Dior, Louis Vuitton, & Alyx Plot The Future Of Menswear

A coalition has formed between giant designer brands Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Alyx Plot during Paris Fashion Week for the future of men's fashion.

According to GQ, the trio— consisting of Christian Dior's Kim Jones, Louis Vuitton's Virgil Abloh, and Alyx Plot's Matthew Williams— have overlapped their design styles when presenting their respective men's collections earlier this week in Paris, France. Some feel the coalition has always been there, but this past Fashion Week silently confirmed the speculation. It's unknown whether this was intentional or not, but it's hard to not notice the similarities and differences between the designers.

The first similarity is that each brand shares a collaboration with shoe giant Nike. But that's where the first set of differences appear— Williams was the only one from the group to incorporate the trademark Swoosh logo on the runway. Abloh's collaboration is under the Off-White brand, whereas Jones' is only under his name. In addition, they all have designed streetwear to an extent— Jones' ran a sportswear and sneaker collaboration with Umbro, while both Abloh and Williams worked for Been Trill early in their careers.

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Another striking similarity has to do with sharing employers; namely, how Abloh and Jones both work for fashion conglomerate LVMH. Williams doesn't, but that hasn't stopped him from taking inspiration from Dior time and time again. Finally, the three all share their work and lives on Instagram heavily, leaving many to believe that the three communicate regularly.


Then, there are the similarities and differences in each designer brand's clothing lines during Fashion Week. The first is how all three are experimenting with classical tailoring. All three designers presented suits with monochromatic looks that included technical sneakers and differing unique detailing- hidden seam zippers at Plot, ingenious button closures at Dior, and a jacket-harness hybrid of sorts to cover half the torso at Vuitton.

The next example came from bags, something that was seen as the most obvious. Abloh previously shared a Jones-designed Dior bag on his Instagram weeks ago. Later, a red Alyx Plot chest rig showed up on the runway in the Vuitton show. Matthew also created industrial-grade metal clasps for Dior's use. All in all, the three have clearly pulled inspiration from one another in their bag designs, and this showed both during and away from Fashion Week.

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While those are the more obvious similarities between the brands, there are smaller similarities that can't be overlooked. These include floral motifs, pops of neon color, variations of proportion and volume, and heavy-duty hardware. Each brand also loves the utilitarian look, care about ergonomics, and always respect the necessity for pockets on their clothes.

Still, it'd be wrong to think that the brands are interchangeable, as each of their Fashion Week shows displayed themes that were vastly different from one another. The clothing from Alyx Plot's show looked like extremely sexy dystopian gear; Vuitton focused on showing off as much color as possible, and Jones was all about showcasing a strong sense of elegance not seen by the former brands.

Despite everything, the designer brands share or don't share, some may believe that all this was a sheer coincidence and nothing more. But there's hope from many within the high-end fashion community that the trio will continue to collaborate— be it intentionally or unintentionally— to continue pushing the evolution of menswear.


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