20 Times The Kardashians Were Clearly Paid To Wear These Ugly Outfits

On an episode of the CBS show 2 Broke Girls, main characters Max and Caroline try to get Kim Kardashian to plug their cupcake shop. They soon binge on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and are addicted with Max remarking “we can’t stop watching them do nothing! This show is genius!” It showcases how amazing the Kardashians were in being able to take a scandalous tape of Kim and build it into a billion dollar empire. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are now world famous with a reality TV show, fashion lines and far more. They dominate as well in scandals with various marriages and relationships and anywhere they go, they get huge attention. That includes their outfits as fans love seeing the ladies rock some spectacular fashions and generally looking terrific.

But that’s not always the case. Quite often, the sisters go way too far in their outfits. They will pick stuff too revealing, too crazy and often times, just plain ugly. They will match it with weird hairdos and more to show off in the wrong ways far too often. That they wear them in public is one thing but considering some of these are for red carpet events, it’s amazing the sisters figure this is a great look for them. Here are 20 of the most outrageous outfits the Kardashians chose to wear in public and marvel at their style, good and bad.

20 Kim - Smurfette


This is just…weird. Kim is usually a brunette and it looks great on her. She does change it now and then to blonde which is a bit off but with a body like that, you can’t argue with her too much. But blue? That’s off beat way too much for her. But then she has to wear an outfit to match it which looks worse.

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You’ve got a sports bra top that shows her mid-riff and pants that look more like sweats. There’s also the fur jacket over it with an inner darker blue lining. And yes, she somehow found a pair of blue high heels to top the whole thing off. Maybe she thought it would be fun but instead, it’s a terrible bit looking like a kid dressed as Smurfette. Usually, any outfit can look great on Kim but sadly, this is a look that should have left her feeling very, very blue.

19 Khloe - Kaos


Amy Schumer joked that “Khloe was ours until she lost a Kendall in weight.” That notes how Khloe was a bit rougher in her style than others in the family and bounced around in bad outfits a lot.

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A clear case is the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, clad in a really bad dress that looks more like a tarp for a tent. The pattern is awful, seeming to mix a half dozen different animals in a bad pattern that makes your eyes hurt looking too close and the large belt doesn’t help. The cleavage is distracting with the long tie flowing down and in movement, it just looks horrible. Thankfully, Khloe has adjusted a bit better since but this shows why it was easy to mark her as the least stylish of the sisters, as the entire dress is just way too chaotic to really work properly.

18 Kylie - Eyes On Me

The Kardashians enjoy having all eyes on them, that’s no secret. But do they have to take it literally? Objectively, Kylie Jenner is a very pretty girl, but she takes it way too over the top way too many times in a month, or in a week. Or in a day. This look was no exception.

The actual dress itself is really nice, that's the worst part. It's a beige color, it's right but not too tight, she would actually look good in it. But her bright pink hair, and way too big fur coat offsets the entire thing, making it look just awful. Her hair doesn't even look healthy, if you look towards the bottom of her strands. They look dead and unhealthy. The whole look is a no go for us.

17 Kim - Sheer Disaster

Finding a Kim K photo of her in a sheer dress that is actually suitable for people to look at without their eyes burning is trouble in and of itself. Every time she wears a sheer outfit, she either ditches undergarments, or it's so tight that it looks like it's going to break and tear right over her skin. Kim, let it go. You're a mother, tone down the skin to clothes ratio.

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This outfit, though less sheer (although, you could still see way too much after you get past the hips), is just a disaster. The frills at the bottom, the mess of fur over the shoulders? How is she even comfortable like that? It's impossible that she gets up, puts that on and thinks to herself: okay, this is a good idea. I just refuse to believe it.

16 Kylie - Silver Style

This is a case of an outfit that might have looked good trying it on at home but not as fun when it’s actually worn on the red carpet. For a big NBC/E! event, Kylie comes out in what could have been a gorgeous silver gown, lovely patterns and shining well. However, how it comes off on her body is a bad look.

First, it appears she cut the upper part in half so you’ve got silver coverings on her neck and shoulders before a bare upper chest. The sleeves flow into the main dress with too much cleavage and the odd “belt” across it. There’s also the bizarre bit of a slit at her hip but then attached covering to the rest of the dress. The slit for a leg is good but the other cuts are just strange and thus the entire thing comes off showing too much skin to be impressive. Had she covered herself up more, Kylie could have been a beautiful sight but the cuts make it too much.

15 Kim - Ivy

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Kim at Halloween is always a sight. She’s worn outfits that are beautiful, from super-heroines to a few historical figures and knows how to rock them nicely. But this has to rank as one of her wildest. She takes on iconic Batman villainess Poison Ivy, well known for her control of plant life and a kiss that is literally to die for. The redhead is a favorite of cosplayers but Kim takes it a new level.

