Alicia Vikander Vs. Angelina Jolie: 20 Photos Of Their Best Looks

The movie or the character may not have sat best with the critics, but Lara Croft certainly has a fan following that’s nearly cult. And for most of us, Lara Croft looks like a very fit and stunning Angelina Jolie. Known for her once-wild ways where she indulged in anything that got her high, she seemed to be the epitome of femininity as she juggled a marriage to Pitt, adopted and had biological children, and became a very active human rights activist. Born to an actor father who was largely absent from her life and an actress mother who passed away too soon, Jolie had some wild teenage years, where she herself called herself a “punk kid with tattoos at heart” before she focused seriously on becoming an actress.

Vikander, on the other hand, was a dedicated dancer who later pursued an acting career with all her heart and didn’t give up even when she was rejected from drama school twice over. Both of them are undeniably gorgeous and carry themselves with an unbeatable grace and style. They both have their fans and their trollers but the one thing they have in common is that they both are Lara Croft. Bewitching good looks and fit physiques draped in the most expensive dresses— this is how the Lara Crofts step out in real life.

20 Angelina Jolie’s Not Into Lara Croft, Or Even Brad Pitt

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A lot has been said about Jolie and Pitt— how she was the third cog while Pitt was still very much married to Aniston and how she wrecked that marriage. Then it was all hunky dory when Pitt and Jolie got together and started adopting and having kids. But the marriage blew up in everyone’s faces when Jolie filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences after Pitt allegedly got a little too physically hostile with their son. So everyone was guessing that this was now the end of Angelina and that she’d probably hide in that mansion of hers, crying bitter tears, particularly now that she’s not Lara Croft. Well, no such luck. At the National Board of Review Awards Gala in New York in January 2018, she was looking gorgeous and radiant in a sheer black Valentino dress, accompanied by two of her daughters. The lace cape of the dress extended down to gossamer sleeve and the dress was further cinched at the waist to highlight her famous figure. Clearly, the woman isn’t the silent and suffering type!

19 Alicia Vikander Is The Lara Croft Of Today

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Clearly, Vikander has youth on her side. She is around 13 years younger than Jolie. And with newer animation and visual effects, the new Tomb Raider will appeal to the millennials more than the fans of Jolie. Though frankly, Jolie looked even better than the video game version. The one big way that Vikander’s Lara Croft will differ from Angelina Jolie’s is that it will be more of a relatable character than the always-prepared woman we saw in Jolie. Plus, the game’s reboot of a more survivalist theme will reflect in the movie as well. At the L.A. premiere of her new movie, Vikander chose a very opulent Louis Vuitton dress. Now, while she is a muse of the label, clearly, this dress was the perfect choice for her. One can’t do much wrong in a muted metallic and Vikander shines is this off-shoulder Bardot frill-sleeve creation. And we dig those earrings too.

18 Nothing Can Beat Angelina’s Right Leg!

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At the 2012 Oscars when all was hunky-dory between Jolie and Pitt, Jolie appeared in a breathtaking Atelier Versace black dress, replete with that scene-stealing leg that spawned not just a Twitter page of its own but also a million memes. Those good looks don’t really come from just American soil actually. Angelina's ancestry is rather mixed, and she does state that she is related to the Indigenous people, Iroquois, from North America. Plus, she boasts of blood-roots from France, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands, and Canada. Another reason to be thankful for Trudeau, even if it is years too late, right? Both her parents were actors—her father being the famous, Jon Voight, and her mother was the lesser-known but very beautiful, Marcheline Bertrand.

17 Vikander Would Have Been A Ballerina, If Not For Injuries

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Vikander was born to Maria Fahl Vikander, a stage actress, and Svante Vikander, a psychiatrist, and both of her parents hailed from small villages in Sweden. When she was two months old, her parents split but it wasn’t traumatic for Vikander. She claims that she got the best of both the worlds—being an only child to her mother who raised her as a single parent, and also being part of a big family when she visited her father’s house, where she has five half-siblings. Vikander trained for ballet for nine long years, and would probably have become a ballerina if not for a series of niggling injuries that basically ended her career as a dancer, though she was the principal in many dance dramas. Luckily, when that happened, she had already realized her passion for acting, despite not being accepted in drama school, twice. Fashion-wise, she’s open to experimenting as is obvious by the mixed media dress by Louis Vuitton at the Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology Met Gala of 2016.

