Clothing Company Creates Stylish Compression Socks For Frequent Flyers

For frequent flyers, compression socks are something to seriously consider buying to help bring down swelling on your feet. But some refuse to wear them because they're seen as ugly articles of clothing despite their proven benefits.

Fortunately, Item m6 has you covered with their new line of clothing. But they didn't just make compression socks — they also made tights, shapewear, and leggings that feature the same idea. Each piece is simple but stylish, coming in black or nude to help make them look like nylons or regular socks. This means that you can wear clothing that'll benefit your body without making you look drab — or giving away to others that they contain compression technology.

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If you're someone who travels for more than four hours on a regular basis—be it for work or pleasure—your risk of getting a blood clot increases more than in someone who doesn't travel as much, according to Travel + Leisure. That can lead to fatal consequences, which is why compression socks are vital in stopping them from happening in the first place. This is because they promote proper circulation throughout your entire body, including your feet. They're mostly recommended for those that travel by plane, but they'd also benefit those that use other methods of transportation extensively.

There are many other benefits to wearing compression socks while traveling. This includes preventing so-called "spider veins"—gross-looking veins that occur due to backed-up blood inside the legs—to appear on the body. Wearing compression socks will stop you from developing spider veins, again promoting good blood circulation. They also help with fatigue, cramping, and swelling that occur while traveling.

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Item m6's line of compression wear is sleek while boosting some serious benefits to the human body. If you are a frequent flyer who's also concerned with having good style while traveling, then Item m6's line of compression footwear will perfectly fit all of your needs.

You can purchase Item m6's line of compression wear on their website, as well as online or in-store through large retailers such as Nordstrom or Bloomingdales.


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