Billboard Music Awards: 10 Worst-Dressed Celebs And 10 Who Rocked The Red Carpet

Did you tune in to the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night? The major musicians and other Hollywood types were all out in their finest (or not-so-finest) designer duds for plenty of red carpet pics and unforgettable on-screen moments. From the MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel, music lovers turned on their TV sets to see the stars perform, receive (or not receive) awards, and have tons of fun with their famous peers.

The lovely and talented Kelly Clarkson hosted the big show, bringing her fun-loving personality to the night. The performances were stellar, and the stars were all about having a good time. And like all the other award shows, everyone loves seeing what the entertainers are wearing.

Music award shows tend to lend themselves to funkier outfits, a cooler vibe, and an overall modern look. The stars love pushing the envelope, trying out new trends, showing lots of skin, and letting their personalities shine through. Some stars nail their looks while others hit a sour note, pun intended.

Here are 10 celebs who made the Billboard Music Awards their night to prove they know how to make a red carpet moment work for them. Then there are 10 more who flunked Getting Dressed 101. They may have had a concept in mind, but it just didn’t pan out as they’d hoped.

Which look was your fave and which did you think was the worst of the worst? Did anyone surprise you with their choice of awards night outfit? Check out our picks and see if you agree with our assessment.

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20 best: Kelly Clarkson

The evening’s hostess with the “mostess” was singer Kelly Clarkson. She hosted the 2018 Billboard Music Awards like a true champ and sang sensationally as the audience was awed by her professionalism and personality. She changed her look a few times throughout the night, but this black number was a standout winner. She looked super cool and confident and showed off her figure fabulously. Those strong shoulders, thigh-high slit, and tapered sleeves were all spot-on, proving that the pretty and perky pop singer has great style and knows how to show off body tastefully and timelessly. Her to-the-shoulder earrings were dripping with diamonds and her belt cinched in her waist wonderfully.

Not only did Clarkson rock the red carpet in serious style, but she got great reviews for her stellar hosting as well.

She is always likeable and lovely, making her a fine choice as the award show’s host. We bet she will be asked back to do it again. She is engaging, entertaining, fun, funny, and down-to-earth. And she gives the crowd what they are after — a great time. She did well, she looked amazing, and she performed powerfully. This gal hit a home run! Who doesn’t love Kelly Clarkson?!

19 worst: Pharrell Williams

Performer Pharrell Williams is (usually) a fashion-forward fella, but at Sunday’s 2018 Billboard Music Awards show, it looked like it was laundry day and all he had left in his dresser drawers was this floral top and soccer shorts. And what better to pair them with than some worn-in work boots? This look was lackluster to put it nicely. Even kids playing at the park have cooler clothing on. Where exactly did Williams think he was when he showed up looking like he was headed to the beach? Did his stylist go on vacation? Was his suit at the dry cleaners? We are all for comfort, but this award-show look took comfort far too casually.

And sure, there is something about a guy who is confident enough to rock a floral shirt, but at least he could have worn a nice pair of jeans with it. Yes, Williams is a handsome guy who could wear just about anything and look good, but a little effort goes a long way.

This “beach bum” look may be perfectly appropriate for a picnic, but as far as we know, there were no ham and cheese sandwiches and iced tea on the red carpet.

18 best: Alison Brie

The amazing actress Alison Brie looked super-cute and ever so stylish in her black and white mini dress with strappy heels at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. The black lace at the upper portion of her dress was revealing and lovely, and those lean legs were on display. We love Brie’s cute long bangs and updo hairstyle, and her minimal makeup lent to a casual yet cool vibe. Do you enjoy watching the breathtaking Brie on the big screen? Perhaps you have seen the beautiful brunette in Get Hard, Sleeping with Other People, How to Be Single, The Disaster Artist, A Family Man, The Little Hours, Save the Date, No Stranger Than Love, Get a Job, Search Party, Joshy, The Coverup, or Raspberry Magic. Brie always lights up the theater just as she did on the star-filled red carpet this past Sunday.

Being that the Billboard Music Awards is a fun and flirty show, Brie picked just the right look to go with the vibe of the event.

She is no-muss, no-fuss, only fun-loving and fabulous. She has a great figure and she is not afraid to show it off. This minimalistic mini is perfect for spring and Brie is like a ray of sunshine!

