All Grown Up: 20 Recent Images Of Socialite Paris Hilton

Heiress to the Hilton Hotels fortune, Paris Whitney Hilton first hit the tabloid headlines in the early 2000’s when she was working as a model and resident party girl in New York. She became famous (or should that be infamous?) when a tape she made with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, was “leaked” to the internet, just weeks before her TV show, The Simple Life, was due to make its debut on our screens.

Coincidence? Unlikely, given Paris Hilton’s masterful handling of her own PR. She could even give Kim Kardashian a few lessons when it comes to self-promotion.

In the early days of the Noughties, wherever there was a party, Paris wasn’t far behind, and her unique sense of style became instantly recognizable. Whether she was dressing down in her pink Juicy Couture sweatpants or dressing up to the nines in barely-there dresses, her look was all about making an impact.

These days, however, Paris’ appearances in the tabloid press are few and far between, and when she is snapped by the paparazzi, her style is much more grown-up and even demure. Has Paris given up on her nonstop partying and wild sense of style? Check out the recent photos below and decide for yourself.

20 New Man, New Look

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Some celebrity gossip columnists have speculated that Paris Hilton’s more settled love life might be behind her new, more grown-up style. She and Chris Zylka became engaged in January of 2018, while the two were spending a romantic New Year's break in Aspen Colorado. Zylka is an actor, who appeared in the HBO show The Leftovers as Tom Garvey and whose own style is definitely classic and understated. Perhaps Paris has realized that it would look odd to be wearing a neon pink skirt and black string vest while on the arm of a man wearing a well-cut Armani suit?

19 Paris In Casual Ski Outfit

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And while Zylka’s proposal was indescribably perfect–with the couple atop a snow-covered mountain in the Rockies–Paris’ casual ski outfit was a far cry from how her fans are used to seeing her and not the glamorous outfit you might have expected from the one-time party girl’s engagement photoshoot. Still, there is no denying that the couple do look genuinely happy. Paris claimed to be quite surprised when Zylka suddenly went down on one knee, although the presence of a professional photographer suggests that she hasn’t quite forgotten how to stage manage a publicity event.

18 Paris In A Classy Lace Dress (Featuring The $2 Million Engagement Ring)

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Zylka went all out when it came to buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend (and future fiancée) of two years, although it has to be tough to try and impress someone like socialite Paris Hilton when it comes to bling! And while the price tag on the ring Zylka gave his fiancée was jaw-dropping–an astonishing $2 million–the ring itself was a pretty classy piece, featuring a large but not over-the-top pear-shaped 20-carat diamond set in a platinum band and flanked by two smaller diamonds. The ring is so precious to Paris that she has even decided to hire 24/7 security to protect her beloved bling. Now that's impressive.

17 Paris In Demure Dress Down

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It’s not just Paris’ party wear that has calmed down in the last few years. Even her daytime outfits have taken on a more mature and even modest look at times. This pretty outfit, worn as Paris arrived at LAX Airport with fiancé Zylka in tow, still feels like something that the old Paris would wear—only, the old Paris version would have been a mini-dress with a low-cut top! Instead, Paris’ ensemble has the look of a glamorous 50’s housewife, with her own added touch of color and bling, of course, in the shape of the flashy pink (and sparkly) Birkin bag she is carrying with her, which is reportedly encrusted with 30,000 Swarovski crystals and costs about $65,000.

16 She Is Now Into Practical Fashion, Dressing For The Weather

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As the photos from her engagement showed, Paris is no longer quite the slave to fashion that she used to be. She was actually practically dressed for a weekend away skiing, with unflattering ski pants and jacket, and was even wearing a hat despite the very serious risk of terrible hat hair. Gone are the days when Paris would risk hypothermia wearing impossibly tiny outfits on cold nights out in New York. Now, she dresses for the weather, although she always manages to find a way to give any ensemble her own personal twist. The padded gold jacket she is wearing in this picture is pure Paris but we're talking about the stylish and practical Paris of 2018.

