25 Times The Kardashians Were Surprisingly Stylish

Over the years the Kardashian clan has captured the attention of the press, the paparazzi and numerous fans. Their reality TV show – Keeping Up With The Kardashians – has no doubt helped the Kardashians reach the fame they enjoy nowadays thanks to the insane amount of drama that seems to be present in their family life.

However, nowadays the Kardashians are known as much for their fashion choices as for their never-ending drama and weird lifestyle choices. Indeed, most of the outfits that the Kardashians wear – with the exception of the model Kendall who almost always makes us envious with her fashion choices – are weird at best and ridiculous at worst. And even Kendall is not exempt from choosing bizarre looking pieces that can certainly be considered a fashion statement, but not exactly a good one.

Still, despite their very often catastrophic outfit choices, the Kardashians do manage to surprise us once in a while. Indeed, sometimes their outfits are so stylish and chic that we can’t help but copy them, despite our initial prejudice.

25 Kendall's Knee-Length Denim Dress


Kendall wore the above knee-length wrap denim dress to Rodeo Drive’s car event in Beverly Hills last year. The stunning Stella McCartney dress fit Kendal perfectly and showed off her amazing figure. Kendall paired the dress with a pair of vintage-looking sunglasses by Le Specs X Adam Selman and white Adidas sneakers by Raf Simons Stan Smith. She had her hair up in a messy bun.

Kendall was accompanied by her sister Kylie who also donned a surprisingly cute outfit. Unlike Kendall’s summery outfit, Kylie opted for an all-black ensemble which consisted of Celine striped pants, a black tee Nike Air Force sneakers, cool sunglasses, and a Prada backpack.

24 Kendall's Inspired Outfit


We can’t get over how cute this outfit, which was worn by Kendall in a 2016 interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, is. The outfit consists of a silky yellow top adorned with lace trimmings, a structured mini skirt, a maroon choker and black ankle boots.

As you can probably recall, lingerie inspired outfits were extremely fashionable back in 2016, with many celebrities jumping at the chance to incorporate their night-time wear into their street style outfits.

Lingerie and night-time wear inspired outfits might have been all the rage a few years ago but few of us opted to give them a go in real life for fear of looking ridiculous. We have to admit however that many of us would don the above outfit without second thoughts.

23 Kourtney's Classic Black Pants And White Tee Combo


Black pants and white t-shirt combination has been around forever but few of us manage to make the combination look as stylish as Kourtney did when she was seen leaving a studio in Los Angeles.

The model and businesswoman Kourtney paired a white crop tee with IRO High-waist Tailored Trousers as well as leather Balenciaga boots. She kept accessories to a minimum, only opting for a pair of vintage-looking specs, so as not to detract from her outfit. Indeed, minimalist outfits usually only look amazing when they are, as the name suggests, left minimal and Kourtney seems to know that very well.

Kourtney also kept her makeup fresh and natural looking and had her sleek and straight hair down.

22 Kim's Fancy Max Mara Coat


We all know it by now: Kim loves coats but more specifically, she loves Max Mara coats. Of course, it makes total sense – the Italian fashion house is known for its luxurious outerwear and Kim looks stunning whenever she dons their coats.

Indeed, every single one of Kim's outfits, when adorned with a Max Mara coat, seems to be elevated into something much more fashionable.

Take the outfit above, for example. It consists of a purple crop top, a grey Lanvin skirt, Tom Ford sandals and of course, a mustard yellow Max Mara teddy coat. Kim’s makeup was, as usual, perfect and her sleek hair was down. Kim opted to forego all accessories and let the outfit speak for itself.

21 Kylie's All-White Ensemble


Few people can successfully pull off an all-white outfit. With the aid of the above outfit, Kylie has proved to us that she is one of those few lucky individuals. The reality TV star wore this all-white ensemble a few years ago when she was out and about in the busy streets of Los Angeles.

Kylie’s all-white outfit consisted of a white crop-top that showcased her tummy and a pair of white skinny jeans. Kylie also wore grey runners and a black shoulder bag that gave the outfit a pop of color.

