10 Most Expensive Outfits Meghan Markle Wore

Since Princess Diana, we haven’t seen a Royal family member drag so much attention. Meghan Markle, a former actress and Duchess of Sussex, seems to be always under the spotlight. A year after her wedding, there were rumors of a feud with Kate Middleton, her sister-in-law, and we often see her breaking the strict protocol.

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However, no matter what the occasion, she always shows up flawless in public, even during her pregnancy. Meghan Markle has a wardrobe fulfilled with the best designers in the world. Love or hate her, people have to admit she is one of the most important fashion icons of the decade.

10 Never as simple as it looks

Meghan Markle attended the Coach Core Awards, in September 2018. This is a Royal Foundation program created to improve education and employment opportunities through sports.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were playful and went on to the court to play netball. But don't expect Meghan to wear flats for the occasion.

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The Duchess showed up wearing a navy blue and black ensemble. The Oscar de la Renta blouse have cost $2,290 while the Altuzarra trousers are evaluated at $695. Of course, she was wearing a pair of black heels to match.

9 Casual, but never understated

What clothes would you choose if you were invited to attend a polo game? Probably jeans, comfy shoes, and a t-shirt, right? That is because you are not Meghan Markle.

In July 2018, she joined her husband to a Sentebale polo match in Windsor and showed us her definition of casual-chic looks. The Duchess chose a chic denim dress by Carolina Herrera, that cost an average price of $2,190.

She made the look her own by wearing a $587 Aquazzura pumps and a $88 woven clutch by J. Crew.

8 The princess-like dress

During the Australian Geographic Society Awards in 2018, Meghan Markle showed up wearing a dress that left no doubt she is a princess. It was also the most expensive dress she wore since she got married.

Oscar de la Renta designed the princess-like dress. The price? $12,816. The outfit features black bird embellishments all over it by designer Sarah Esmoingt. Her shoes, a black pair of Aquazzura "Deneuve Bow" bumps, have cost her $750.

Meghan Markle obviously takes the gown events seriously and does not mind to be outstanding. Looking at the pictures of the event, we can see that people were dressed modestly if compared to the Duchess.

7 Charity Done In Style

Meghan Markle is probably one of the most well dressed pregnant women we have seen in the last years. How she had the strength to still wearing high heels during pregnancy, we will never know.

In December, she visited a Royal Variety Charity's nursing and care home and chose a dress that put her baby bump in evidence.

The white floral dress designed by Brock Collection cost $1,480, matching with a $550 grey wool coat by Soia and Kyo. She also wore a $750 taupe Aquazzura Deneuve pumps, with a smashing purse by Wilbur and Gussie.

6 Her Christmas Best

In 2018, Meghan Markle had her first official Christmas as a Royal family member. And she was dressed for the occasion.

Meghan Markle wore a navy coat by Victoria Beckham, who is also a personal friend and have attended to her wedding that year.

Perhaps she got a discount due to her relationship with Victoria, but the official price of the cashmere coat is $3,085. The Duchess matched the coat with a black dress, black boots and a fascinator by Awon Golding. The price of the other pieces were not released, but they were probably quite expensive.

5 That Epic Roland Mouret gown

Meghan Markle is in use to red carpets and to be the center of the spotlights. And she looks very comfortable on formal events.

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In January, she showed up for a performance of Cirque du Soleil and chose a sparkling $5,595 gown by Roland Mouret. To match the dress she chose a $398 heels by Stuart Weitzman.

People are often comparing the Duchess style with Princess Diana and they found that her mother-in-law wore a similar dress almost three decades ago. Coincidently, she wore the same bracelet Diana wore with the dress.

4 Blushing In Pink

Actually, we often see Meghan Markle wearing pink outfits. She has also proved that she would not let go of her flawless style during her pregnancy. And we have never seen her looking less than perfect.

During a visit to the National Theatre in London in January, the Duchess showed up wearing a custom design by Brandon Maxwell, that cost approximately $2,621 and a matching blazer from the same designer that can be found for $2,260.

As for accessories, she chose a white Carolina Herrera purse and a $695 Matilde heels by Aquazzura.

3 Her Givenchy dress With the Queen By her side

When she started dating Harry, Meghan Markle received some critics due to her off-the-shoulder designers. She kept wearing them for a while, but after the wedding, we have seen her fashion choices change due to her new position. But it doesn't mean she will wear simple outfits and every time Meghan Markle appears, we have a new fashion statement.

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One month after her wedding, Meghan Markle had her first public event with Queen Elizabeth. Meghan chose a custom Givenchy dress for the occasion. The elegant dress has cost $18,000.

2 Her reception dress

Meghan Markle and Harry got married in May 2018. After the ceremony, both have changed outfits for their reception party. While the Prince chose a tuxedo, the Duchess of Sussex wore a classic Stella McCartney white dress.

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The outfit was evaluated on $157,000 and she looked nothing but gorgeous on her wedding day.

Unlike the wedding ceremony, that was broadcasted to the whole world, the reception was very exclusive and guests were requested to surrender their mobile phones before entering the party. Besides the Royal family members, there were A-list celebrities at the party, such as George Clooney and Serena Williams.

1 Her Wedding Dress

Every woman wants to look flawless when they walk into the aisle. And Meghan Markle is no different. The most expensive outfit we have seen her wearing was her wedding dress.

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The exclusive model, designed by Givenchy, had cost $265,000. The dress is being displayed in an exhibition in Edinburgh.

She also used a pair of very delicate Cartier earrings and an elegant diamond bracelet. Meghan also wore a priceless tiara borrowed from the Queen's collection.

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