17 worst: Kesha

Oh Kesha, what is happening here? This hippy-dippy get-up is just too much. All that flow and fringe is taking over your body. And that hat only adds more chaos to this look. Kesha looks like a gypsy who has lost her way and landed on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards. Her smoky eye looks good, but that’s about it. Sadly, we expect our superstars to arrive looking the part, and Kesha seems to embrace a less-than-A-list look. Even her hair seems to blend in with her outfit, so while the whole thing is a lot to take in, nothing much stands out. Maybe if she just chose one of these pieces and saved the rest of this ensemble for a costume party, she would not be on this “worst” list. Those boots seem cool, but you can barely see them under all that skirt.

Fans love Kesha and her music, but we are betting not too many of them were fans of her outfit on Sunday at the award show. Come on Kesha. We know you’ve got some fab fashion sense in ya. We wish she had a backup outfit someplace close, so she could do a quick change into something more red carpet-worthy. We still dig her music, but this style is subpar.

16 best: Darren Criss

Actor and singer Darren Criss was a major hit on the red carpet at the awards show on Sunday as he dazzled in his dapper tux. All black with a hint of royal blue made this fella look just fine, and he was all smiles because he knew he looked fantastic. His tailoring was spot-on, his beard was groomed to perfection, and his hair looked stylish too. Those black shoes were fashionable and sleek, bringing the whole look together from top to bottom.

Many fans know Criss from the hit musical TV show Glee, but he has also been in some other small and big screen projects including American Crime Story, Eastwick, The Chicago 8, Girl Most Likely, The Wind Rises, Speech & Debate, and more. And the man has an impressive voice, as we’ve heard on Glee. Criss covered many hits songs including “Smooth Criminal,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “If I Die Young,” “Time Warp,” “Summer Nights,” “ABC,” “Footloose,” and “New York State of Mind,” among many others. Talented and tailored, the cool and charismatic Criss was a red carpet A+. Other guys could take a cue from this cutie. We’d love to see him look this fabulous all year round!

15 worst: Lil Pump

Lil Pump must have been in a rush to get to the Billboard Music Awards because it seems like he forgot to put on his shirt. Perhaps this was a deliberate style choice, but there has got to be a shirt that would look good with ripped jeans and a jacket. But not according to Lil Pump’s fashion sense (or lack thereof) it seems. He is all about showing off his bellybutton, tattoos, and big chains. He may think this look screams “I’m cool,” but it is more asinine than acceptable. Okay, music awards shows are not stiff or stuffy, but there is a line one can cross, and Lil Pump found it and jumped to the other side. Then again, the dude is only 17 years old, so he has some learning to do. The “Gucci Gang” singer may think he rules the red carpet, but in a few years, he will look back on this moment and wish he had worn something to cover up his bit of chest hair. We really did not need to see that on a Sunday night.

While his jacket is cool and ripped jeans seem to never go out of style, something about this look just isn’t doing it for us. Lil Pump should pump up his styling team and find someone who can dress him more appropriately for a red carpet appearance. If he doesn’t like shirts, he should have stayed by the pool.

14 best: Shawn Mendes

Singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes looks dapper and delightful on the red carpet. He was a standout at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards and his gray suit was classic with a modern twist. For a young fella, he looks put together and polished, from his well-quaffed hair to the tips of his super-chic shoes. A slim-fitting suit is not for everyone, but Mendes has the sort of physique that makes this styling look fantastic. The way he layered his shirts and cuffed his pants gives this suit a youthful and fashion-forward touch. Mendes knows how to pose perfectly for the cameras, so he can show off his cool and sophisticated sense of style. He is not only a great musician, but a style maker too.

Lots of guys his age wouldn’t know what to do with a suit like this, but Mendes seems like he’s an old pro.

Are you a fan of his music? What is your favorite song? Perhaps you love to listen to “In My Blood,” “Stitches,” “Treat You Better,” “Life of the Party,” or “Never Be Alone.” Hit after hit, Mendes is nailing it in the music biz, and now he is proving that he has an eye for fashion as well.