Thinking the outfit too minimal, Kylie decided to accessorize it with a necklace, a few bracelets and a couple of rings on her fingers. She kept her hair down and her makeup was, as always, perfect.

20 Kim's Chic Pregnancy Outfit


Kim’s pregnancy showed us just how desperate she was to showcase her figure with ridiculously tight outfits despite the fact that more often than not she ended up looking ridiculous as opposed to gorgeous.

However, the reality TV star hit the jackpot with the above outfit as her fans could not stop talking about how good she looked. Kim wore the above outfit – which consisted of a tight white dress, a pink overcoat and matching sandals – on her day out in Los Angeles. Kim must have known that she looked amazing for she documented her outfit in a selfie which she later posted onto her Instagram page.

19 Khloe's Outfit That Showcased Her Curves


Khloe Kardashian is a curvy lady and she knows exactly how to flaunt those curves. Take the above outfit, for example, which consists of a black and white stripy pencil skirt, a tight, white long-sleeved top and silver heels.

Khloe couldn’t have looked better in the above outfit and smartly decided against accessorizing the look, only opting for a black clutch bag and a few rings on her fingers. Her pink fingernails gave the outfit plenty of color.

Khloe opted to keep her hair simple and her makeup minimal for this look, which she wore on her day shopping in Beverly Hills. That same day, Khloe announced that she was not back with her husband Lamar Odom.

18 Kim's "Darth Vader" Outfit


It’s hard to go wrong with an all-black outfit and Kim certainly knows that. A few years ago the reality TV star went for an all black ensemble which was aptly compared to the outfit worn by Darth Vader.

Kim’s villain-inspired outfit consisted of a black tank top, a black leather pencil skirt, a long black sweeping coat and black boots. The reality TV star completed her look by donning a pair of black sunglasses and a gold clutch. She kept her sleek hair down and her makeup was minimal. Kim wore the outfit on her way to film the 10th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

17 Kendall's Pink Feathery Bralette


Looking for the perfect outfit to wear to dinner? Why not follow in the footsteps of Kendall and opt for a statement crop top. The model wore the above outfit – which consisted of a baby pink bralette adorned with feathers and mom jeans – to dinner in West Hollywood with her sister Kourtney.

The model completed the extremely adorable – yet gorgeous – look by wearing high heels and accessorizing the outfit with a unique Louis Vuitton chain bag. Kendall also opted to pull back her sleek hair into a messy bun and as always, kept her makeup minimal.

16 Kylie's Classic Jeans and Graphic Tee Outfit


You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans and a statement tee, as demonstrated by Kylie. Kylie wore the above outfit on the streets of Malibu and was soon swarmed by the paparazzi, whom were dying to take a snap of the fashionable reality TV personality.

Kylie’s simple yet extremely chic outfit consisted of a short-sleeved graffiti tee, tight ripped denim jeans and black ankle boots. She completed the look by accessorizing with a black backpack – which further highlighted the relaxed, casual vibe she was going for– and a few bracelets. Kylie kept her short hair down and her makeup was minimal (yet perfect!)

15 Kim's Mannish Blazer Dress


Kim is known for wearing tight-fitting outfits that accentuate and showcase her curves. So she takes us by complete surprise when she opts for anything that is even slightly different from her usual outfits. Indeed, when Kim opted for the above oversized and rather mannish Jacquemus blazer dress both the paparazzi and her fans were shocked.

Kim wore the statement blazer dress on the streets of New York before New York Fashion Week which she paired with white Yeezy ankle boots. Not wanting the outfit to appear too simple Kim decided to accessorize it with an elegant necklace and a lip ring. She kept her long, sleek hair down and her makeup was, as always, flawless.

14 Kim's "Good Morning America" Outfit


The above outfit, which Kim wore to the “Good Morning America” show in 2012, is a classic Kim outfit – it’s tight and it doesn’t fail to showcase either her curves or her long legs, although we will admit we are surprised that Kim covered up her cleavage.

Still, the above ensemble could certainly be considered outfit goals. It consists of a white blouse, a black mini skirt and a structured, oversized blazer. Kim also wore black sandals and carried a silver clutch.

