Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Defends Her Vogue Australia Cover

Pitch Perfect's Rebel Wilson had to do some damage control after posting her Vogue Australia cover photo.

Wilson just marked off one more thing from her "six impossible things before breakfast" list: be a successful comedian instead of a dramatic actress, meet and work with her heroes (Jennifer Saunders in Isn’t It Romantic, for example), design her own clothing line-Rebel Wilson X Angels—be a movie producer, and win $4.5 million out of the biggest defamation case in Australian history (thanks to her background in law). The sixth one and latest one, however, was to land herself on Vogue Australia's magazine's cover. She proudly shared "the most glamorous photo of her life" to her social media platforms:

The cover is used for Vogue Australia June 2018 issue. Rebel was styled in a stunning couture black dress with a floor-length brown coat. Many fans think that she looks stunning and inspiring in this picture.

But, as usual, many tried to point out that Vogue over-edited the photo in order to make dear Fat Amy slimmer. They accused Vogue of fixing Rebel's raw features, instead of only adding touches to make the photo more eye-catching.


Amid the stream of both positive and negative comments, Rebel responded to those who felt disappointed with her appearance on Vogue. She stated: "Nope, not slimmed down! I just ate healthy and exercised for the month before the shoot x but then immediately after ate brownies!" She also shut down further discussions about Vogue and their editing jobs by comparing a photo that she took from her own cellphone on the day of the shoot to the final retouched magazine's cover. Admittedly that there was some touch up here and there, but she basically showed the world that the two photos look largely the same.

Via Twitter

Many fans were glad that she decided to embrace a healthier diet and lost some weight during the process. Some still believed that she just tried to defend Vogue for overusing editing tools and they claim that she is no longer an influence now that she accepts photoshop.

Others still look at Wilson as a role model for raising her voice about self-love and defying standards of body-image, thought that Vogue didn't style her the right way. They said that Wilson's outfit covered her up completely while she should have celebrated her body as a plus-size model figure.

She commented on Instagram to calm her fans down, stating that Vogue didn't intend to make Rebel hide her curvy body by styling her in that big coat. She wrote: "At first I was a bit hesitant about this outfit because it was so much fabric but really was gorgeous to wear and I've never been photographed in anything so couture before, so I actually loved this outfit". She also mentioned that if one bought the issue, "there's a much more revealing dress in the magazine that is sheer on the whole legs."

No matter what, Rebel Wilson surely had fun on the set of Vogue Australia. The behind-the-scenes video was shared and she did look like she enjoyed every single minute of it.


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