See How Rihanna Snuck A Flask Into Coachella

Rihanna was spotted at Coachella and made headlines, but not for her musical ability. Instead, she caught the world's attention with a fashionable flask on her wrist.

Though she may have thought she would go unnoticed in a Gucci balaclava, there was no mistaking Rihanna last weekend at Coachella. According to Cosmopolitan, aside from her snakeskin pants and boots, two-tone color Gucci bag, the Barbadian goddess was seen sporting a unique but essential festival accessory – a bangle flask.

No stranger to slipping booze into music shows—remember her blinged-out rose gold flask at the 2017 Grammy Awards—Rihanna proved once again that she plays by her own rules. Though many, if not most, where there to see the Queen herself, Beyoncé, on stage, Rihanna reigned supreme in the front row, sneaking sips from her wrist.


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Her Zeker fashion bracelet flask, which is available on Amazon for only $14.99, paired nicely with her gold and diamond-encrusted accessories. Her bedazzled look was just one of the many fashion statements the "Work" singer made over the weekend. Her Fenty creative director Jahleel Weaver revealed in an e-mail to Vogue that her boss’ look was planned in advance.

“Coachella should always be fun and disruptive,” Weaver wrote. “We had such a moment last year with the Gucci crystal bodysuit and mask, so how do we top that?”

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Rihanna spotted the balaclava at the Fall 2018 Gucci show in February. “Ri and I both instantly loved it when it came down the runway,” Weaver said. “So we started to think of what’s the next opportunity to wear this? The Gucci team is so great to us and such a pleasure to work with and they made it happen. It was just so NOT Coachella that it made us love the idea even more.”

Given that the singer, and upcoming Ocean’s 8 actress, is such a fashion risk-taker, she makes her stylist job easy. “I have an amazing assistant Amir that really helps me stay organized and calm which allows me to just focus on all these crazy ideas,” Weaver said. “What I love about Ri is that she’s such a non-conformist, which pushes your boundaries of creativity. Nothing is off limits.”

One thing is for sure, Rihanna Rocked her Coachella look like no one else, and while the balaclava was a nice touch, we think the sneaky way she snuck some alcohol into the music festival deserves a round of applause.


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