Coachella Fashion: 12 Celebs Who Rocked Their Music-Fest Style And 12 Worst-Dressed Starlets

It is that time of the year again! Festivals are just a few weeks away and you haven’t been to a festival if you haven’t attended Coachella’s music festival. Coachella music fest isn’t just about the amazing music from top rated artists or the beautiful scenery of the location. Beyond these things, there are the fashion choices of different celebs showing off their style. I imagine many fans are looking forward to seeing what some of their favorite artists will show up in. The choice of clothing material, texture, length, and design will be important in deciding who’ll be considered worst dressed or best dressed. So, this bring me to the question of the hour, what do you wear for a music festival in the desert with over 100-degree weather? This decision can make your experience either more relaxing or a bit uncomfortable.

Dressing for Coachella is a very tricky thing because you have to wear as little clothing as possible but you also have to slay; you’ve got to be as trendy as you can and as a celebrity you don’t want to wear what someone else has worn. So it’s extremely difficult dressing up for Coachella. Although, there are some fashion geniuses who actually get it right and some... not so right, while others will just leave you wondering where it all went wrong. Let’s find out who made it to our list of the 12 worst-dressed celebs and 12 that slayed their outfit and got it right.

Now, in no particular order, why don’t we take a look at some of the not-the-best looks that were walking around at the Coachella Music Festival.

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24 Best-Dressed: Alessandra Ambrosio

Via PopSugar

Alessandra Ambrosio came to slay! She kept it short and summer-friendly. The geo-print shorts with a denim jacket created a great look that is hard to miss. The sunglasses and bracelets complement hippy style. While colorful knit and tassels might be a bit much when put together in any other normal circumstance, it works at Coachella. She's giving us a modern take on the hippy look and you can never go wrong with a denim jacket to top off your whole outfit, giving it a cool and laid-back look. Not to mention, this outfit looks totally comfy.

23 Best-Dressed: Camila Mendes

Via Vogue Australia

If you are also going for the simple look, then a printed crop top isn't bad. It’s simple and glamorous, and contains hints of color that match the trousers. The material of the bright trousers is breathable which is a good thing, especially when the sun is at its highest intensity. There was no need to pair it with a jacket and her sunglasses completed the look. She looks comfortable enough to sit on the grass or dance in the middle of the crowd, and sporting red pants will definitely make it easier for her friends to spot her if she gets lost in the shuffle. This Riverdale babe knows what she's doing.

22 Best-Dressed: Sara Sampaio

Via Vogue Australia

Here is another person who came to party at Coachella — sometimes classic prints are best. It’s an unassuming look that is simple yet worth mentioning. The choice of color brought the essence to this outfit. The vibe we get is "I’m comfortable and ready to enjoy the music festival." Although some might compared the print to a tablecloth, we think it's sweet and perfectly-suited for a music festival. It's got a vintage vibe to it, especially with those sunglasses. Sara is looking nothing but adorable.

21 Best-Dressed: Gigi Hadid

Via Vogue Australia

Gigi’s definitely looking simple and stylish. Crop top, mom jeans, sneakers, and jewellery — that’s definitely the look of a person who came to party. Gigi’s sleeveless shirt complements her body shape. It does not look baggy on her and the simple look of a pulled-back ponytail make her look ready and appropriate. Gigi always outdoes herself when she's out and about, so we appreciate her simplicity here because comfort should be a priority when you're outdoors all day, walking around, and dancing up a storm.

20 Best-Dressed: Cardi B

Via People.com

Cardi B’s outfit is totally amazing! Simple, yet very eye-catching and bold. The outfit may seem like too much, but it says a lot about her personality. The design and shape of the top is perfectly molded to her body in a way that compliments her body shape. She looks fierce and powerful in this piece. This is one of our favorite looks. It’s risky but outstanding. We didn't expect anything less from Cardi B. While it may be a bit much for some who believe it should be categorized as "worst-dressed," we have to remember who Cardi B is, her personality, and everything she stands for.

19 Best-Dressed: Nicole Richie

Via People.com

Another Coachella queen is Nicole Richie. Here we can see Nicole in all her beauty, and what better way to enjoy the music fest than in a quirky bodysuit, shades to block the sun, and a pair of Converse? We love the print on the bodysuit, it gives life and character to the get up. This is the Nicole Richie we know and love. This outfit looks perfect on her and is definitely Coachella-worthy. We have to say, though, our favorite part about this look is her hair. Those mini, tight braids give her a youthful vibe. We forget she's a career-driven mom.

18 Best-Dressed: Emily Ratajkowski

Via Vogue Australia

High-heeled sandals, comfortable, yet stylish clothing, and a simple handbag that matches— you can’t go wrong with that. That's the Coachella fashion we all know and love. So double thumbs up to you, Emily. This outfit perfectly combined texture and simplicity in a way that just glows. This is simple, yet classic and Coachella-worthy. It's feminine but not too tight, giving Emily room to breathe and dance at the festival. She's not showing too much skin, so there's no worry of a wardrobe malfunction while she's dancing up a storm on stage with her DJ buddies.

