Hype Bae: Billie Eilish's 10 Most Expensive Outfits

Billie Eilish is a fashion icon and singer at just 17 years old. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Growing up in Los Angeles, Billie was always exposed to high fashion and expensive designer clothing. She began writing songs when she was just 11 years old and has not looked back since.

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In 2018, her Instagram absolutely blew up, gaining over 5 million followers in that year alone. Her followers get to admire her designer outfits, complete with $1,000 rings and $1,500 silk shorts. That’s just the beginning. Keep reading for some of Billie’s most expensive outfits!

10 Black Windbreaker and Puffer Pants – $628

While Billie Eilish’s style is usually stock full of accessories, expensive shoes and fancy pants, this particular style is much more comfortable and simpler, in a way. Her mesh-pocket puffer jacket is one of the least expensive clothing items on this list, at $150. The most luxury priced item included in this outfit, is actually her ring, which is featured in a few of her outfits that will follow. The “heart of the bunny bone ring” is worth about $247! It seems to be one of her favorite rings; it’s pretty darn cute!

9 Blue Outfit – $687

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it’s cold out here

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It seems like Billie Eilish’s style always includes a great pair of shoes. This outfit is no exception; in this photo, Billie sports a matching sweat suit that has a combined price of $306. The shoes in this outfit, however, cost just about as much as the sweater and pants combined—actually, they’re a little more! Coming in at $350 a pair, these shoes are sold by SKOOT APPAREL, a brand that sells expensive men, women, and unisex designer shoes; some for about $500 a pair!

8 Leave Me Alone – $1,170

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mastering the album today 🤭

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Our first outfit to go over $1,000, the “Leave Me Alone” outfit is composed of matching jeansjacket, and shirt. It also features—you guessed it—a bomb pair of designer sneakers (which come to a total of about $215). Though most of these pieces can be purchased online, it seems that they go out of sale quite frequently. The website, Whatever 21, sells matching tops and bottoms for a reasonable price for designer clothing. Even though it may not be cheap by any means, the price tag could be crazier!

7 Balenciaga Get-Up – $1,644

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my ankle still fucked but the boot was buggin me

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Balenciaga is a high-end designer brand with ready to wear outfits available for purchase on their website. Of course, a pretty penny will be spent! Pieces of the outfits can cost up to $3,000. Nothing crazy like that for this outfit though, as Billie sports a colorful Balenciaga graphic tee costing $450 as well as some $900 Balenciaga sneakers and pink camouflage shorts. Just like the outfits before this one, Billie seems to go for a more casual look; not over-loading on accessories and jewelry.

6 Beige Bowling Shirt and Matching Shoes – $1,970

To many, silk is a comfortable, yet slippery, luxury. Billie seems to really enjoy a good silk outfit. This outfit, which includes a bowling shirt ($520) and print shorts ($340), is almost entirely made of silk. Her shoes, however, are Balenciaga’s Speed Stretch Knit sneakers, costing about $770. Billie ties the outfit together with a matching canvas baseball cap, bringing the ensemble to about $2,000. When you have a net worth of about $6 million and you’re still only 17, buying clothes that cost thousands of dollars isn’t exactly a bad thing… right?

5 Highlighter Look – $2,143

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guess i got caught in the middle of it

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We call this one the “highlighter look” because of the obvious bright yellow color that Billie chooses to wear in this photo. The look was posted to her Instagram in April of this year, and people are going crazy for it, as the post managed to get over 5 million likes. In the photo, the young singer is posed close to the ground wearing a $950 pair of sneakers as well as a $160 pair of sunglasses. Her shirt is reasonably priced at $22; a pallet cleanser before we get into the good stuff!

4 Pink Instyle Magazine Shoot – $2,355

From nice and bright to pretty in pink, we move on to one of the ‘girliest’ things Billie has been seen in. She did this shoot for Instyle Magazine in Australia, where she posed sitting on bleachers in a slightly muted pink crop top and a checkered pleated skirt, a combined price of $1,500—and that’s when it's on sale! For the first time in this list, Billie’s choice of shoes is a pair of white leather slide sandals, priced at an affordable $22 and she accessorizes with a simple green ring ($825).

3 Black Jacket and Leather Hat – $3,250

On March 14, 2018, Billie Eilish showed up at the opening for the MCM Global Flagship store wearing a patterned black jacket and the best space pants we’ve ever seen. With the outfit coming to a total of almost $3,300, the outfit is without a doubt a fabulous way to turn heads. The items that drives the price of this look up includes a $600 jacket and her Lynn Bann large diamond Medusa ring, rolling in at a jaw dropping $1,275. Sure, it’s a lot, but you have to pull out all the stops here!

2 Billboard Magazine Outfit – $4,668

Since Billie has come into the public eye in 2015, she has done quite a few photo shoots; most of them sporting an expensive outfit in her unique style. However, this is one of the most expensive ones, coming in at over $4,600. What makes the look so painfully expensive is the Gucci silk shirt, at a jaw-dropping price of $1,450. Of course, it only helps that her pants are $573, and her sneakers are $827. Billie is also flashing some very sparkly, bright jewelry and accessories including her favorite Medusa ring.

1 GG Jacquard Knit Look – $5,929

At almost $6,000, this high-end designer outfit was another look put together for a magazine shoot; this time for Billboard Magazine. Posing with a smile on her face, the beautiful Billie Eilish is wearing a baggy GG Jacquard bomber jacket and the matching shorts, which makes up the bulk of this outfit. However, the combination of all the jewelry she is wearing is what bring this outfits price so high. This includes her Medusa ring, a baby bunny ring ($400) and a very elaborate choker.

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