16 Jolie Wasn’t A Popular Choice For Lara Croft

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Frankly, Jolie’s casting as Lara Croft wasn’t very smooth. Many other actresses were lobbying for the role, and I Know What You Did Last Summer star, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, was one of the strongest lobbyer amongst them all. Other notable names which we now simply can’t imagine as Lara Croft are Sandra Bullock, Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Denise Richards, Ashley Judd, and even Jennifer Lopez! But the director, Simon West, knew that the role was just made for Jolie and had his heart set on casting her, though once her name was announced, the reactions were mixed. Her being American as opposed to British was one issue, and then her physical dimensions not being big enough was another big one. Then, her rather dark past was another thing that made people skeptical, to which West had a pat reply: “This troubled and dangerous aspect in her reputation actually helped the character.” That was that! And looking at her 41-year-old LBD avatar at the Deadline Hollywood's seventh annual The Contenders event, we do not get the hesitation at all!

15 Alicia Vikander Was Intimidated But Took Up The Challenge Happily

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The new Tomb Raider movie doesn’t take off from where the last one ended, rather, it shows how a novice archaeologist finds her footing in a world that’s cut-throat and out to get her. So in a way, she is playing a young Croft, but in her own imitable style. Vikander admitted that the role was rather intimidating but not an insurmountable one—though, she did have to go pretty hardcore in workouts to look the part. Vikander said, "I have done a few films where I have played known fictional characters, and you can't get too scared. You have to make it your own.” About taking the role forward from Jolie, Vikander said that she was someone she had always admired and, in fact, she had grown up on Jolie’s movies. But she also added that the rebooted 2013 game was more of what the younger generation could truly relate to, and the new take on Lara Croft was something she was confident to portray.

14 Jolie Has Been A Bit Of A Housebreaker, Twice Over

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Billy Bob Thornton was involved with the actress, Laura Dern. They became a couple in 1997 and were apparently very much in love and on the verge of getting married. That is until Billy Bob starting shoot for the movie, Pushing Tin, which co-starred the very beautiful Angelina Jolie. Billy Bob got hitched to Ms. Jolie instead in 2000. After wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks and having some rather risqué tattoos, Jolie and Thornton called it a day and divorced in 2003. Then, she came in between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's relationship, who at the time were Hollywood’s golden couple. When Brad Pitt started shooting for Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie, all hell broke loose, at least at the Pitt-Aniston home front. And it’s not as if the Jolie-Pitt home front lasted either! So, this was a lot of work for marriages that didn’t really go all the way… But given the way Jolie looks in that silver silk creation, we understand why dudes get tempted.

13 Vikander Is With Fassbender And It Rhymes

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Love for the couple began on the set of The Light Between The Oceans with Fassbender playing Tom and Vikander playing Isabel. But despite the very obvious chemistry, the romance that followed, and the eventual wedded bliss, both are pretty tight-lipped about their relationship. They politely refused to lock lips for the British Kiss Cam, and if they do talk about each other, it’s more about their work and skills. Alicia gushes about her hubby and calls him a brilliant actor. Fassbender, on the other hand, remembers Vikander as a fierce and hungry actress who was so present for all her scenes that Michael had to get his thing together to match her skills! As far as their chemistry is concerned, the magic is there for all to see in the movie. The rest is pure conjecture! But they do look absolutely adorable together, don’t they?

12 Jolie Did Hard Work To Look The Part, But Still Got Injured

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While Jolie already had a statuesque body, even she was put through paces to rightfully look the part. She trained for more than a couple of months before commencing the shooting and had to learn plenty of new skills. Bungee ballet, diving, weapons training, rowing, soccer, kick-boxing—Jolie remembers continuously working out even during the filming. The crew set up a little gym in her room with a boxing bag and some power bars as a not-so-subtle hint to make use of muscles she never knew she had. Despite all the training, exhaustive as it was, Jolie managed to tear some ligaments in her ankle pretty early on in the shooting. So that effortless Lara Croft bungee ballet scene where Jolie lands on a chandelier, wasn’t all that easy at it seemed. So remember, don’t try this at home! The shooting was delayed because of this, though in the movie, you can never make out the incident. And when meeting with fans, she is flawless as usual!

