The 10 Most Expensive Pairs Of Bejeweled Shoes In The World

The fairytale of Cinderella taught us that a pair of shoes can literally change one’s life. And while most of us may not be fortunate enough to own a pair of shoes made of nothing but glass, there are a few who are just that lucky.

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Below are some of the most expensive shoes ever made. They are studded with precious gems or made with really fancy luxury materials. Usually worn by celebrities to showcase a designer’s repertoire and sheer creativity, some of them have been auctioned off at impossible prices and bought by multimillionaires.

10 Kathryn Wilson’s Cinderella Pumps - $418,450

Of course, Cinderella’s glass slippers had always captured public fancy, inspiring designers all over the world. Kathryn Wilson from New Zealand designed a pair of white pumps that is completely in laid with diamonds for the ultimate princess. The diamonds are by themselves, worth millions.

This particular pair took over 50 hours to make and was auctioned off for over $400,000. White has always been a rather classy color and this pair simply redefines what luxury is.

9 Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos -  $500,000

Most of the bejeweled shoes mentioned on this list have been designed for the luxury market by one Stuart Weitzman. While owning 30-karat diamond jewelery seems unimaginably expensive, can you imagine what a shoe that uses over 1500 diamonds of that variety will cost?

These handcrafted stilettos balance minimalism and elegance perfectly and are literally a “diamond dream." Perhaps, they’d make a nice engagement present from a millionaire?

8 Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes - $1 million

Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate fashion icon, and it makes perfect sense for a pair of bejeweled shoes to be named after her. It features a beautiful satin rose and is made with Swarovski crystals.

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The shoes were first worn by Regina King at the 2005 Oscars after which it was auctioned off for $1 million. And perhaps whoever wears it, channels the grace and beauty of Monroe herself!

7 Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps -  $1 million

Retro fashion has a charm of its own. This particular Stuart Weitzman design is a reminder of Hollywood’s black and white era when shoes with T-straps were very much in vogue. These shiny golden pumps feature roses that have been made with around 1800 Kwiat diamonds.

It’s a work of art in itself and was also auctioned off for a million dollars. At least someone somewhere is lucky enough to wear this.

6 Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos - $1.6 million

If you find these diamond-encrusted shoes a tad boring, then you can also opt for ruby, provided that you can afford it. This pair has been expertly made with cherry-red satin and is studded with over 600 rubies and some platinum.

It looks breathtakingly gorgeous and perfect for a fancy dinner date with someone special. And if you were wondering why they look somewhat familiar, it’s because Weitzman was inspired by Dorothy's shiny red shoes in The Wizard of Oz. And if you loved that film and dreamed about owning a pair of red shoes such as those, well keep reading on for a grand surprise!

5 Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos - $1.9 million

If you had over a million dollars to spare, what would you spend it on? Well, some people would love to splurge on shoes. These fancy stilettos have been made with platinum fabric and 464 Kwiat diamonds. Thin and elegant, this pair was first worn by Laura Harring who starred in Mulholland Drive to the Oscars.

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And guess what? She had three bodyguards to protect her and the pair of shoes, from any danger!

4 Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels - $2 million

This gorgeous pair was a collaboration between Stuart Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian, and it seems inspired by the jewelry commonly worn by the royalty. With an elegant silver and blue color scheme, the straps of this pair of heels has been made with 185 karat Tanzanite gems and 28 carat diamonds, and all set in silver.

If worn with a matching silvery-white gown, the blue gemstones on these shoes would be further accentuated, making the lucky wearer look absolutely stellar.

3 Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers - $2 Million

Oh, look! Some people can actually turn their fantasies of dressing up as Cinderella and dancing in a masquerade ball into reality!

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These magical slippers have been made with 565 Kwiat diamonds set in platinum and finished with a coating of Italian leather. The lace too is ultra-fine and expensive. It also features one of the rarest diamonds in the world called the “amaretto diamond”. And in 2004, American country singer, Alison Krauss wore this dainty pair to the red carpet. Seems like we can't get enough of Cinderella in our lives!

2 Rita Hayworth Heels - $3 million

Like the Marilyn Monroe pair, this one too is named after a Hollywood legend. However, what makes it different is the fact that these heels are made with the actual jewelry owned by Rita Hayworth.

The rich chocolate color oozes a touch of elegance, further emphasized by the satin flower at the centre. And it is studded with not just diamonds, but also rubies, sapphires and other precious gemstones. And the lucky person who presently owns this pair is none other than Rita Hayworth’s daughter.

1 Ruby Slippers From The House Of Harry Winston - $3 million

Most of us saw The Wizard of Oz as a kid and dearly loved it. We hoped to be as lucky as Dorothy and go on fantastical adventures with a group of unlikely friends. And of course, we all remembered those magical red shoes that she wore in the film! Well, it turns out, that there’s actually a bejeweled replica of those red shoes. It is a faithful replica of the original, except of course it is made with 4,600 rubies and 50-carat diamonds.

It took over two months to craft this pair and was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the feature film. And priced at a cool $3 million, it holds the record for being the most expensive bejeweled shoe ever created. Given the chance, which of these bejeweled pairs would you love to wear?

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