Ikea Store Helps Stray Dogs Get Out Of The Cold

Ikea is helping dogs out in the cold weather.

In Sicily, Italy, there are plenty of stray dogs. They wander the streets looking for food and they have a pretty tough life. It gets even harder in winter when it is very cold outside. It is difficult for them to find a warm place to sleep and many of them die from the effects of the inclement weather.

Forbes reports that an Ikea store in Sicily opened its doors to let these stray dogs come in, to get out of the cold. The story made global news because it opens our hearts. The dogs have a nice place to stay to get food and water. The dogs are amazingly well-behaved. It is like they know they are special guests and treat the opportunity with great respect. The customers of this Ikea store are encouraged to adopt them to give them a permanent home.



Ikea has always been a company that takes social responsibility seriously. Like many of us, they have a fondness for dogs. In Germany, People reports that the Ikea stores have a dog “parking” lot. German people love their dogs and take them along everywhere they go. It is quite common to see dogs in any German restaurant calmly sitting under the table, waiting for a nice morsel to eat from their owner’s leftovers.

The UK’s RSPCA says that dogs can die quickly where left in a parked car from the heat. It does not even have to be that hot outside. Even in outside weather as mild as 71ºF (22ºC), the interior heat of a vehicle can rise to a deadly 116ºF (47ºC) in less than one hour. Ikea solved this problem by installing the dog parking lot in front of its German stores. Now dog owners can take their time shopping for new furniture while their best-friend is safely enjoying a rest outside.

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The dog parking spaces have a comfortable platform covered with fake grass and plenty of water to drink from an automatic-water system. There is a place to tether the dogs so they will not wander away. Security staff monitors the area using video surveillance. The German Ikea customers love this kindness. Ikea also offers many choices for pet furniture so it is good for the company’s sales as well.

In places where regulations do not allow the furniture store to have animals inside, Ikea places large promotional advertisements of dogs that are available for adoption from a local animal shelter. The company also supports the shelters with donations.

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Ikea was founded by Ingvar Kamprad who lived to be 91 years old. We applaud companies like this that set such a great example as a corporate role model. Way to go Ikea! Happy dog holidays for all.


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