11 Vikander Worked Out Like A Pro Too

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Vikander had the delicate body frame of a ballerina before she was cast as Lara Croft. Her action-figure of a body was the result of an intense workout regime that lasted more than seven months. Under the able eye of Magnus Lygdbäck, Vikander worked very hard but the technical skills didn’t come that easy, since they have to look like an ingrained part of her, despite the fact that was just learning them at the gym. But Lygdbäck had an ardent student in Vikander and together, they managed to shape her into a very believable Croft with one buff body. Lygdbäck followed four cycles; the first was to start building strength and skill set. For the second, he put her on a strict diet and exercise regime to build up muscles. The third cycle meant a more intensive diet and exercise routine, while the fourth was on-set aimed to maintain that strength, energy, and fitness. Now, she can lift her own body weight. And that’s something! And just look at those abs!

10 Jolie Had A Rather Macabre Alternate Dream Career

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As a single mother, Marcheline Bertrand clearly didn’t have it easy. Jolie was a handful and in a concerted effort to keep her from going too wild, the mother allowed a 14-year-old Jolie to live with her boyfriend in her room. For safety, Marcheline would sleep in the next room. It seemed to work, with Jolie studying at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, but after two years of her enrolment, Jolie dropped out of the acting classes. Apparently, she wanted to be a funeral director or an undertaker at the time and even began to study embalming. But this was all dark love and once she and her boyfriend broke up, she did return to acting school. And while Jolie started modeling when she was just 16, she preferred to wear dark clothes and basically be a goth from the Addams family… No wonder she so loves black though, in this shiny Atelier Versace number, she looked anything but dreary!

9 Vikander Was Always Passionate About Acting

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While in ballet school, Alicia Vikander admits that her own image of herself wasn’t very good. She further said that spending umpteen hours in front of a mirror only worked against her and the stress landed her in therapy. But when injuries became niggling, she tried her hand at acting, even though the drama school she had applied to had rejected her twice. She acted in a miniseries but decided to go to law school until she got a call from a casting director. She landed the part of a young woman who was troubled and sought solace in classical music, only to fall in love with an older, cruel conductor. Vikander remembers that she attacked the role and found that portraying dark emotions were cathartic for her. So basically, here’s an actress who is passionate enough about her art to be absolutely free in front of the camera. She said that when she saw the film years later, she said to herself, “Wow, where did I get that from?” And just look at her shining in that princess-like Louis Vuitton gown!

8 Jolie Even Agreed To Do Anything To Land The Part

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While the director wanted Jolie as Croft, the producer, Sherry Lansing, was a bit concerned about the actress’s tumultuous past— considering Jolie’s daddy darling, Jon Voight, warned Lansing that Angeline Jolie was a bit “fragile." Her flash marriage with Billy Bob Thornton seemed to cement that suspicion, so it was with some trepidation that West went to meet Jolie at the set of her movie, Original Sin. The actress put a very straightforward proposal to West that went like, “Look, I want to do it, but I know what my reputation is, and I’ll do anything you want to prove that I’m worthy. I’ll be reliable, and I’ll turn up, and I’ll work hard.” Jolie even said that if the studio wished to do blood tests on her on an everyday basis, that was fine by her too. So, she did undergo random blood testing at the studio from time to time, and she did pass them all. Clearly, the fears were grounded.

7 Vikander Beat Out The Likes of Delevingne & Ridley

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Vikander was on a justified all-time high when she landed the rather plum role of Croft—considering it blazed a path of glory for Jolie to do even more action movies like Salt and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Vikander has never done an action movie until now and so she put plenty of hard work into her training to prove her might as an action star. There were rumors about the Star Wars actor, Daisy Ridley, almost landing the part, but it did go to Vikander in the end, despite women like Cara Delevingne and Saoirse Ronan being in the offing for the same. Those trademark Jolie-shorts seem out though, with Vikander donning scruffy cargos and ripped tank tops in lieu of the overly revealing outfits that Jolie had to wear to stay true to her character.

6 Jolie Loves Her Family More Than Anything Else In The World

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Jolie is a veritable tigress with cubs when it comes to her children—they are her world. She can and will fight for them as is clearly visible when she was mad enough at her own husband and the father of these children to start an investigation against him. So while he was cleared of all charges, Jolie did file for and get that divorce and managed to keep her kids away from him for a while. She is a veritable mother hen who not only home-schools her children but also supervises it all. She also believes in letting kids explore whatever they want, however they want, which means that Jolie’s mansion can be described as chaotic at best, but that’s the way she believes in raising kids. If their exploration brings the house down well, for Jolie, it is a “so be it."

