she definitely works out. Does Ariel Winter? And Sarah was a teen at that time—19 to be exact—so a long dress would’ve been a bit too much.

3 2013 Emmys

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Green isn’t a very popular color for a lot of celebrities whenever they choose a dress for an event. It is such a shame, as it’s a beautiful color that can be stunningly gorgeous with the right style of dress—and the right person, of course. And one of those would be Sarah Hyland, who wore a breathtakingly beautiful, emerald green dress with plunging neckline and black lace for the 2013 Emmys. The dress, which was made by renowned fashion designer Carolina Herrera, was complemented by Lorraine Schwarz jewels, tied hair, red lipstick, and her olive complexion—or maybe it’s the other way around.The look was definitely a win for her. And in 2013, it was also an image change for her, as she ditched her usual young and girly look for a more mature one.

2 2015 Emmys

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With many dresses on the list having a plunging neckline and a long slit, it’s safe to assume that Sarah Hyland is a girl who’s confident in her body, and she shows it in a very classy manner. At the 2015 Emmys, however, Sarah tried a more “conservative” look while still managing to add a bit of allure, and it worked perfectly.

She wore a wine-colored, off-shoulder by Zac Posen. It’s elegant, and it showcased her slim curves. Her short, golden blonde bob and red, dangling earrings definitely helped the image she was trying to establish. And in true non-adherence to her usual style, she chose not to wear a necklace, which was a great move. The lack of one helped highlight her smooth, shapely and feminine shoulders and collarbones. Every change in style Sarah does is refreshing. This one, however, is also pure brilliance.

1 2014 Emmys

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Last but definitely not least would be Sarah’s 2014 Emmys dress, which looks a lot less like a dress and more like a blouse and skirt ensemble, kind of like what girls used to wear back in the 50s, except the shirt is a long and big one. The set, a white crop top and a coral pink skirt, is from designer Christian Siriano. This style is not something a lot of celebrities try, especially at prestigious awards shows, so kudos to Sarah for giving it a shot. And even more kudos for making it work for her, as it gave her a sense of energy, youthfulness, and simplicity, largely because of the bright pink skirt. Having no jewelry other than her earrings also helped achieve the look she was going for. It looks like Sarah managed to perfect the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to fashion.

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