15 At Least She Tried To Keep Up With The Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuits

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There are some Noughties fashion trends that Paris isn’t quite ready to let go of just yet. In the 2000’s, anyone who was anyone was wearing Juicy Couture velour tracksuits in bright colors and paired their suits with glam high heels that would have looked way out of place in a gym or fitness center. Paris proved in 2017 that she could still rock the Juicy velour look when she turned up at New York Fashion Week, of all places, wearing a powder blue tracksuit. At least she had made some concessions to modern style and was sporting a pair of very sensible trainers on her feet, and not high heels like she would have likely done in the past.

14 Paris Turned To Brunette From Blonde

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Part of Paris Hilton’s iconic look is her long blonde tresses which was why fans were so shocked and confused to see a brunette Paris out and about last year in 2017, with tiny pet pooch Diamond Baby in tow. A dark-haired Paris, wearing oversized shades and a black floppy summer hat, looked very different from the Paris that we all came to know and love. But even before the fans had time to rush out to the drugstore and buy the dark hair dye, she had revealed that the new look was just a wig she was trying on after all. Still, we're betting that the Paris of the Noughties wouldn’t have traded her iconic blond locks for the world!

13 She Now Dresses For Comfort

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It must be exhausting being a celebrity or style icon, knowing that you are expected to look your absolute best all day every day and that wherever you are and no matter what you are doing, the paparazzi will be out there, waiting just around the corner to catch you looking like a total mess. Back in the Noughties, Paris Hilton was rarely caught with a hair out of place or unpolished nails–unless this was after a wild night of partying. But these days, she seems happy and content to dress for comfort, wearing sweat pants and a cozy jacket for a plane ride to New York City.

12 She’s No Longer Obsessed With Designer Labels

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Fans got a sneak preview of what Paris might look like when she and Zylka do walk down the aisle, when the socialite wore an immaculate and very butter-wouldn’t-melt white gown to the exclusive Amfar charity gala in 2016. Looking un-typically serene and with only the slightest hint of makeup, Paris looked more like a princess than a party girl here, which is ironic given that real-life princess the Duchess of Cambridge wore exactly the same dress at a charity film premiere in London just a few days later. Not bad publicity for little-known fashion house Self-Portrait who made the dress—a far cry from Paris’ previous obsession with designer labels.

11 She Is Still Turning Heads Though

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And yet, while Paris can pull off regal at charity galas and fancy parties, she still knows how to pique the paparazzi’s interest. And turning up to LAX airport wearing this outfit is a sure fire way to get yourself noticed. There are a few nods to her old style in the pink splashes on the ski suit, but otherwise, this is a million miles from her flesh-baring outfits of the Noughties—although this ridiculous ensemble is sure to have turned a few heads as she checked in to go away skiing. After all, most people wait until they get to the slopes to get changed into their winter weather or skiing gear.

10 Her Fashion Has Become More Ladylike, With Less Makeup

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Paris’ taste in clothes has always been very feminine. Aside from her Juicy sweatpants and low-slung jeans, the TV star was rarely seen out of dresses and mini-skirts. As she has got older, however, her fashion choices do seem to have become decidedly more ladylike—less flesh on show, fewer garish colors, and not nearly as much makeup as she used to regularly slap on when she was in her late teens and early twenties. She’s still recognizably Paris, just a softer, more refined version of Paris, who you can imagine settling down happily to married life... and a successful business empire, of course.

9 She Now Dresses Like The Businesswoman She Is

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The Hilton heiress may not have been on our TV screens so much in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean Paris has been resting on her laurels. Books, music CDs, and beauty products are all part of the new Hilton business empire, as well as the ubiquitous perfume brands that we all know. In the Noughties, Paris simply treated her business empire as an extension of her party life, but what she wears for “work” is perhaps the biggest indication yet that she has finally decided to turn her back on her old lifestyle and is taking a much more serious approach to her life in general.

8 Another Business Look

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The most lucrative line of work, among Paris’ many varied job titles is her work as a DJ, performing sets in clubs and at festivals around the world for a reported $1 million. No one even seems to care if she’s actually any good as a DJ and mixes good tunes. Promoters are really paying to have the biggest “It Girl” in the world at their party. Even when she’s performing, however, Paris now prefers to wear understated outfits (and nothing too flashy as she would have in the past), sometimes even turning up to gigs in simple modest dresses or even jeans and a t-shirt, like when she DJ’d at a benefit gig in Los Angeles in 2017.

