Emma Watson's Most Expensive Looks, Ranked

Ever since fans first laid eyes upon her in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone, the love for Emma Watson has been ever-growing. It's not just the fact that she's such a wonderful actress that seems to compel people to be so caught up on the young actress; she's highly educated, elegant to an extreme, and often uses her platform to speak out on issues that affect not only her, but communities across the globe.

Watson's passion for doing good has quickly extended to the realms of fashion. She's been extremely vocal about wanting to support brands that are sustainable and ethical, endorsing several of these small fish over the years. This, however, doesn't mean Emma isn't a superstar. She still turns very expensive and opulent looks every time she appears in public. Curious? Let's take a peek at ten of Emma Watson's most expensive looks!

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10 2016 Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit - $1,522.9

Back in 2016, Emma Watson schooled everyone at the Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit on the proper way to attend an event such as this one. Dressed in black from head to toe, the young actress kept in elegant and classic, in a way only she knows how. It did come out o the expensive side, though!

The dress alone is the most pricey of all the pieces. The KITX Velvet Painterly Dress clocks in at $1,335, and the SUSI Hey Simone Sandals retail for $185. Surprisingly enough, the cheapest piece was a black velvet choker from Forever 21, that you can get for only $2.90.

9 Body Chain For Days - $1,790

When it comes to opulence and spending those hard-earned dollar signs, it's a common pattern amongst celebrities that dresses and other pieces of clothing are seldom the items where they tend to spend the highest amounts of money. Most of the times, outfits are actually borrowed from stylists.

The real expenses come in the form of luxurious accessories, like bags and, of course, jewelry. Emma Watson is no stranger to this fact. When it was time to make an appearance in the 2014 British Fashion Awards, she looked beautiful in white... and in her Jacquie Aiche 1 Diamond Bezel Body Chain, that costs $1,790!

8 2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards - $2,544.5

The MTV Movie and Television Awards are always a great chance for celebrities to look good, but also to add some edgy elements that aren't always perceived with great eyes when it comes to other high profile events, such as the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes. Overall, it's a more relaxed and fun environment.

Three years ago, when Emma Watson attended the event, she made sure to bring her own signature elegant style with a little extra rock star vibes. She sported her a Kitx Fall Metal Disc Sequin Dress, which retails for a not so modest $$2,395, paired with her SUSI Studio Hey Simone Sandals, which you can get for the more agreeable sum of $149.50.

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7 Beauty and Beast Los Angeles Press Junket - $2,670

Beauty And The Beast was one of those movies people from all ages and background couldn't wait to see play out on the big screen. It was also an incredibly important and meaningful moment in Emma Watson's career, so you can bet she went all out when it was time to attend any event related to the movie.

One of those moments was the Los Angeles press junket, where she sported a stunning  Roland Mouret Benford Cut-Out Two-Tone Jumpsuit, which costs $2,925.00, paired with Article22 Dome Earrings, retailing for $130.00. She topped off the look with a pair of simple and elegant SUSI Studio Hey Simone Sandals, for $185.00.

6 All Black - $3,203

Instagram is a great social network for many things, especially in the celebrity world. Sponsored posts, endorsing products, and, in many cases, showing off a particularly glamorous look they decided to put on for that day. Fans always get a blast and some much-needed outfit inspiration out of those!

Emma Watson often uses her social media platform to introduce her fans to some of her favorite fashion brands. And, in this particular instance, she showed off a beautiful and simple all-black look that is just as expensive as it looks. Consisting of an Off the Shoulder Blazer and Slim Trousers by Antonio Berardi, Jennifer Fisher Curved Loop Earrings and Paul Andrew Solace Slingback Pumps, the entire outfit clocks in at $3,203.

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5 Press Conference Elegance - $3,700

In a 2017 press conference held in Los Angeles to promote the movie Beauty And The Beast, Watson once again showed the world that you can look elegant and stunning even if you choose relatively simple pieces. The actress is a firm believer in less is more, and this outfit was a perfect depiction of that.

Pairing a Proenza Schouler Sleeveless Pleated Crop Top with a matching Shoulder Arched Asymmetrical Hem Pleated Skirt, Watson was a vision in white. A very expensive vision, considering the entire outfit is worth $3,700. Just because it's simple, it doesn't mean it's cheap!

4 Harry Potter & The Deadly Hallows Part 2 Press Conference - $4,700

Saying goodbye to the movie franchise that not only made you famous, but was also with you while you grew, and where you made friends for a lifetime, always demands a little bit more effort in the looks department than other occasions. That was truer than ever for Emma Watson when she was present at a London press conference to promote the last installment of the Harry Potter series.

In this particular occasion, she wore a Valentino dress straight from the runway. But what made the look truly opulent was the bling and the shoes, of course. More precisely, an Astley Clarke Rose Quartz and Diamond ring and Rupert Sanderson Condessa Nude Leather-Mesh Round Toe Pumps which put the look at $4,700.

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3 2014 Academy Awards Bling - $5,702

Remember when we said jewellery tends to be the most expensive part of a celebrity's outfit? Well, here's yet another piece of evidence. Even though the actress chose to wear a straight-from-the-runway Vera Wang dress to the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony, that's far from being the most expensive part of the overall look.

To top it off, Watson wore an Anya Hindmarch Crisp Packet Clutch, a Repossi Berbère Four Row Rin, an ANITA KO 18-karat Rose Gold Diamond Ear Cuff, a Boucheron Quatre Black Edition Wedding Band, and a pair of Solange Azagury-Partridge Eternity Skinny Small Earrings. All of this bling clocks in at $5,702!

2 Beauty And The Beast World Premiere - $8,296

What could be more important out of all the Beauty And The Beast related events than the world premiere of the movie? Held in Los Angeles in 2017, this was the culmination of all the hard work and promotion Emma put into the movie. So, yes, she was definitely going to look like an opulent movie star from head to toe.

She sported an Oscar De La Renta Strapless Jumpsuit, costing $2,990.00, Anita Ko Diamond Huggies w/Pear Diamond Drop, retailing for $3,300.00, Catbird Three Step Diamond Ballon Earrings, sold for $1,848.00, and Adir x LeletNY Metallic Quill Bobbi, at $158.00. The entire look clocks in at a jaw-dropping $8,296.

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1 This Is The End Dripping In Jewels - $21,500

The only other place Emma Watson would make jewelry the star aside from a ceremony such as the Academy Awards would probably be the premiere of one of her movies. And while she did go all out with the Beauty And The Beast LA premiere, nothing will ever beat the opulence of This Is The End's premiere.

No matter how stunning the outfit was, all eye were on two very particular pieces worn by Emma Watson that night. Particularly, a pair of Karma El Khalil Pyramid Drop Earrings, that cost $9,000, plus a Karma El Khalil Diamond Trilogy Ring, retailing for a jaw-dropping $12,500. Cheers to premieres!

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