15 Photos That Prove Bella Hadid Is More Stylish Than Smart

A well-known American model and personality, Bella Hadid fully encompasses what it means to be a supermodel in this day and age. Although in these days, many would argue the notion of "supermodel status" is a thing of the past, Bella shows us that it is entirely possible to be a model and superstar at the same dang time. Either way, despite providing periodic and candid glimpses into her life, the one thing that fans just can’t seem to get enough of is her personal sense of style.

Indeed, although she is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea (nor does she seem to be trying to be), her style is noteworthy, by any standards. Regularly mixing racy pieces with casual and even clunky shoes, her mix and match ensembles definitely keep fans and critics coming back for more. Effortlessly gorgeous, one of her best attributes lies in her ability to look good in almost anything (I mean, she is a model). However, many of her looks also translate well to the average Josephine, making her style choices just as iconic as they are relatable. Are you looking for ways to add a bit of Hadid to your wardrobe? The following is a closer look at 15 tips to help you look fierce and slay in your own way, just like Bella Hadid does every single day!

15 Stay Lit With Lampshading

Although the name of this trend may make you think of household appliances or even the figurative notion of "throwing shade", lampshading is actually a very popular trend in the fashion world.

Simply put, lampshading refers to the trend in which women wear tight, thing-high boots and pair them with oversized sweaters, shirts, and dresses. Stylish yet sexy as ever, it's easy to see why this is one of Bella's signature style choices. If you are looking to achieve this look, simply purchase a pair of thigh-high boots and pair it with your favorite mini-dress or take a large sweater or t-shirt and make this style your own! Either way, although it is not a new trend, it was certainly made more prominent after one of Bella’s runway looks for Fendi during Milan’s fashion week of 2017.

14 Layered Crops

Another of Hadid's famous looks lies in the layering of various pieces over a crop top. A simple look to accomplish, in order to achieve this style, you simply need to purchase a crop top (or you can even pull out the scissors and create one of your own), and layer your favorite blazer or jacket on top of it. Other options for layering are full-zip hoodies, bomber jackets, or even parkas.

The idea is to show a little skin but to also be able to cover up at will. This look is both fun and flirty and assures you are ready for everything. The jacket can be removed in a more casual setting or, on the flip side, you can leave the jacket on, add your favorite accessories as well as a chunky heel and stick to Hadid's look to a T.

13 Cold Shoulder

Another one of Bella's signature is also presently a pretty huge trend...again. Showing "a little shoulder" is an interesting trend that has been weaved in and out of all levels of the fashion industry starting as early as 1934.

A master at rocking this vintage remix of a look, Bella is often photographed out wearing dresses, shirts, and tops in which one or both sides fall below the shoulder. On the flip side, another way to achieve this look is to buy shirts or dresses that have cut-outs in the shoulder area. Either way, this style is fun and flirty and especially great if you live in a warm area and could use a little extra ventilation. It's always good for a style to also have a practical use.

12 Page Boy Hat Heat

Yet another retro trend that has once again taken center stage, Pageboy hats (also known as Newsboy caps) have been on the fashion scene for many decades. Both sporty and elegant, newsboy caps have a vintage glam vibe but also give off an air of laidback, almost masculine energy.

Receiving a much-needed fashion facelift, new age newsboy caps come in a wide array of colors, materials, and patterns. Made prominent by Bella, her bestie Kendall Jenner, and her equally fab sis, Gigi, this style is a great way to add a bit of flair to even the most boring ensemble. Either way, to achieve this trend, simply purchase a hat in your price range and start pairing it with unlikely matches such as dresses and jumpsuits.

11 Dope Sneakers & Dresses

One of her most infamous looks is her mixing of sneakers and dresses. No matter if it is a truly casual dress or something super dressy, sneakers add a bit of edge to every single look (as well as comfort). One of the reasons this appeals to so many of her fans is because this look allows you to be both comfortable and sexy, which is an idea that has become quite popular in recent years.

Moreover, sneakers also give outfits an urban edge, which has been made popular by personalities such as Puma’s brand ambassador, Rihanna, among many other prominent fashionistas. In order to achieve this look, simply purchase a comfy yet trendy pair of sneakers and pair them with an equally fab dress of your choosing. Also, remember to take risks as playing is safe is not something Bella is known for.

10 Mini Skirts & Ankle Boots

Yet another trend that mixes a variety of style choices, pairing ankle boots with mini-skirts has also become one of Bella's signature styles. One of the reasons this style has become so popular is that it is cute, comfortable, and also lets you show off some skin.

Ankle boots come in a variety of shapes and styles, so you can dress this look up by wearing a stiletto, dress it down by wearing flats, or take the middle ground by trying a wedge. On the flip side, with regards to skirt option, you can choose anything from high-waisted to pleated or even a bodycon dress. No matter what you choose, just remember to make sure you’re comfortable (and of course, fierce!) Either way, this is a great style for those who love to show a little leg as well as a lot of edge.

9 Slick Hair With Middle Part

Although she's regularly photographed wearing an array of hairstyles, one of her best looks remains the simple hairstyle in which her hair is slicked down and parted in the middle.