13 worst: Normani

Sorry to say, but this red carpet look puts the “No” in Normani. Sure, she is a beautiful young lady and her body is rockin’, but this dress is more like lingerie than something to be worn in public. Not to say that the frock is not lovely, but she may want to reconsider wearing something so frilly to a special event. That ultra-high thigh slit leaves literally nothing to the imagination, and we all can tell what Normani’s undergarments look like. It seems like Victoria’s Secret is out of the bag thanks to the get-up Normani chose to wear to Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. More skin is not always the way to look foxy. Sometimes, covering up a bit adds more mystery and allure.

Maybe Normani likes to take risks and go for a daring look on the red carpet, but this is not the sort of dress grandma’s going to approve of. A little coverage goes a long way. We get it that the gal wants to explore her feminine and seductive side, but she would have achieved her goal by wearing something a tad more conservative to the award show. Then again, we can’t say she doesn’t fill out this dress well.

12 best: Hailey Baldwin

Holy Hailey! The blond and bronzed Baldwin babe looked absolutely amazing in her deeply plunging golden gown at the awards show. Hailey Baldwin is a tall drink of water, and in this dress, fans were drinking in her sheer beauty. This form-fitting frock fit Baldwin’s body like a glove and her body looked toned and terrific. Baldwin’s fashionable hairdo was bouncy and shiny, and her minimal accessories and natural makeup allowed the dress to take center stage. When you come from a famous family like Baldwin does, it can be hard to stand out from the pack. But put on a dress like this and you will have no trouble being the star of the show.

A look like this sure is daring, but Baldwin likes to keep her fans on the edge of their seats. She is one of the biggest “it" girls of the moment and it is clear why the modelling industry is sitting up and taking notice.

Alec Baldwin may be winning as he portrays the president on the set of Saturday Night Live, but when it comes to red carpets, but his niece is the hit. If you have ever wondered why gold is so valuable, now you know. A precious metal indeed!

11 worst: Camila Cabello

Singer Camila Cabello is doing great in her career at the moment, but this bird-like dress from her weekend appearance at the Billboard Music Awards was a not-so-great moment for the brunette beauty. It is undeniable that Cabello is a cutie, but this dress is a mess. The top half is alright but from the waist down, it looks like the singer got into a street fight with a swan. And in this battle, nobody won. It may be fun to twist and twirl in this look, but when it comes to a fashion moment, this wasn’t it.

Whether you think the fringe is fun or foul (or fowl), it just doesn’t do the singer justice.

She could have rocked the red carpet in something edgier or cooler, leaving this fringe frock in the closet. Black and white is always a safe bet, but in this case, Cabello lost the bet and could have done better. Her stylist may have had something in mind when they put together this ensemble for Cabello, but it just didn’t translate to red carpet coolness. When Cabello sees the pics from the evening, she’s going to realize that this dress was for the birds.

10 best: Jenna Dewan

Recently split from her hunky hubby, actor/dancer Channing Tatum, the gorgeous and stylish Jenna Dewan is proving that she still has it and is not afraid to show off her assets. Freshly back on the market (and the red carpet), this magnificent mom is looking like a million bucks in a show-stopping leather studded mini dress. She is revealing lots of skin and showing off her toned dancer’s body. Those strappy high-heeled shoes are super-stylish, and her sleek hairdo goes well with this overall look. Tatum must be rethinking his decision to split from this stunner, because she has never looked better. All eyes were surely on Dewan when she posed and smiled for the cameras on the red carpet. The musicians may have stolen the show, but when it comes to looking foxy, Dewan was the darling of the red carpet.

Edgy and excellent, this little number was the perfect choice for a music-themed award show where daring is always doable.

After the show, Dewan may have hit the town and partied in her night-on-the-town style. A look like this should be milked for all it is worth. When you know you look amazing, you’ve got to keep it going for as long as you can.

9 worst: Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera may rock it in the recording studio and when she performs onstage, but she rolled onto the Billboard Music Awards’ star-studded red carpet with a train that was, by all accounts, terrible. The sultry singer was covered up in far too much material, with the rest of the fabric taking up feet of red carpet space where other performers could have been standing. Aguilera is not a tall woman, making it look like she was being swallowed up by her heavy ensemble. The length of the dress was awkward, and the belt didn’t do anything for her waistline. But back to that train wreck of a train. Why so long? Actually, why at all? There was enough material on the blonde’s body, did we really need to see even more of it following behind her?

