Jared Leto's 10 Best Fashion Moments (And 10 That Gave Us Second Hand Embarrassment)

Jared Leto is somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to showbiz and he has kept up this multi-talented powerhouse of performance for more than 20 years now. When Jared arrived in Los Angeles in 1992, he actually intended to live in Hollywood in order to make a career as a director and started to take acting roles on the side to fund it and no doubt make connections. After a series of small TV bit parts, Leto was cast as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life, starring alongside future Homeland star, Claire Danes and although cancelled after one season, it had a cult following and led to a TV movie alongside Alicia Silverstone. In 1997, his breakthrough came when he portrayed Steve Prefontaine and in the following year he founded Thirty Seconds to Mars with his brother Shannon.

A series of roles in hit films like Girl, Interrupted, Fight Club, American Psycho and Requiem for a Dream, combined with musical success and a role in Panic Room helped make Jared Leto a star. He did eventually begin to direct films and music videos and when he returned to acting, Leto’s commitment to the part as a method actor won him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyers Club. Thirty Seconds to Mars also hold the world records for the longest tour in rock music history and this year he starred in the successful Blade Runner sequel, showing his acting versatility. But for all this success, he can be quite hit and miss style-wise.

20 Oscars Outfit

Anyone with at least a passing interest in fashion knows that style is very much a tightrope walk, especially for celebrities. Have an epic fashion fail on the red carpet and not only will the eyes of other celebs cringe, but the faux pas will be pap snapped across the world!

Where Jared Leto is concerned, the man’s fashion is a very mixed bag and he is known to sport as many crazy outfits as he does stylish ones, and this one certainly falls into the stylish category. Nowhere is elegance called for more than the Oscars. For the Academy Awards Jared sported a suit edged with red to match the red carpet, with one weird addition, a flower as a bow tie, why not?

19 GQ Awards Where He Missed The Cue

Jared Leto seems to have a little bit of a thing for Gucci, but there is a fine line between love and obsession, or becoming a victim of whatever that brand creates.

A fashion victim is a term that describes a person that wears something from the label they love no matter how good or bad the clothes look, seeing the label instead of the style. This is exactly what Jared Leto falls prey to on many occasions but to do this at the GQ Style Awards in 2017 seems a huge misfire, especially as there are many people around celebrating the stylish. But wearing the Gucci suit that is completely plaid is definitely a bold statement, way too bold!

18 Singer In A Sequin Coat

INGLEWOOD, CA - AUGUST 27: (L-R) Tomo Milicevic, Shannon Leto and Jared Leto of music group Thirty Seconds to Mars attend the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Flamboyance and musicians often go hand-in-hand, David Bowie was a perfect example of this and there are plenty of others that push the boundaries into weirdness, like Sia and Lady Gaga for example.

Jared Leto is a male version of these musicians and although he has yet to wear a meat dress like Lady Gaga, he has turned up to the VMAs in a jacket that would not look out of place on a kid’s party magician. However, for a flamboyant rock star set to perform at that awards function, his outfit works and is a score for the outlandish in sartorial oddities that Jared often wears.

Where did he go to sport this elongated jacket? Well, to Gucci obviously, where else?

17 Curtain Coat Number One

Sometimes fashion is so bizarre that most normal people will wonder how in the hell would anyone think it is okay to put that on, stand in front of a mirror and think: “this looks great?” The reason for this is two things, one is that the name goes a long way and the second is that the price makes it stand out more than its appearance does.

But when people like to make more than a little statement with their fashion choices, such as Jared Leto, they often make sure that their style goes hand-in-hand with making quite a shock. This seems exactly what the singer appears to be doing when turning up at Suicide Squad premiere, wearing a coat that looks like it was sewn from a pair of curtains!

16 Dressed Down Days

Every day can be enough of a drag as it is and sometimes even the most fashionably adventurous need to take a break from the weirdness of high fashion every now and again. Those kinds of days when it is just a case of being lazy and there is nothing to do but relax and maybe head out to do something boring and normal, such times when there is absolutely no need to don a stupidly weird outfit like a coat from old-fashioned curtains.

It is on these dressed down days that Jared Leto looks more normal and oddly more stylish in simple jeans and a hoodie. The simple style look proves the old saying that “all that glitters is not gold,” especially when it comes to coats, Jared!