7 She Can Keep It Casual

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There’s nothing wrong with pitching up to work dressed in jeans or leggings and a t-shirt from time to time. It’s just something that we never really thought we’d see from style queen Paris. However, she does seem to look for comfort in her clothes these days, as much as she looks for style (as can be seen by this photo) snapped on a recent visit to Aspen. Yes, Paris is still clutching her designer handbag, but the outfit is a far cry from the hideously tacky matching denim suits she and BFF Nicole Ritchie (The Simple Life crew) wore to an awards ceremony in the Noughties.

6 She Is Now Into Elegant Statement Jewelry

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Paris was always infamous for her bling in the Noughties. Her rule of thumb seemed to be the more sparkles, the better, and she would often wear sparkly tiaras simply as everyday wear. She has obviously grown out of that little fashion faux pas, but her taste in jewelry seems to have grown up at the same rate as her taste in clothes. Along with her chunky but classy (2 million dollar) engagement ring, Paris’ taste in bling now seems to run to elegant necklaces and earrings—statement pieces that do a better job at complimenting her rather than outshine her outfit and add to the new mature look that Paris Hilton seems to be cultivating as of late.

5 From Bubblegum Pink To Pure Black

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For someone who seemed to spend the Noughties living in a procession of bubblegum pink dresses–even driving a bubblegum pink Bentley at one point–the idea that we would ever see Paris Hilton dressed head to toe in basic black leather seemed a bit far-fetched, unless she was playing a dominatrix perhaps as part of her “successful” acting career, or she wore black leather for a Halloween costume. On a visit to Milan, Paris looked every inch the biker chick as she left her hotel dressed in black leather pants, a black leather jacket, hefty-looking boots, and even a black leather cap pulled low over her trademark aviator shades.

4 She Hasn't Completely Ditched Pink Though

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Paris hasn’t ditched her beloved pink color completely. She just opts for a more grown-up version when she dresses or accessorizes in pink these days. This classy summery outfit, worn by Paris as she arrived at LAX in March of 2017, even has echoes of the golden era of Hollywood in those 1950’s-style shades. And just to complete her demure and more conservative look, Paris has paired her summer dress with pale pink heels and has even accessorized Diamond Baby with a matching pink choker. Paris’ fashion choices may have matured, but some things never change, including the way she carries her dogs around as part of her outfit!

3 Paris, The Patriot

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Before you start worrying that the scene-stealing Paris Hilton has disappeared forever, replaced by a shy and retiring 1950’s housewife, rest assured that the former socialite still knows how to party like an It Girl. Paris wore the ideal all-American outfit to attend a 4th July party in 2017, a dress that was actually made from an American flag! This is one patriot who is also a fan of President Trump. Not only was she signed to Trump’s model agency as a teenager, but she has also even defended comments he made and suggested that women who accused him of s*xual assault were “trying to get attention.” Not sure Lady Liberty would approve.

2 She’s Ditched The Young, Flirty Clothes

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In fact, Paris looks almost unrecognizable in many recent photos, ditching the young, fun, and flirty outfits that suited her character back in the Noughties, for a much more age-appropriate wardrobe as she approaches her 40’s. In this snap taken at a recent charity gala with Zylka, the heiress oozes old school Hollywood glamour. Yes, she may be showing a little (or a lot of) cleavage, but it’s all done in the best possible taste–a far cry from the silver glitter dress she wore for her 21st birthday bash (remember that little number?)–which was barely big enough to maintain her modesty!

1 She Has No Regrets About Her Past Style But Is Not Going Back To It Either

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But how does the lady herself feel about how her style has developed, changed, and matured since her heyday in the Noughties? Well, a recent interview in Vogue, in which Paris went through her old Noughties wardrobe, suggests that while she has no regrets about her love for Juicy Couture and low-slung jeans (104 pairs, apparently), she has no plans to return to that style any time soon. Her past outfits will stay safely stored in her huge walk-in wardrobe, so that she can reminisce from time to time about lace corsets, hot pants, velour tracksuits and Frankie B jeans.

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