Watch The Throne: 10 Most Expensive Timepieces In Jay-Z's Collection

Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but his taste in lavish items isn’t one of them! The rapper, entrepreneur, and producer owns quite a few luxurious things. Whether it’s his yacht or a private jet that can take him anywhere in the world, the hip-hop mogul is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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Born Shawn Carter, the 49-year old has dominated the entertainment industry in terms of style, but in a surprising twist, many fans are interested in the collection of watches that have graced the artist’s arm. Since his rise to fame, Jay-Z has been seen flashing some pretty shiny watches while serenading fans with his thought-provoking lyrics. His love for watches is even evident in his songs and he constantly makes references to certain pieces he owns: "Yuh! 100 million crib, three million watch. All facts."

Here are the 10 most expensive timepieces Jay-Z owns.

10 Hublot Big Bang

This dazzling timepiece was given to Jay-Z as a surprise birthday gift from his wife of 11 years, singer and songwriter, Beyonce. This custom watch that the rapper received on his 43rd birthday, took over 14 months to create and contains 1282 diamonds. Also, some of the world's most highly skilled jewelers were recruited to make this piece. Reportedly, Mrs. Carter paid $5,000,000 for this one-of-a-kind watch and unfortunately, it's not on the market.

9 Richard Mille RM 027

The hip-hop icon is reportedly a huge fan of Richard Mille, so it is no surprise that he owns this luxurious watch created by the popular Swiss brand. The RM027 model that Jay-Z owns is actually the 50 special edition, the original was created during a collaboration with tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal.

Also known as the "Blueprint," this watch, which also took 3,000 hours to make, was priced at $800,000 when it was released, and like most of Richard Mille's pieces, it is hard to come by.

8 Shawn Carter By Hublot

This Hublot piece is quite special because it's a product of a collaboration between Jay-Z and one of his other favored brands. The Shawn Carter Hublot, which as released in 2013, comes in two varieties: a black ceramic model and yellow gold.

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There were only 250 black ceramic Hublots created, and as for the yellow gold, only 100 were released. Though this brand is limited, it can be purchased online, the black ceramic for $6,000 and the yellow gold for $15,000.

7 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Another iconic Swiss brand that has been a long-time favorite of Jay-Z's is Audemars Piguet. The rapper was honored for his adoration of the brand in 2006 when AP created the Royal Oak Offshore 10th Anniversary Jay-Z edition. Only 100 timepieces were released at the time of its creation with 50 made in stainless steel, 30 created in rose gold, and 20 designed in high-end platinum. This item may be hard to obtain but the pre-owned rose gold piece can be bought at $40,000 and the platinum watch can be purchased at $55,000.

6 Rolex Perpetual Calendar – Franck Muller Configuration

The Rolex brand is a beloved brand by many. Rolex is a well-known name when it comes to timepieces, as a matter of fact. It's no surprise that the owner of Roc-a-Fella nation would own a few models designed by this sought after brand. Jay-Z debuted the Perpetual Calendar brand when he received the President's Merit Award at the Pre-Grammy Gala in 2018. The watch features a full calendar dial function and a self-winding movement. Unfortunately, anyone looking for this classic piece, created by watchmaker Frank Mueller, won't be able to find it as it is a rare, special edition.

5 Rolex President Day Date White Roman Dial

Another Rolex item that Jay-Z has sported quite often is the President Day Date White Roman Dial. This President Day Date Rolex timepiece comes in yellow gold and platinum, which Jay-Z just so happens to own. Out of all the watches Mr. Carter owns, this one makes him truly feel like a "baller." It could be because of the watch's status. Plus, the Day Date watch is the most recognizable. The Rolex can be purchased for $17,790.

4 Patek Phillippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar

This prestigious watch is a member of the Patek Phillippe brand, another high-end watch company that is a favorite of the infamous rapper. The Nautilus piece is considered to be a bit more "complicated" due it's structure. The watch shows the planisphere of the northern hemisphere and also the differens phases of the moon. This watch, which is stainless steel and white, is not as flashy as its other competitors, however it's a must own for any avid watch collector. The Nautilus Perpetual Calendar is currently sold out, but there is a waiting-list you can join.

3 Jaeger Lecoultre Grande Reverso Duoface

While this watch isn't always seen on the "It's a Hard Knock Life" rappers arm, it still is a very elegant piece that steals the scene. The rose-gold, Grande Reverso Duoface, is a tribute to the 1931 original design. Whenever the multi-millionaire is spotted wearing this  fancy piece, it's with a dressy black or white tuxedo. If anyone with oodles of cash is interested in collecting this item, the price for it is $10,990.

2 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

“I don’t got the bright watch, I got the right watch.” This Rolex timepiece is another laid-back, less flashy watch that can be worn for any regular occasion, but it is still another one of the most sought-after pieces. The Cosmograph Daytona is the first Rolex to sport the ceramic bezel and can be seen on Jay-Z's wrist when he's out with his wife or meeting with friends. Available either in white or black ceramic bezel, the casual watch is available for purchase for $22,900.

1 Rolex GMT Masters II

While there hasn't been a confirmation as to if Mr. Carter owns this watch, it is rumored that the Rolex GMT Masters II was given to the sound engineers that worked on the collaboration album, Watch The Throne. The album brought together the musical geniuses of the Grammy-award winning rapper and his colleague, Kanye West. Apparently, the duo gave these out as a thank you to the hard-working engineers that kept the successful album from being pirated. Perhaps the rappers kept a timepiece for themselves as well.

The GMT Masters watch was originally created to help aid airline pilots but now it is now is an in-demand item many world travelers are seeking to get their hands on. The watch shows two different time zones and is priced at $12,995.

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