15 Horrible Holographic Haute Couture

Modern technology allows us to achieve all sorts of feats and wonders, permitting people to witness sights that they may never have otherwise laid eyes on. Although this idea and ability does not always equal a good thing. Especially, when a hologram sports some dreadful fashion that projects painfully across the room into people’s eyes, it is better to remain stuck in the past.

When Jared Leto attended last year’s San Diego Comic-Con to promote the new sequel to Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, he showed up in a unique manner, appearing as a hologram reminiscent of the movie. His choice of clothes for the appearance was as odd as usual, wearing a sky blue shirt with pink trousers, looking like a strange cult leader from the 80s, good for Gucci!

14 The Joker In A Tux

Jared Leto has a varied amount of talents when it comes to the performing arts, he is a hard-core method actor, going so far as to lose weight for roles and to live with a different community for Dallas Buyers Club. He also injects a great deal of passion into his live performances and music with Thirty Seconds to Mars, so Leto was an obvious fit to play The Joker in Suicide Squad.

He certainly has the dedication to pull it off and it is a role that Heath Ledger left his mark on, but Jared made his mark too alright. And posing as the legendary comic book super villain in a tuxedo, he looked surprisingly suave, even with a pale face and lurid green hair!

13 Oh Captain, My Captain!

Forget the old-fashioned saying that less is more, which has been true from Chanel’s Little Black Dress to a white t-shirt and jeans. A smooth and simple statement of clothing and fashion can go a long way, and just one good addition can make an outfit pop when previously it was just normal.

Every so often, Jared Leto does manage to pull off this balance between the understated and the unusual, adding just a dash of flair to an everyday outfit to make it stand out and outstanding. When he added a large blue overcoat to jeans and a t-shirt, and admittedly some garish silver sneakers, although it looks like he raided an admiral’s wardrobe, it worked to add some class to his ensemble.

12 Green Coats And Ham

No that is not the title of some alternative version of the Dr Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham, it is in fact what springs to mind when looking at this terrible wardrobe choice of Jared Leto.

So taken was the actor with the coat when he saw it at a fashion show, that he hunted it down and wore the coat himself, outside, with lots of cameras flashing! Not only did Jared think it was a good idea to sport a long, bright, pea green coat, he capped off the look with some equally bright pink trousers pulled up high enough to show his white socks and his ankles, risky and head scratching style indeed!

11 Paring Down Pair Of Clothes

It has been established several times that on many occasions less is more, so when going for something to wear, the simple understated level of style wins all the time hands down over the flashy, weird and eye watering! Sometimes even pioneers of the shocking wardrobe such as Jared Leto need to every now and again, and take a break from the oddities of eye clashing clothes!

Nothing works better than for the simple clean elements of fashion than a white shirt and some jeans, finished off with some nice black and white checkered shoes. For an actor and rock star with the boyish good looks, Jared makes this simple outfit pop nicely with the touch of sunglasses and swept back hair.

10 Clash Of The Colors

It is not since the 70s that many people have been seen wearing such garish colors that draw the eye in the same way that people get tempted to look directly at the sun. It is not really a look that many people wish to bring up or readily remember in a hurry, but there are many famous people who forget what fashion is, it just slips their mind now and then.

Jared Leto is a bit like a temperamental baseball player, sometimes he socks homers out of the park, other times he’ll miss the swing completely. This outfit demonstrates one of the occasions he missed, wearing such mismatched shades that people would probably have to squint, with a pair of green curtains and bright blue floral decorated slacks!

9 Turning Back The Clock

Good fashion is timeless and whether he is sporting a kimono type ensemble in Blade Runner 2049 to a toned down suit with a touch of flair like the Oscars suit he wore, Jared has shown he can get it right.

A good suit can go a thousand miles and always makes a guy look great, turning Mr Average into a very handsome, well-groomed and frankly extremely cool appearance. Nowhere was this more true than in the golden age of the suit, the Edwardian Era of the beginning of the 20th century and as Jared Leto has a yen for going against the grain, his sporting of this cream tail coated suit is new and edgy, even if the fashion is from way in the past.

8 What Is This?

Perhaps it is the plain door behind him that frames the photo, but probably not. There are plenty of crazy thoughts that enter a person’s head when they see this picture, is he dressing like this for a dare? Does he have a personal taste for trying to fit as many lurid colors into one outfit as he possibly can?