5 Vikander Would Love To Start A Family Someday

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When Fassbender was asked about the moment that love blossomed between the two, he gave a very straightforward and succinct reply, “Yeah, we met on that job and have been seeing each other since.” The movie, The Light Between The Oceans, shows the real-life couple portraying a lighthouse keeper and his wife, who raise a baby that they found in a rowboat after losing their own. But Vikander does look forward to being a mom too. She says that while she doesn’t have children until now, they are definitely the wonder of the world and especially to her. "I've always wanted kids. I've never been pregnant, but I hope to have a family one day. It's both the expectation and knowing that it should be the greatest experience of my life—and suddenly from one day to another, it's a reality; it's a new chapter of your life."

4 Jolie Never Wanted To Be A Third-Time Croft

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Jolie as Lara Croft was a big success, even if the storylines weren’t all that strong. Fans liked her and the movie was a decent commercial success plus, it landed a cult status of sorts. So obviously, after the success of the first movie, Jolie was not only open to a sequel but rather keen on it. She said that what Lara does is so difficult, that she would love to play Croft again. The second movie turned out to be a box office dud and Jolie’s stance changed when asked about the third movie in the series. Jolie shrugged it off with a “we’ll see…” But soon after, she decided never to do a Lara Croft movie again because Jolie felt she didn’t see herself playing Croft again especially as she wasn’t happy with the last movie she did. So plans for a trilogy went kaput pretty quick until finally, Vikander was needed to revive the character. Jolie is happy being a mother and a humanitarian, and it's not as if she needs the money!

3 Vikander’s Scandinavian Background Gave Her An Advantage

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If Vikander’s fitness wasn’t enough, the new Tomb Raider also has an upgraded storyline which shows a younger Lara Croft find her footing in the world of competitive archaeology, while fresh out of college. With the game itself getting a survival reboot, the movie has taken in the same feel. But Vikander was also excited about working with the director, Roar Uthaug, and not just because he is from Scandinavia. So yes, it did give this actor-director duo a common ground and they would chat in the foreign language in front of the clueless British crew, much to their own amusement. But Vikander has been an admirer of his work for long: “I really felt for his characters in The Wave, and I was excited to be a part of what he would do with this big adventure, knowing his ability to keep you connected to the emotional side."

2 Angelina Has An Unbeatable Classic Red Carpet Style

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While Jolie may have made a few unforgettable mistakes in her fashion life— like getting married in a blood-stained tee and showing at red carpet evens dresses like a mortician— she made up for it. Her dresses have very often been a dream, with lots of draped fabric cinched at the waist to show off that figure. Black is still a favored red carpet color for Jolie, though she does step out in nudes, metallic, and an occasional red or green if the mood strikes her. She wears her hair down or in messy chignons to frame that beautiful face and keeps is very simple with the accessories too. Her face always looks illuminated from within and Jolie dresses up that world-famous pout with equal style. She looks ravishing with a red lip but equally gorgeous with a shimmery nude lip. Frankly, she struts on the red carpet looking nothing less than perfect and it would take years for Vikander to match up to her style quotient, though she has a great start.

1 Vikander Manages To Hold Her Own Being Louis Vuitton’s Muse

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Vikander is Louis Vuitton’s muse so most of her red carpet appearance is dresses in LV’s best. With that gloriously tanned skin tone and an ethereal ballerina body, Vikander makes a great appearance on most red carpets. Her youthfulness helps in her wearing almost everything, from minis to maxis, pantsuits to jumpsuits—all with elegant ease. Like Jolie, she is also more of an eye girl and prefers a smokey eye paired with toned-down pastel lips, though once in a while, she digresses with a nude eye and a red lip and manages to look even younger than her late twenties. She wears her hair the way she like—long and straight, loose and wavy, ponytails, chignons, buns, and elaborate updos—and with that bone structure, she manages to carry all of her looks with ease. She has age on her side and if her version of Croft sticks with today’s audience, Jolie’s Croft will soon be an antiquated thing of the past…

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