The 10 Biggest Celebrity Glow-Ups Of The 2010s

Celebrities are known for their fantastic makeovers that turned them from ‘okay’ to ‘WOW!’ Glow-ups that are surgical could be for the face, nose, body, etc. The great thing about this is that all celebrities started out as normal and at times even awkward teenagers! So the transformation for many of them has been more than just skin deep. It has made them well-known celebrities and stars.

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Every one of them is now followed closely on social media and the number of fans following them gives you an idea of how popular the celebrity is. Check out these fantastic celebrity glow-ups of the decade.

10 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has transformed herself into something of a queen. This number one rapper has definitely struggled to get to where she is now. If you look at her photos from her early days you will see what we mean.

She was more like a stick with no features to show for at all. The dramatic change in her came after some great glow-ups. Now you can easily call her a diva and a sex icon. Nicki Minaj looks stunning in every photo now and her looks are perfect all the time. There are fans who want to be like her and look like her!

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9 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is another great celebrity who has really seen a dramatic change in her appearance. This girl with simple looks to start from has turned into a sex icon with some perfect glow-ups along the way. Her lips are what make all the difference to her look as does the hourglass shape of her body.

Helping her along this way was surely Kris who is the creator of the whole Kardashian Empire. Kylie is now the most sought-after celebrity online and her status as a sex icon just keeps increasing. No wonder her Instagram account is so popular today.

8 Bella Hadid

Now, who would have thought Bella Hadid needed a glow-up? But yes, that’s what happened. This girl from California was much simpler looking before her supermodel days. Now she is known to be a striking beauty! Helped along the way by her mother Yolanda Hadid, the supermodel is the one that everyone is swooning over.

She models for some of the most prestigious beauty brands in the world and is seen everywhere from cover pages to ramps. She is followed by millions of fans on her social media platforms too. Everyone now wants to look like Bella!

7 Cardi B

Cardi B’s career graph has taken some serious leaps in the past decade. From being a stripper to Number 1 on the Billboard charts, her journey is the stuff of legends. Apart from her career, Cardi B has also admittedly had some serious glow-ups done. She had surgery and dental work completed and that’s how she has transformed from being drab to fab! The latest photos of Cardi B are seriously beautiful.

Her social media accounts are loaded with pictures and fans following her every move. A super-rich girl now, Cardi B has been pretty open about her transformations and that’s what we love about her.

6 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is another of the Kardashian gang that has a very high social presence. Her business and success all depend on how she looks. Surely the plastic surgery has helped to sculpt her into this diva-like image. Khloe does feel much healthier after the weight loss and this shows in her overall image.

So the glow that begins from within is really the best way forward. Khloe’s before and after images are really pretty awesome and that’s why she is in our list of top 10.

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5 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is also a product of the Kardashian clan. This supermodel has dramatically been transformed in front of our very eyes. Through the reality TV show, we have seen her change from a 12-year-old into this gorgeous sexy beauty.

From braces to fabulous looks, Kendall Jenner is what you call a supermodel. She is now one of the most famous faces on all social media platforms and on TV. She has a great business that makes her millions. She is all-in-all a number one player online. Her glow-up is what many fans aim to follow and someday achieve.

4 Blake Lively

Did a pretty girl like Blake Lively really need a glow-up? Well, the answer could be yes. The transformation that the glow-up did is quite spectacular. From being just a cute girl, she is now one of the most beautiful icons that everyone wants to look like. Her change happened when she got a nose job done. This changed her whole look because the snatched bridge turned her into an icon.

Those who have watched Gossip Girl will know when the transformation took place too! Blake Lively’s glow-up and her photos are always trending on social media now. She is up there on the charts!

3 Rihanna

Rihanna is another one of those sexy icons that has seen a lot of change in their persona. She was a rugged teenager who was transformed into a queen. She started off her career in the early 2000s and then changed her looks accordingly. Since Rihanna is blessed with great looks, all she needed was some simple changes that transformed her into the beauty she is today.

Rihanna is much sought after on social media and her photos are plastered across all platforms. Little girls wanting to look like Rihanna are awestruck by her looks and her simplicity at the same time.

2 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande was a lovely redhead who had a great transformation. The back-up singer was already termed adorable but with some simple surgery, she has changed into a glowing diva. With her live shows being the talk of the town, all her fans are greatly impressed with her glow-up.

Every little girl now wants to look like Ariana and her social media accounts are followed pretty seriously. Even though Ariana had a setback at one of her music concerts, her fans have not abandoned her. She is still the much-loved music star of this generation. Her transformation has really helped to bring her success.

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has just surpassed Michael Jackson at the number of awards she has received so far. It’s really a great way that this Grammy-winning music star has built her career. She was just a simple teen when she started singing professionally.

Now with a great glow-up, she has turned into a sensation. Her music and makeup are all part of her success. With the superb singing talent that she has, the fine-tuning of her image just helped push her into the top. Taylor Swift is here to stay and fans are always glad to see their shining star glow.

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