Who knows. Does Jared Leto even know what he is doing when he opens the wardrobe before going out? Probably not, maybe there is a monster in his closet that throws clothes at him, but enough guesses. He was still seen out and snapped in this outfit of a pink coat, yellow trousers, silver sneakers and a silvery-white sweater with a red stripe, oh my!

7 No Joke-r Style

Shooting a movie does not happen quickly, a big budget Hollywood film is something that costs tens of millions of dollars and has a crew with hundreds of people, and sometimes it can last for years at a time.

When someone is very committed to the part, they tend to live it and Jared Leto is well known for being a method actor. It definitely has its ups and downs and for him, it involved bright green hair as The Joker. Oddly Jared Leto can pull off the bright green hairstyle with ease, probably because he knows how to be edgy, add that hair to a punky tank top and jeans, proving once more that adding style and fashion is more of a simple thing, with a dash of flair here and there.

6 Curtain Coat Part Two

Huge coats are not necessarily a thing when living in Los Angeles, as in that they are usually unnecessary, given that there were forest fires around the city just before Christmas last year, but who needs to be sensible when Gucci will literally throw something at you and call it fashion?

Is this what someone at Gucci has been doing all along, just seeing how far they can get Jared Leto has a kind of a love for the kind of coat that looks like it was created out of curtains, as he sported one that appeared in blue and just in case he has one in red, just so he can co-ordinate between the two shades.

5 Red Coat Cool

Sometimes a bold color is able to work and is capable of making a bland piece of clothing or ensemble striking. Mixing the kind of fashion choices that usually do not go together often works great, it is always a matter of getting the level of clash right so that the two or more items stand out in their own way to highlight them and not have your body as a battlefield with competing shades!

So the best way of doing this is usually with muted versions of color so as not to overpower everything and all people see is a walking fashion nuclear reactor! Jared Leto though pulls off this red coat with his understated layers well though, which would be better if he did more often, would not have made this list!

4 Flower Power?

Flowers are pretty and they look nice under a blue sky and golden sun, swaying gently in the wind in a peaceful meadow, or in someone’s front yard too. A nice vase of flowers also sets off a room with color, peace, a great sense of smell and some oxygenating freshness to the surrounding air.

Floral patterns can be popular in fashion and they often are seen on the elderly as opposed to a famous movie and rock star but no one expects anything regular from the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman. Wearing a pink floral shirt accompanied with some bright red trousers is more clownish than cool, especially as the shirt seems to belong on an old woman, but hey, he is famous, he can wear what he wants!

3 Very Well Suited

A well-tailored, muted and finely cut suit or tuxedo goes a hell of a long way and it always makes the best of a bad wardrobe situation. Jared Leto looks as though he sometimes enjoys a moment of buttoned down class between the moments of madness that is his  overstated clothing.

A perfect example is with this suit here, a cool tuxedo that is able to highlight the smooth and easy good looks of the talented rocker and actor. Of course, just because one is wearing a dark suit and conforming to the black tie, does not mean the black tie cannot be infused with a hint of color, right? As the addition of the pink shirt and bow tie demonstrates.

2 Thirty Seconds To… Lower His Arms

Rock stars have always had the most out there wardrobes and are known for weird styles, starting with David Bowie when his music in the early 70s became twinned with his persona Ziggy Stardust, and Marc Bolan and all of the glam rock stars. Not to mention the bizarre lengths that people went to in the 1980s, such as mullets for example, and nothing justifies a mullet.

However, Jared Leto goes to extreme lengths with his style. There is such a thing as a poncho or perhaps even bloated sleeves, but it seems that in this Thirty Seconds to Mars performance it seems that Jared is attempting to make some kind of flying contraption. Imagine how long Jared would have to take his arms down, so maybe he can take launch.

1 Punky To Preppy

Jared Leto is very much a chameleon and can turn his look to any type of style when he needs to do so. He demonstrates this when he gets far more creative and goes often over the edge into the weirdness and oddities of weirdly clashing clothes of varying identities, coupled with an unhealthy love for Gucci.

But with this example of his ensemble, Jared Leto looks like a frat bro right from the past from his role in American Psycho, an extremely preppy outfit of a blue jacket that looks like velvet complete with an emblem. He sets this off very well with some black jeans and some high tops finished off white turtle neck sweater, capped off with dyed blonde hair, he resembles a different person from the long haired rocker look.

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