All that fabric could have been used to make another dress, maybe two! We get it that Aguilera loves to make a fashion statement, but all this dress was saying was, “Heck no!” Her performance costume was far more Billboard-friendly than this black striped style fail. Better luck come Billboard Music Awards 2019 where we hope to see Aguilera look as amazing as she has the potential to be.

8 best: Ne-Yo

Talk about red hot! Ne-Yo worked the Billboard Music Awards’ A-list-filled red carpet in a matching red suit, and he topped off the wow-worthy look with a super-stylish hat, cool sunglasses, and dapper black shoes. His bright and bold suit was tailored to his body to a tee, giving him a head-to-toe look that was Billboard-bangin’! Ne-Yo had a big smile from ear-to-ear, always the perfect accessory to any red carpet look. Not many men in the biz would be brave enough to show up on the red carpet in something so noticeable, but Ne-Yo has never been one to stand in the corner and hide from the masses. He knows what looks good and how to rock it effortlessly and with edge.

He had heads turning as people wanted to catch a glimpse of the good-looking guy in his fire-engine red ensemble. With black buttons for extra detail and a gold pin for class, this foxy fella was looking fine and feeling fabulous.

After wearing such a lively color, what could Ne-Yo wear next to impress us? Neon orange may not go over as well. Perhaps he will do a 180 and go for something classic at the next awards show. We will wait and see.

7 worst: Janet Jackson

We have missed Janet Jackson over the past few years, and she made her live comeback to the awards stage this past Sunday at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Her performance got rave reviews by many, but that red carpet outfit was not the Jackson look we’ve grown to know and love. And it certainly was not anything most people would have expected from the singer. She wore a big, billowy tulle skirt with what seemed like a basic white T-shirt and a leather belt. Fashion or faux pas? Her hair was in a topknot and she stood there looking a bit out of place. Jackson has a great post-baby body, so why hide it under all that material? For all we can tell, she was hiding the rest of the Jackson family under her skirt! Maybe she was trying to sneak her nephew “Blanket” into the venue. You did not see him on the red carpet, did you? While these cream colors look great on Jackson, something sleeker would have been a better choice. She would look cute at Sunday brunch in this get-up, but for an awards show — especially one where she was being honored — this full-skirt style missed the mark.

6 best: Bhad Bhabie

Who could forget the wacky and wild “Cash Me Outside” girl who became famous after appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil? Well, now the gutsy gal who goes by “Bhad Bhabie” is even more well-known as she finds success in the music biz. She was at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday and posed for the paparazzi on the A-list-filled red carpet. And, she looked pretty darn smashing! Once considered a hot mess, this go-getter glammed it up for the event in a lovely evening gown with her hair styled with sophistication and looking glittery and glitzy from head to toe. Even Dr. Phil must have been quite impressed by the stunning and surprising transformation. Her spaghetti strap dress fit her well, it was on-trend, and she looked every inch the superstar she’s been striving to become.

While she may never reach Beyoncé-level stardom, this carefree chick is on her way to achieving the goals she set for herself at a young age. Who would have guessed that Bhad Bhabie would go from Dr. Phil to Billboard?

Maybe his advice paid off as much as she ignored him. Let’s check back in a year and see how Bhad Bhabie’s career is going. Will she be back on the red carpet or back on the Dr. Phil show with another set of issues?

5 worst: Demi Lovato

Animal print is always a popular trend, but singer Demi Lovato took the look of leopard and it was a loss. This not-so-fab flowing frock looks more “Mrs. Roper” than it does rock star. Even the glum expression on Lovato’s face shows that she is not entirely on board with what her stylist selected. The dress does nothing for the curvy singer’s figure and that belt only adds more spots to this style snooze. Animal print can look hot, but in Lovato’s case, it was more of a “not.” Her hair, makeup, and earrings are cool, but from the neck down, Lovato’s look should be saved for the animals in the wild. Because even the tigers and cheetahs are calling the fashion police.

Lovato has looked lovely in the past, but this safari style is a sin.

She needs to take the print to the porch and set it on fire. Or at least only wear this look in the privacy of her own home. It is rather robe-like anyhow. That said, Lovato’s performance was electrifying. She and fellow performer Christina Aguilera were a big hit onstage as they belted out their duet like divas. Guess you can’t win 'em all.