An incredibly chic style which has proven to be great for red carpets, this is a great do for those who are looking for a simple way to pump up the glam in an instant. One of the easier styles to achieve, (if your hair is naturally straight) to get this look, simply part your hair down the middle and add your favorite gel or mousse to keep the style in place. On the flip side, for those with naturally curly hair, you will need to either use a blow drying or flat iron, extensions, or a wig.

8 Bomber Jackets

Another trend with a rich, interesting, diverse history, the bomber jacket was actually created especially for the U.S. Air Force in the 1950's and was not made available to the general public until the 1960's. Either way, this trend has gone from being favored by skinheads to the hip-hop urban crowd of the 80's/ 90's, to where it is today (somewhere in between).

Seriously, bomber jackets are blowing up these days. It's almost impossible to view a new, trendy clothing line without seeing a shiny updated version of one of these jackets. These go great with Bella's laid-back sense of style and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and brands. Virtually anyone can step their style game up simply by purchasing one of these.

7 Tracksuits & Heels

Another style that epitomizes the present mixed nature of the fashion industry, wearing tracksuits with heels is certainly one of Bella's most well-known styles. Favored by many due to its "play time on top, party at the bottom" vibes, this outfit is the epitome of Bella's awesomely versatile style choices.

Although there is a variety of tracksuits to choose from, Adidas is amongst the more popular tracksuit brand as it was one of the originators of this look and the brand has been instrumental in its evolution over the years. Ready to get this look? Simply pair your favorite tracksuit with a fab pair of heels. To jazz is up a bit more, open the jacket and style it with your fave crop top underneath.

6 Chokers! Chokers! Chokers!

If you survived the 90's, odds are, you thought this trend was dead and gone. Nevertheless, choker necklaces have reemerged onto the scene in a huge way. Originating in the 1960's, some form of the choker necklace has been around ever since then.

Moreover, although they were huge in the 90's, the recent return to this trend has brought us some of the boldest and most unique choker choices we've ever seen. Literally an option for every price range, you can purchase chokers for under a dollar up to the millions, depending on how grand your budget is. Moreover, given that we are in the DIY era, you can even save your money and make one from materials lying around the house.

5 Vintage Mom Jeans

Another timeless trend, mom jeans involve purchasing thrifted jeans and repurposing them to suit today's style. Given that thrifting is a movement in its own right, the first step to mastering this trend is to first master the art of thrift shopping.

No matter if you opt to shop at a resale boutique, a consignment shop, or simply go to the thrift store yourself, the key to finding the best mom jeans lies in sifting thru the various racks and bins until you find something in line with your personal style. Although it might not sound like much fun thrift shopping is like a scavenger hunt for trendy fashionistas. In fact, you could get better results by teaming up with friends and comparing who has the best buys at the end of the night.

4 Low-Cut Dresses

Another timeless trend (if I've ever seen one); low cut dresses are an effortless way to look both classy and stylish. A great way to show off your appeal, low cut dresses are favored because they are both elegant and flirty at the same time.

Great for upscale events as well as casual ones, the trick to achieving this look is all in the fabric and design of the dress. For instance, something more high-priced would obviously be great for going to more high-class events. On the slip side, if the dress is made from comfortable cotton, you may just pair it with your favorite sneakers and switch up the look entirely. Either way, the key to this look is a fabulous dress with a plunging neckline. The rest is just extra.

3 Make A Sheer Statement

Another fashion statement that has been in heavy circulation, sheer clothing is a great way to make a bold statement without breaking the bank. No matter if you opt to wear a sheer top, bodysuit, dress, pants, shorts, or even jacket, the sheer gear is a fierce way to make a bold statement.

To achieve this look, grab your favorite see-through pieces and start building from there. In the case of a sheer top, make sure you add a bold bra (or you may even opt to go bra-less if you're feeling especially fierce!) and choker. On the flip side, jackets are best paired with either bras or bodysuits. The fun part about this trend is that it gives you the power to be as modest or as sexy as you choose. No matter what, just be creative and take some risks!

2 Those Pleather Pants

No matter what era you grew up in, there was likely a time in which pleather pants were all the rage. Having yet another good year, pleather pants are an inexpensive way to get the leather look without breaking the bank. If you're trying to look like a bad b**** on a budget, you can find pleather pants at lower end stores as well as at your local thrift stores, among other places.

Indeed, Bella has mastered this look as she is great at looking both beautiful and fierce simultaneously. So, when you are going to shop for your pants, crank up the rock and roll and let the pleather chips fall where they may. The key to this look is to just be edgy so throw on some spikes, some black nail polish, a moto jacket and make a night of it!

1 All Black Everything

Lastly, what could be better than all black?! It's not only slimming but also gives this bad a** vibe that seems to get lost in translation when we wear, say, our favorite rainbow sweaters.

One of her most signature looks overall, no matter what style Bella is rocking, it is typically all, or at least mostly black. To achieve this look, you simply need to grab your favorite black fit and go. No matter if it's a dress and sneakers, a sheer statement dress, or even a pair of vintage mom jeans, the point is to (like Bella Hadid has shown repeatedly shown us) embrace the darkness and own it!

It also helps that black is a favourite by all due to the fact that it is so slimming. It's a color that just looks good on everyone, it's impossible for it to look bad on someone. So why would anyone pass up a chance on looking absolutely stunning?

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