The green costume is ultra-tight on her and there are just way too many leaves. We also get plenty of leg with a vine trailing down to it and her red wig billows far down her shoulders. Then there’s the green mask highlighting her eyes and nearly a tiara on its own. Again, any outfit by Kim at Halloween is something to marvel at, but this definitely adds a unique touch to Harley.

14 Kendall & Kylie - Wild Red

The duo are popular, complete with their own E! reality show and running their own clothing line. However, their own decisions in wardrobe can often be a bit off. For this European music festival, the duo were also co-hosts and thus had to stand out.

Kendall comes out in a wild white gown marked with various bright sequinned patterns and slits that go all the way to her hip. One wrong step can billow up to show that she’s clearly lacking in undergarments. Kylie is a bit more covered but her wild orange dress is designed to flaunt skin on her own along with her legs. To her credit, her haircut and face look very alluring and exotic but it contrasts the actual outfit too much. They would change outfits a few times during the show but this is a clear case of less being more as the gals could have done more to tone it down.

13 Kylie - Fruit Roll-Up


Often, Kylie can have a better dress sense than her sisters. This is not one of those times. While on a Paris trip, it looks for all the world like Kylie is dressed up like a giant fruit roll-up. Blonde is not a good color on her, she fits much better with darker hair so it’s already off.

The dress is just ugly, the dark red and bright pink a terrible clash with the red jacket. There’s also the way the leather looks like the famed candy/fruit treat to the point you expect her to tear off a piece to chew on. She’s in New York, a town used to high fashion but this is not her best work. The lady really should have tried to get a different pattern or fabric to show off better than an outfit, instead of something that looks like it should be on a wrapper of a candy.

12 Kim - Caged In


Here’s another example of Kim’s tendency to take outfits and mix them up for terrible results. First, you have an ensemble that is closer to terrible gym wear more than anything. Then there’s wearing a large fur coat over them which is a huge contrast. But then she tops it off by taking a bizarre black net over it, which definitely does not belong with the outfit (or any outfit, really).

Thus, you clearly see what’s underneath and it makes you almost think that she was wearing a full dress that somehow turned partly invisible. It really resembles a strange bird cage in a way, an outfit you can’t believe she would wear at any time, let alone going out on the street. Mixing it with the fur coat just seems horrible. She is a beautiful lady with a great body but this shows she goes way too far flaunting it for everyone.

11 Kylie, Khloe & Kendall -"Casual" Wear

The Coachella Music Festival is a big event as celebrities flock to the California desert to enjoy a bevy of great acts. The festival encourages ladies to cut loose in outfits and this sure has the sisters doing that. They actually tweeted about this being their “casual” wear which makes you wonder what they think casual is.

Kylie, of course, is the eye-catcher in what looks like a very sheer covering over a bathing suit, shades and a bizarre hairdo with white streaks. Kendall is clad in a tight t-shirt flaunting his own mid-riff and ultra-short-shorts, her hair seemingly in cornrolls. Then there’s Khloe who looks like she’s attending an entirely different event in a dark grey dress which is a total contrast to the wilder outfits of her sisters. That this is their idea of “casual” wear is just remarkable, a bizarre mix even for Coachella and maybe a little coordination could have helped.

10 Kim - Bathrobe

There’s really no other way to put it: It looks like a fancy bathrobe. For the 2015 Grammy Awards, a key night for music, Kim had just tweeted about embracing a new wardrobe and style for that year. So she came out in what she called a Jean Paul Gaultier creation that she chose because she liked the way it sparkled. And yes, the sparkles and sequins do look nice. But come on, it just looks like a very elaborate bathrobe you’d expect to be hanging in Kim’s closet.

The flower patterns on the shoulders and cuffs are distracting but nothing compared to the ensemble as a whole. In fact, the thing looks like it’s one tiny clasp from falling wide open and showing off more than anyone wants to see. Whatever happened to good old fashion dresses, Kim?

9 Kylie - Zip It Up

The American Music Awards are known for some pretty wild fashions from the actors and musicians around. But Kylie proved her own unique eye-catching style with this wild dress. Once more, it looks like she took a regular outfit and decided to slice it up with the zippers spread about. So she took this leather outfit and has it with shoulders bare as well as most of her back and flowing about her sides.

We have slits up her legs and the chain motif really does look like she tore out a bunch of zippers and stapled them on. Her hair looks okay with bangs but even Kim would have a hard time pulling this outfit off. Perhaps even the solid black could have worked but adding in the “zippers” just throws it off and the upper forearm “cuffs” don’t work as well as she may think. Hardly the worst outfit to ever hit the AMA red carpet but still not Kylie’s best look.

8 Khloe & Kim - Zebra Style


Zebras are lovely animals. They are amazing, fantastic, beautiful creatures and thus it’s no surprise designers put together clothes based on them. But these are not two styles that should be emulated.