4 best: Diplo

Way to go Diplo! Here we see the DJ/producer/rapper at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday looking cool and confident. He looks great in this light blue suit and fitted navy shirt underneath. Effortless is the key to looking sharp and suave, and Diplo surely got the message loud and clear. Sunday night was his big night to show off his fine fashion sense, and folks on the red carpet were surely impressed by his choice in suit color and cut. Fans of Diplo can’t get enough of his modern music, and now they can’t get enough of how great he looked at the Billboard Music Awards. Are you a big Diplo fan? Perhaps you have listened to “Color Blind,” “Revolution,” “Doctor Pepper,” “Be Right There,” “Worry No More,” “Boy Oh Boy,” “Express Yourself,” “Waist Time,” “Set Me Free,” and “Biggie Bounce.”

As a DJ, Diplo brings booming beats to his excited audience, and on the red carpet, he brought his evident flair for fashion. While the look he is sporting is simple, it definitely makes a statement. And we love what it is saying! We always look out for the music that Diplo puts out, but now we’ll be looking out for his next red carpet ensemble too.

3 worst: Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is surely a cutie, but this Billboard Music Awards’ red carpet look was far from cute. She looks more like a librarian than a movie star and we can’t really figure out why this look was put together in the first place. Yes, Kunis has a nice figure and those legs are something to look at, but that skirt is making us want to turn away. And while Kunis has lovely hair (usually), this 'do is a big “don’t.” Perhaps she could wear this outfit to a family Thanksgiving dinner and get away with it, but this is a major red carpet event. Surely, she could have taken things up a notch for the sake of fashion. We know she has it in her to look glam and glorious, and we are certain that her hubby, Ashton Kutcher would agree.

She is pretty no matter her outfit, but we’d love to see her in something more fun to wear for such a cool event. Maybe Kunis wasn’t in the mood to get all done up on Sunday, but if that was the case, she should have stayed home and watched the show from her living room like the rest of us.

2 best: Ciara

Does this gal ever have a bad day? Here we see the exceptional singer/model Ciara, taking the Billboard Music Awards’ red carpet by storm and looking like a princess. Her glittery see-through dress is super-stylish, forever-foxy, and Ciara-cool. Ciara has an amazing figure and she is so gorgeous. Seeing her rock this daring dress is a real treat and she seems to realize just how terrific she looks. Just look at that strong pose for the cameras. She shows off her stunning shoulders, lots of leg, and a subtle slice of midriff. And that hair! Full and flowing, wavy and wonderful. Whoever did this ‘do deserves a round of applause. Bad hair day? Never! Look down and admire those strappy white stilettos. They look terrific with this amazing dress and showcase Ciara’s unbelievable gams. This chick certainly hits the gym. Her makeup is pretty but understated. She barely needs any makeup anyhow since she is so model-beautiful. It is always a joy to see Ciara on the red carpet. She nails it nearly every time. Designers must be absolutely thrilled when she wears their spectacular creations. This dress is made for a diva, and Ciara fills the role like jelly fills a donut.

1 worst: Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha looked like she was part porcupine when she hit the Billboard Music Awards’ red carpet on Sunday. Those sleeves stood out like sore thumbs making Rexha’s look quite elaborate and for some, shocking. She may have felt fierce and fabulous, but for those critiquing her look, “fabulous” may not have been their first thought. These sleeves remind us of giant pipe cleaners or even a horse’s mane. She looks part puppet and part giant tarantula. It would be seriously annoying sitting next to her on a plane in this dress if she tried to snag the middle armrest.

The only thing that rivals the distraction level of those unsightly sleeves is Rexha’s gigantic topknot. That is a tall one, something her hairstylist must have had quite the time creating. While this was not everyone’s favorite look, it will surely be one we remember for some time. Maybe that was exactly what Rexha was going for. But aside from this dreadful dress, we mustn’t forget that Rexha has many fans who enjoy her music. “Meant to Be,” “I Got You,” “The Way I Are,” and “2 Souls on Fire,” are some of the artist’s tunes her fans love to hear. The dress may be a mess, but Rexha still riled up the red carpet.

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