Samsung Keeps Getting Caught Using DSLR Photos To Advertise Phone Camera

Smartphones have often been advertised as great for taking pictures. In fact, some companies like Samsung has even come off as showing that the images in their advertisements were taken from the phone itself and then used in the ad. The company recently got caught trying to pass off a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) photo for the results of a phone's camera.

In this case, according to The Verge, Dunja Djudjic, a photographer caught Samsung Malaysia using one of her photos, licensed through the photo website EyeEm, to advertise the portrait mode capabilities of their Galaxy A8 Star. Dunja says that the photo was taken with a DSLR, but didn't mention which one.

It must be noted that Samsung did not directly say that the photo is from the  Galaxy A8 Star. The company apparently added an image of the dual rear cameras on the phone, which implies that it was taken with the phone when, in reality, it wasn't.


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Samsung isn't the only company doing these types of things. Huawei has been called out for it as well. In that case, they got caught attempting to pass off two stock images as selfies from the NOVA 3. What did them in was a model by the name of Sarah Elshamy. According to The Inquirer, she posted the photo shoot and it showed a photographer in it that was using a DSLR.

Since this incident started becoming a little bit viral, Samsung wrote on the page where this was all discovered that the image was “simulated for demo purpose.” This was a good move since pretending like there aren't any issues regarding the news is seen as being guilty.

If that was to happen, it could lead to people refusing to buy their products since they wouldn't fully trust the company because of these small incidents that have occurred. When the company comes out with even a small message, it shows that they did in fact, want to clear the water and avoid the worst case scenario.

Whatever the case may be, customers probably don't take well to this. They're almost being lied to but it's just the world of advertising. Technically speaking both companies aren't breaking laws but just doing something that might be considered shady by some people.


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