Knowing that accessories would only detract from the outfit, Kim opted to keep it simple. What can we say – this is possibly the classiest and most elegant outfit that Kim has ever worn.

13 Kourtney's Faux Fur Coat


Fake fur jackets never go out of style, especially when they are as fun as the one you see above. Kourtney wore the above outfit in 2016 but one could easily don something similar in winter 2018 and look just as stylish.

The above outfit consists of a black bra, a sheer top, black skinny leather pants, black ankle boots and a Pam & Gela Colorblocked Mongolian fur jacket.

Kourtney accessorized the outfit by opting for a black necklace and a Celine Flap Clutch. She kept her hair out of her face by styling it into a messy bun.

12 Kourtney's Power Suit


Have you ever opted for a pant suit on a day off? Or worn one to a party? Neither have we but Kourtney Kardashian is seriously making us reconsider our fashion choices. Just look at her stylish outfit above which consists of an olive green suit – think tapered trousers and an 80’s style oversized blazer - black sandals and a Dior saddle bag.

The key to making it look more casual? Forget the shirt! That’s exactly what Kourtney did and she looked amazing.

Younes Bendjima, with whom Kourtney is posing in the photo above, looked just as stylish – while his outfit was nothing spectacular the internet couldn’t stop gushing over the way he tied his denim jacket like a cross-body bag.

11 Kourtney's Stunning Pregnancy Outfit


Unlike her sister Kim, Kourtney dressed exceptionally well when she was pregnant. Take the above outfit, which Kourtney wore when she was pregnant with her third child in 2014, as an example. It consists of black pants, a black long-sleeved tee, chunky black boots and an elegant white overcoat.

Kourtney accessorized the above ensemble with a bracelet and a black backpack which further added to the casual vibe she was no doubt going for. She kept her hair down and her makeup minimal. It was a simple yet highly effective look that was no doubt copied by women worldwide.

10 Kendall's Polka Dot Dress That Caused Some Serious Envy


Looking for the perfect summer outfit? Look no further – the outfit you see Kendall sporting above is no doubt the cutest summer outfit you have seen in quite a while. The outfit is incredibly simple and indeed consists of one piece only – a Bec & Bridge polka dot dress from Resort ’18 summer collection.

The dress is naturally quite girly so to off-set the overtly feminine aspect of it Kendall opted for white sneakers and accessorized the dress with gold jewelry and classic shades. She kept her hair down and her makeup minimal to emphasize the summery look.

9 Kourtney's Trick To Styling A Turtleneck


Turtlenecks are incredibly hard to style, especially if one is not going for a dusty librarian look. However, it turns out that if you know how to style one properly you can look not only stylish but also gorgeous!

Take the above outfit which Kourtney wore in 2017 when she was on her way to pick up her son Mason from art class. The outfit consisted of an Orseund Iris chunky knit cropped sweater and Sandro Roz pants as well as black Balenciaga boots.

Kourtney kept the outfit simple and avoided all accessories realizing that they would only serve to detract from her cozy yet awesome looking outfit. Instead, she opted for black Saint Laurent sunglasses which completed her already amazing outfit.

8 Kendall's "Little Black Dress" With A Twist


A little black dress is every girl’s wardrobe staple but as it turns out, they don’t have to be as boring as we thought. Take Kendall’s little black dress above as an example. It is certainly not your typical little black dress. Rather, it is a modern take on one.

The above outfit consisted of a Carmen March mini black dress and black heels. Kendall decided against all accessories – except for low-key earrings - so as not to detract from the modern-looking dress. After all, such stunning dress deserves to be the center of attention. In keeping with this thought, Kendall kept her short hair neat and elegant and her makeup minimal.

7 Kendall's White Tee And Jeans Combo


We’ve already mentioned that you can never go wrong with jeans and a white, basic tee. Kendall knows the importance of investing in high-quality basics, as can be seen by her outfit above.

In the above photo, Kendall is wearing casual denim jeans, a white tee and Jack Short Shearling Jacket. The outfit is simple yet effective thanks to Kendall's decision to add in a statement piece – Stella McCartney Britt Metallic Platform Derby Shoes.

