Ranked: Elizabeth Taylor's 8 Lavish Wedding Dresses

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most important actresses of all time. The Award-winning star was known for her talents and unique beauty, and she captivated the world with her violet eyes and double eyelashes. It was difficult to resist her charm, and perhaps that is why she walked down the aisle eight times, with seven different husbands.

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Her love life made the headlines for decades and had some controversial moments. Taylor was also audacious on her fashion choices, and she always surprised people with her wedding dresses. The Cleopatra star just wore white for the ceremonies twice, and she didn't mind wearing dark colors the other times. But the gowns had something in common: they were all lavish, like an iconic Hollywood star deserves.

8 Valentino Dress

Elizabeth Taylor had severe problems with alcohol, and she was forced to treat herself at the Betty Ford Center. There she met Larry Fortansky, a construction guy who would be her last husband. The couple tied the knot in 1991 in Neverland, Michael Jackson's famous ranch. The actress and the singer were close friends.

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Taylor decided to wear a sumptuous yellow lace dress, that was a little over the top. However, it gown was designed by Valentino and cost $25,000. The event got a lot of attention from the media, and there were 160 high-profile guests. There were dozens of helicopters flying over the ranch with paparazzi trying to register the moment. The couple divorced five years later.

7 The Fur Coat

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton got their divorce in 1976. In the same year, she married Senator John Warner. The couple wanted a low profile ceremony and chose the hilltop on a farm to do that. There were no guests or witnesses besides the photographer.

Taylor did not wear one of her elegant dresses, but an extravagant fur coat. Although it can look stylish in some places, Taylor looked overdressed to an outdoor wedding on a farm. She also wore a turban to match the look. The couple divorced a few years later. Warner said both were too busy with their careers, but they remained friends.

6 Colorful Dress

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton got divorced in 1974, ten years after they got married. However, they were still deeply in love with each other and got back together. So why not get married again? The ceremony happened outdoors, near a beautiful lake in 1975.

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Taylor commissioned the designer Gina Fratini to make her gown. She wore a beautiful tie-dye dress that combined green, violet, and turquoise colors. It also had small feathers. This was the most audacious dress she wore to get married, and it represents lots of the '70s vibe. They got divorced again, but the love didn't fade away. Taylor said she would have married him a third time if Burton was still alive.

5 Chiffon Dress

Elizabeth Taylor's fifth wedding was with Richard Burton, the love of her life, in 1964. Both were married when they had an affair while filming Cleopatra. Their romance raised a debate among the public, and even the Vatican made a statement about their relationship.

It didn't stop the couple, and they got married in a ceremony in Canada. Taylor wore a babydoll dress in yellow chiffon designed by Sharaff, who was responsible for the costumes in Cleopatra. Taylor put many flowers on a long braid and matched the look with flats. Of course, she had some of her legendary jewelry for the occasion.

4 The Green Dress

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher got married in 1959. The ceremony was held in a synagogue in Las Vegas, and Taylor chose an olive green silk dress with long sleeves. The gown also had a hood that she used as a veil.

Fisher was her previous husband's best friend, and they had an affair after he died. Fisher was married to Debbie Reynolds, who was Taylor's bridesmaid in her earlier wedding. Fisher proposed to her with a 40-carat bracelet covered with diamonds. They remained married until 1964 when she met Richard Burton.

3 Organza Dress

Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd got married in 1957, not long after her divorce. The couple tied the knot in Spain, but they did a second ceremony in Acapulco ( Mexico), with several guests.

Taylor decided to wear white again, but it was the last time she wore the color in one of her weddings. The elegant organza dress had a hood that was used as a veil. The classic gown is still beautiful, and it is possible to imagine a bride wearing it nowadays. Mike died one year later on an airplane accident. Taylor once said that he was one of her few real love of life. The other ones were Richard Burton and diamonds.

2 Elegant But Simple

Elizabeth Taylor decided to get married to Michael Wilding in 1952, one year after her divorce. Helen Rose designed the dress, she was also responsible for the magnificent dress she wore at the first wedding. Rose was also the one who made Grace Kelly's wedding dress, one of the most iconic wedding gowns ever made.

However, unlike the princess-like dress she chose for the first, Taylor decided for something elegant, but more simple. She wore a knee-length skirt and a fitted jacket. As it was her second wedding, she did not wear white. The actress matched it with a delicate pearl necklace. Taylor and Wilding remained married for five years and had two children together.

1 Fairy-Tale Dress

Elisabeth Taylor walked down the aisle for the first time in 1950, when she was only 18 years old and she married Conrad "Nicky" Hilton Jr. If they remained married, she would be related to Paris Hilton.

It is by far her most glamorous wedding dress and still looks like a fairytale wedding gown today. According to Vanity Fair, the dress has "25 yards of satin, seed pearls, and a smattering of 'bugle beads'." Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of work behind it. It took three months and 15 people to make this dress. The dress was a present from Taylor's studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In 2013, it was sold on an auction for $187,000. The couple got divorced less than one year after the wedding.

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