For this E! Network event, Khloe comes out looking really rough in a zebra pattern with thigh-high leather boots. The dress goes to her neck and it just looks garish. That’s made worse by being next to Kim, whose own zebra-style is no better, but she supports a thick black belt-like motif around the waist. It too goes to her neck and also looks poor. The fact is, both outfits are already an eyesore on their own but when put together, it’s a horrible motif and just doesn’t work when they’re together. It really resembles one of those “Magic Eye” things and not in a good way. These two better not be wearing them in the wild or some hunters might get the wrong idea…

7 Kylie - Purple Napkins

Now it’s known some outfits can have a rather unique style to them and make use of interesting fabrics. But it sometimes comes off a bit much and sometimes looks bad.

In this case, Kylie is showing up at a Marie Claire event, a place you expect some good styles. The purple color itself is good and would have been fine with a different design. Instead, it looks for all the world like Kylie’s designer just stitched a bunch of napkins together and called it a dress. The whole thing just looks bad. A different type of fabric might have helped even with the skin showing but it just looks better suited for a cheap tablecloth than a hot dress and even the stylish Kylie can’t make it work. The whole outfit should have been tossed out.

6 Khloe - Thigh-High


Granted, Khloe had a rough style before losing a bunch of weight. But this is still more akin to a trailer park than a rich lady trying to make it in fashion. The top is way too tight on her. The jean shorts are cut so high up, you’re amazed it doesn’t just turn into a bathing suit.

Then there’s the boots which go all the way up past her thighs and frankly she is not tall enough to pull it off. The coat over the top doesn’t help or the shades and she just looks like someone going to the local Wal-Mart rather than a posh Beverly Hills store. Khloe has had ups and downs in weight over the years but outfits such as this do not help sell her as a lady you should be taking fashion tips from in any way.

5 Kim - Bad Mix

Leave it to Kim to take two terrible fashion choices and make them look even worse by putting them together. Okay, maybe that's a little mean, because the jacket maybe is kind of nice.

But what is going on with that dress? It looks like it's having trouble being a dress! There's no form to it, it just flows awkwardly in the wind, cut at all the wrong parts, long but short, and has no sense of 'wow' to it, unless your thought is 'wow, that thing is ugly'. This is not even a casual, fun, summer look. It's just terrible in general. Don't look so freggin' sly there Kim, because you don't look as good as you think. Seriously, who comes up with these dresses?

4 Kendall & Kylie - Coachella

The Coachella music festival is known for ladies going wild in fantastic outfits. But leave it to Kendall & Kylie to take that to a new measure. In 2017, the sisters hosted a “Winter Bumberland” party at a mansion just outside the music fest with a winter theme, complete with ice around the pool. The ladies seemed decked out in some rather…interesting outfit choices.

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Kendall is clad in a silver top that seems to flow into silver sleeves under a striped shawl with pants that look more like someone took a towel and cut it into something to wear. The huge hat and necklaces around her neck look worse. Kylie appears to have taken a stylish print dress and cut into sections of one shoulder covered, bare mid-riff and shorts. Her purple hair is a wild touch as is the necklace. The two are probably fun to hang around but this rather nutty pair of dresses must have been a sight even for a wild party.

3 Khloe - Ten-Hut!


One has to wonder if Khloe thought she was going to an audition for a remake of Private Benjamin. That classic comedy has Goldie Hawn as a spoiled rich girl who enlists in the army, thinking it’ll be a romp and quickly finds out it’s a lot tougher than she thinks. It has to be the only reason why Khloe thinks walking out in this ensemble is a good idea.

Wearing a camouflage style jacket is one thing but pants to match when you’re not really in the military is something else. Then there’s her horrible hair, the ultra-tight curls looking ridiculous when mixed with the outfit, and high heeled boots which really don't match the rest of the outfit at all. That she’s standing next to valet parking just makes it all crazier and the entire ensemble deserves a dishonourable discharge.

2 Kim - Matching Set


It’s all too common for mothers to dress their daughters like them for a day out. But t-shirts and jeans are one thing. Decking your toddler in a gown that probably costs more than some cars is another. True, the outfit is a lovely silver dress that shines well but it looks more like something for an A-list event than just going out with your daughter.

Having her in the exact same dress is something else as, frankly, the little girl can’t quite pull off the glamour. The fact she’s in tennis shoes throws it off a bit although it may be good Kim didn’t give her heels at that age. More than a few have noted concern over North being pushed to take after her mother a bit too much and this is a key example. Sure, you can enjoy the look but going out like this with your kid is just a tad much.

1 Kim - American Pride


There’s nothing wrong with showing a little pride in your country. But you can go really overboard for it. For a 4th of July party, Kim decides that wearing the flag is a great idea to honor her nation but it doesn’t come off as anything but horrible.

The top is basically a swimsuit barely fitting over her body with matching flag shorts. There’s a flag-covered star settled on her shirt and even a star-spangled fanny pack. Topping it all off is a “Merica” cap that looks better suited for some cliché NASCAR audience. The whole thing comes off more as a parody of some rah-rah patriotic type than actually working and flaunting her body way too much. Again, nothing wrong with honoring the nation but Kim goes too over the top dressing up in the flag to the point of driving folks away.

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