17 Best-Dressed: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens brought her A-game, she slayed the look from the jewellery to the beautiful flowing dress. Vanessa Hudhens is Coachella. Every year, she kills it with her outfits, whether she's wearing jean shorts or a dress. This is the way to wear a maxi dress and look amazing at Coachella. The outfit just looks so put together and the print is astonishing. The choice of light jewellery is a nice touch to the halter dress. Each item aligns with the other perfectly. Can this girl look more adorable?

16 Best-Dressed: Chanel Iman

Via People.com

Floppy hat, oversized jacket, ankle booties, and a bright loose dress — this look is simple and classic Coachella style. See how Chanel Iman utilized simple colors in a way that isn’t boring. She chose a number of items and colors to piece together music-fest-worthy outfit. The denim jacket is what makes this look edgy and makes her stand out as a model. She's got killer runway legs and she's showing them off without looking inappropriate. Ad for the boots, they'll definitely protect her toes from being crushed by the crowd.

15 Best-Dressed: Nancy Dyer

Via People.com

Last year, crop tops and shorts were the Coachella trend. This year, Natalia Dyer chose to pair a floral dress with sneakers, and that’s a great look for a music fest. What makes this look great is its risk-tasking element of the dress and coat. Natalia looks amazing in this outfit. The print is captivating but not too busy. The simple hair brings the look together. She's managed to combine a feminine dress with a sporty jacket and a pair of punk-looking sneakers. While this all might be much for some, we think she found the perfect balance between these three styles.

14 Best-Dressed: Hailey Baldwin

While Hailey's outfit might just look like a typical street-style look, what makes standout here compared to other girls wearing jean shorts and a loose-fitting t-shit is her sparkly see-through leggings. Her legs are literally shining. Pairing with those military-style black boots gives off such a great contrast. She looks like a tomboy with just a touch of flare and femininity. No matter where she goes or what she does, Hailey Baldwin's outfits never disappoint.

13 Best-Dressed: Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s black ensemble slayed! The combination with some nice jewellery brought a stunning transformation to her look. It was edgy, yet simple at the same time. The hair color choice complements everything. She looks comfortable in her overall outfit. Although she's wearing super-short shorts and a crop top that appear to be pretty simple, she accessorized her outfit with matching chaps. It's definitely bold and not everyone can pull off chaps without looking ridiculous or scandalous, but Rita Ora owned this look.

12 Worst-Dressed: Rihanna 

Via Us Magazine

Where do we start? Rihanna always looks different and very cool, but this outfit is a bit much for us for a music festival. Everything about this outfit was wrong! Bubble-gum pink is a not a great color, the fabrics look too thick to be wearing in that heat, and nothing about this outfit is flattering. It was as if Rihanna forgot she had an event to go to and didn’t remember to do laundry. We have a vibrant-pink body suit coupled with baggy long trousers, and pointed bright yellow boots. There is nothing classic or music-festival worthy about this outfit.

11 Worst-Dressed: Dove Cameron

Via Celeb Mafia

The dress or the shoes, each would have been better alone, but not at Coachella. This outfit gives off the vibe of someone going on a date or out with friends. This is not music-fest friendly. There is nothing to be desired about the style and design of the dress. Yes, it may look free flowing, but is that the best you could come up with, Dove Cameron? The shoes are too casual and look like bedtime slippers. A simple sandal would have been sufficient to make this look much better.

10 Worst-Dressed: Olivia Culpo

Via Us Magazine

Lace, oversize belt, oversize hat, and cowboy boots — it's like three looks in one. You could have gone with one or two instead of the whole set, and the knee-high boots aren’t the best for heat. What went wrong with Olivia Culpo’s outfit choice is simply the choice of combination. There is too much going on and we cannot focus on one or the other. The huge belt wasn’t necessary and didn’t need to be combined with this outfit. Let’s talk about the knee-high boots — how are those comfortable in a desert? There is a place and time for knee-high boots, but we don’t believe it belongs in a music festival in the heat. A pair of sandals or ankle boots would have been more than sufficient to pull off this look.

9 Worst-Dressed: Kendall Jenner

Just like her sister, Kendall Jenner is another name we’re always hearing about in the fashion world and I must admit, this is a bit subdued for a Jenner. But I'll at least give her credit for the sneakers and hair, but she could have done better with the top. The top looks like a tiny piece of fabric. If it had a bold print, that could have turned things around, but as it is, it just does not cut it as a put-together outfit. This look does not slay in our opinion, but leaves us with questions about what those trousers were originally made for. Kendall always dresses to impressed, but she's definitely not turning heads with this ensemble.

