The Most Expensive Red Carpet Looks Worn By The Kardashians

The Kardashians, once known as the family that is famous for being famous, has come a long way since their rise to the spotlight all those years ago. Now the Kardashian women, in particular, are making headway in the business world; Kim and Kylie with their makeup as well as Kendall with her modeling career. Once known for being famous for “nothing” these women have shown the world how it’s done especially since Kylie claimed the title of the youngest self-made billionaire at just 21. You can count on the entire family to slay and to look good doing it. These are their most expensive red carpet looks.

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10 Kendall Jenner – Elie Saab Haute Couture (2016)

Kendall Jenner is quite the model and fashionista, so it is no surprise to see that she shows up at the Cannes Film Festival in a fabulous gown from Elie Saab. For those who are unsure, “couture” refers directly to designer clothing that is made specifically for one person. With a net worth of about $30 million dollars, the not so pretty price on this piece made by Lebanese fashion designer Ellie Saab isn’t an issue for this model. On their website, dresses much less elaborate go for up to $10 000!

9 Kim Kardashian – Givenchy (2013)

In 2013, Kim Kardashian-West showed up at the Met Gala in a dress that some would say is fit for your grandmother’s couch. Kim, however, loved it; isn’t that all that matters? After doing some research on the designer clothing, couture from Givenchy can come as expensive as $500 000, beginning at $30 000. It’s so expensive that Givenchy only has about 4000 couture clients. It’s hard to say exactly where this particular gown lands in that range, but we do know one thing: Kim rocked that mom-belly in it!

8 Kylie Jenner – Atelier Versace (2019)

The Met Gala is a very important time of year. The annual fundraiser always attracts important people, dressed in their most extravagant and expensive outfits. Kylie Jenner did not hold back at this year’s Met Gala, showing up in a custom Versace gown with elaborate details and glorious feathered fringe. The gown was a beautiful mermaid silhouette, and she sparkled like the billionaire she is. At an estimate of almost 9 million dollars, the outfit (which included 15 karat diamonds) hugged her curves, showing off her amazing figure.

7 Kris Jenner – Tommy Hilfiger (2019)

Kris Jenner, known as the family ‘mom-ager’, has only attended a total of four Met Galas. This year, in 2019, she decided that this would be the year to wow everyone. The tabloids went absolutely crazy when Kris appeared in one of her daughter’s wigs—as a blonde!

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Apparently, Kylie was behind all of this, urging her mom to mix it up this year. The always professional Kris Jenner paired the blonde bob with a very stylish and sexy Tommy Hilfiger jumpsuit and the accompanying extravagant, fringed shawl.

6 Kim Kardashian – Kaufman Franco (2011)

At the Grammy Awards in 2011, Kim made her appearance in a sparkling gold low-cut gown—and channeled J-Lo in the process! This Kaufman Franco gown was hand and custom made just for Kim, fitting her body perfectly. Franco is recognized for their elegant and professional gowns. Even though their website does not show prices, outlets seem to sell their dresses for thousands of dollars, still. Kim styles this dress with a gold diamond encrusted snake bracelet from Lorraine Schwartz and her long wavy hair is perfectly styled to match the era.

5 Kendall Jenner – Cavalli Couture (2016)

The Italian designer Roberto Cavalli is known to come up with gorgeous and extravagant pieces, however, you pay a pretty penny for his couture; and rightfully so! Even the ready to wear outfits on his website can go for an average of $5000—the most expensive one being priced at $14,000. For the premiere of From the Land of the Moon, a movie released in 2016, Kendall showed up in a beautiful sheer gown. The dress showed all the right things, with black veins spreading throughout the dress with gold accents.

4 Kylie Jenner – Balmain Couture (2019)

At the Grammy Awards in February 2019, Kylie was on fire as she walked the red carpet wearing the ultimate power suit. Her Balmain Couture jumpsuit from the 2019 Spring/Summer collection was described as both fabulous and her most “un-Kylie” outfit she’s ever worn.

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The pink angular silhouette of the jumpsuit is very opposite to the “more skin is better” style that Kylie usually adheres to. French Designer Pierre Balmain is responsible for making some of the most beautiful haute couture with ready to wear outfits going for about $2000 to $4000.

3 Kris Jenner – Tommy Hilfiger (2019)

Kris Jenner seems to be a fan of Tommy Hilfiger, since this is two out of four times she’s worn the brand at a red carpet event. Jenner’s choice of a simple black gown covered in shining sequins at The Art of Elysium Heaven Gala in Los Vegas this year made headlines. The brand has been around since the '80s and is very well known, as most of their clothing is quite affordable. However, couture from Tommy Hilfiger himself won’t be as affordable, even though most of the clothes on the website do not hit $1000.

2 Kendall Jenner – Versace (2019)

For the Met Gala in 2019, it wasn’t just Kylie who had a feathered Versace look. Kendall attended the annual fundraiser looking like a million bucks with her bright orange feathered gown. The dress was very low cut, showing off the model's petit, tall frame and the bottom was fringed in an incredibly large number of feathers. Just like Kylie’s outfit for the same event, the jewelry is what made the outfit so unbelievably expensive. She accessorized with Tiffany & Co. jewels, which can go for tens of thousands of dollars on average.

1 Kim Kardashian – Balmain (2015)

At the BET awards, you have to pull out all the stops. That’s why Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet in this incredibly stunning Balmain Gown. The gown featured a very low cut, showing everything that needed to be shown, while also being modest enough to cover everything that needed to be covered. Of course, Kim great figure, with all of her curves made this dress look like it was made for her. She herself told style caster that it was one of her favorite outfits of the years of 2015 saying the gown made her feel “so chic”.

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