As always, Kendall decided to keep accessories to a minimum, instead opting for stunning Komono Crated Lulu Sunglasses and a Kurt Geiger Croc London Tote. She kept her sleek hair down and her makeup natural.

6 Khloe Gives Up Her Heels


It’s a rare sight to see Khloe not sporting sky-high heels. One would think that she doesn't look great without them but on the contrary, as the above photo suggests, Khloe looks amazing in sneakers. Or casual outfits, for that matter.

Take the above outfit as an example. Khloe is wearing a tight white dress with silver snap buttons on it – the bottom ones were undone - and nothing else. She paired the casual yet chic dress with white sneakers and a leather backpack.

As for accessories, Khloe decided that a single bracelet was enough. She also kept her hair down in classy waves and opted for rather minimal makeup with the exception of smoky eyes which completed her simple yet extremely chic look.

5 Khloe Opts For A Simple Outfit


As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a rare sight to see Khloe not wearing heels, as can be backed up by the photo above. In the above photo, Khloe is wearing a casual outfit which gets its chic and cool vibes from leopard print heels.

The above outfit consists of tight black high-waist denim jeans, a black spaghetti strap bodysuit and a statement yellow bag. As mentioned previously, the outfit is completed – and one might say taken to the next level – by leopard print heels.

Khloe accessorized the look with a cross necklace and a single bracelet. She kept her hair down in her signature wavy style and her makeup was minimal with the exception of her usual smoky eye.

4 Kim's Anime-Inspired Airport Outfit


There’s no better person to model Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion line than his wife Kim Kardashian. Take the above outfit as an example, which Kim modelled while she was in Tokyo. The outfit consists of grey pants, knee-length snake skin boots, a puffy jumper and a cozy-looking oversized coat.

The above outfit could have very easily looked slouchy and unflattering, but Kim made sure that was not the case by tucking in the soft, puffy jumper into her pants and by donning snake skin boots.

Kim tweeted the look on her Twitter page and captioned it as “Day One Airport Vibes”. Indeed, it does seem like the perfect outfit for travelling for those who want to be stylish but also comfortable at the same time.

Fans were quick to spot the anime vibes and Kim admitted that Japanese animations were a huge inspiration for her outfits styled in Tokyo.

3 Kendall Knows The Power Of A Graphic Tee


Graphic tees are a must-have in one’s wardrobe so it probably comes as no surprise that this list features quite a few outfits that include the aforementioned staple. While it is true that graphic tees can look grungy and sloppy, they can also elevate your outfit and give you a super cool vibe when styled correctly.

Take the above outfit worn by Kendall as an example. The outfit, which Kendall wore in Milan during her time off catwalk duty, consisted of a pair of high-waisted loose black pants, a black belt, a graphic tee and cream ankle boots.

The model accessorized the look with small, classic sunglasses and opted to give her skin a rest and forego all makeup. She also kept her hair pulled back in a low ponytail.

2 Kylie's Leather Skirt And Black Tee Combo


Leather skirts can be hard to style – opt for the wrong tee and shoes and you may end up looking terrible – but Kylie certainly knows how to go about it. Indeed, the above outfit is both chic and casual thanks to the cool leather skirt and the simple black tee.

Kylie styled the green, leather mini skirt with a cropped black tee, black and white stripy socks and black ankle boots. She accessorized the look with a pair of elegant sunglasses, a few bracelets on both of her arms and a couple of rings on her fingers. Kylie kept her long hair down and her makeup natural.

1 Kris Jenner's Youthful Look


You didn’t think we’d get through this list without mentioning Kris Jenner, did you? While it is true that Jenner often baffles us with her outfit choices – she often goes for youthful outfits that end up making her look older than she actually is – she does manage to surprise us once in a while.

Take the outfit above as an example. Kris wore the above outfit – which consisted of a cream shift dress, a black overcoat casually draped over her shoulders, black ankle boots, nude fishnet tights and a Chanel bottle shaped bag - to a Chanel show which took place as part of Paris Fashion Week in 2014.

Kris completed her outfit by wearing simple earrings and a pair of classic sunglasses. Her outfit was very youthful but somehow fitted the famous "momager" wonderfully and made her look far younger than she actually is.

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