8 Worst-Dressed: Taylor Hill 

Via Us Magazine

This is a really bad wardrobe malfunction. This isn’t the best of Taylor Hill. This outfit is definitely not Coachella style at all. There is nothing particularly great about this outfit. As much as we believe in being bold and playful, this get-up looks more like a child playing dress up. It is not fit for the scene of a music festival. The metallic lilac looks odd, and the design looks unfinished. This seems like an outfit she put together last minute and missed the mark by a long stretch. The Converse don’t do anything to pull the outfit together. Less is more in this case. The odd ruffles don’t do anything to flatter Taylor Hill’s gorgeous face and physique. This isn’t the eye-catching, stylish Taylor Hill we all know

7 Worst-Dressed: Shay Mitchell 

Via Just Jared

Sunglasses and a jumpsuit is a good way to start the day, but letting it hang down unzipped isn’t the right way to go, especially when you are going to a desert full of people. I applaud Shay Mitchell for her jewelry, but the jumpsuit is just shapeless. This look is a better fit for bootcamp then an outdoor concert. Shay should have swapped out the jumpsuit for some shorts instead. It seems to serve no functional purpose beyond covering up the rest of her body. This shapeless outfit ultimately doesn’t do anything for us. It just looks like she's carrying around a lot of fabric.

6 Worst-Dressed: Kylie Jenner

Via Sassy Daily

It’s hard to talk about fashion without mentioning Kylie Jenner. Not only is she known for her brand, but also as an Instagram icon. You always expect more from Kylie, but this outfit just makes us wonder what was she thinking. It’s confusing trying to know where to start, but this romper isn’t the best look Kylie's worn. It’s as if she didn’t put any thought into what she wore. The material looks like this should be underneath something else and it kind of looks like Kylie was too busy or lazy to actually put something together. Adding a jacket could have amplified the look, or even some statement jewelry. It looks incomplete, even with the blue hair. If Kylie was going for a completely relaxed look, she's better off with those cargo pants everyone seems to be wearing.

5 Worst-Dressed: Jasmine Tookes

Via Us Magazine

Wearing novelty sunglasses, a hat, and something flowy is definitely Coachella style, but an all-black ensemble? It seems a bit dark for Coachella. While this outfit might have kept her cool in the heat, it might have looked better with some color underneath the black lace, like a neon green. I applaud Jasmine’s touch of neon in her sunglasses but still, this outfit could do with more color. Thankfully, her other outfits during the weekend-long festival were more appropriate for Coachella, so we can't judge too much for this ensemble.

4 Worst-Dressed: Victoria Justice 

Shorts and a crop top always looks good and it's definitely a safe outfit for us commoners. That is, unless they’re accompanied with what looks like a shawl you took from your grandmother's house and stitched it onto your jean shorts. Dressing casual and simple is great, if you can style it appropriately. The black, frilly skirt attachment makes the entire outfit look so wrong. The necklace also isn’t doing anything for me — it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest the outfit’s vibe. If Victoria was going for a casual look, she missed the mark with the odd sheer skirt. You can do so much better, Victoria.

3 Worst-Dressed: Iggy Azalea 

Via Us Magazine

Sneakers, shorts, and hoop earrings are trendy for a festival like this. Rocking a crop top to top it off is not bad, but when it’s a plain one with no statements at all, then that’s pretty disappointing. The thing that has me confused is what Iggy thought was stylish or bold about this outfit, since she usually dresses to make an impression. If her goal was to stand out, this isn’t a good look. Maybe if she added a cool, oversized jacket and some bold jewelry, or even a hat to this little ensemble, Iggy would have looked better. She definitely doesn't look like a celeb here.

2 Worst-Dressed: CHARLI XCX


It’s great having to rock out those killer abs and top it off with some novelty sunglasses. Charli XCX is definitely looking good and in good shape, I must add, but she looks like she is ready for brunch, not Coachella. Now if this was a street-style event, she would definitely top the list. The shades are the only thing Charli XCX got right in this picture. At least they’ll keep her eyes protected from the glare of the sun. Beyond this, the denim-on-denim look just isn’t working. This is not music-fest worthy, unless her goal is to show off how toned and in shape she is. That doesn’t seem to be the right vibe to give off at a concert.

1 Worst-Dressed: Paris Hilton

Via Nine

A lot of you are probably wondering why this tops the list. This is a great outfit to rock — it’s classic and everything matches, but this is Coachella we're talking about. You may wear this to a brunch or dinner party where you have to sit all day, but I doubt you will be comfortable moving around and having fun in this little number in the desert. A tight-fitting short gown just does not elude comfort — this looks very restrictive and does not give room to jump and dance without a care in the world. Another glaring issue with this outfit is the color. Wearing white in a desert just seems like a very bad idea. It’s already dusty and muddy, why make your life more difficult? This just doesn’t seem like an appropriate outfit for a music festival.

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