25 Fashion Looks These Short Celebs Look Amazing In

When it comes to creating their fashion looks, it seems like celebrities are expected to look perfect on the red carpet, out to lunch, and everywhere in between. Considering the fact that most of them can afford any clothing they want, hire a stylist, and are often gifted free clothing from fashion brands, it seems like that expectation is pretty reasonable. However, just like any normal person, celebrities can experience some fashion mishaps or have trouble putting together an ensemble that actually looks good. Of course, petite women in the entertainment industry can have an even more difficult time creating stylish and mature looks.

Most people would assume that being small is an advantage when it comes to clothing and for the most part that is true. It's certainly easier to find clothes that you can fit into and if you're already naturally small you really don't have to worry about making yourself look tiny in your clothes. However, being petite also has some serious fashion challenges. Finding clothes that are short enough to fit you correctly can be really difficult for a smaller woman. When you're naturally little, your clothing choices can look too young for you or look too big on you if they're made for an average-sized woman. Which tiny Hollywood stars have managed to knock it out of the park when it comes to their styling and fashion choices? Here are 25 fashion looks these short celebs look amazing in.

25 Salma Hayek Rocks A Form-Fitting Gown

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Salma Hayek is a total knockout every day of the week and twice on Sundays but she especially nailed this red carpet look. Wearing a formal white dress can be tricky since white gowns often wind up looking like wedding dresses but this elegant satin gown with a slight peek of black at the neckline looked anything but bridal. Salma understandably likes to show off her killer curves but this outfit manages to accentuate her body without being uncomfortably tight or showing too much skin.

As a petite woman with a bigger chest, this dress manages to show off just the right amount of skin without making it look like she is in danger of falling out of her dress or looking like her body is being completely crushed.

24 Hilary Duff's Bright Mini Skirt Is So Fun

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If you're a petite woman with Hilary Duff's body type, you're in luck because you can rock pretty much whatever clothing proportions you want and still look good. Hilary looks like she has a slight hourglass figure with no real extreme curves anywhere, which is why she can pretty much wear anything so long as it actually fits her. You probably only want to be wearing a miniskirt and skintight top if you're in tip-top shape but as you can see, it's a nice look for Duff. Unlike most people, wearing horizontal stripes actually doesn't make her look extra wide. Hilary's shirt and skirt look like they could very easily be found in the juniors section but the styling of the accessories, hair, and makeup keep her looking mature instead of like she's trying to relieve her years as Lizzie McGuire or something.

23 Ariana Grande Makes Her Legs Look Longer In High-Waisted Jeans And A Crop Top

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While this certainly isn't the kind of styling that would work for everyone, Ariana Grande has figured out how to play her small size to its maximum advantage by essentially choosing juniors clothes as her personal clothing style. Eventually, her styling is going to have to evolve or it's just going to start looking really strange. However, if you're small and young and you don't mind looking small and young then why not shop in the clothing sections that are actually made for people who are your size? The high-waisted, super skinny jeans are very flattering on someone of Ariana's size and crop tops are a very current trend, so if you have the abdomen to rock them then why not? The addition of the super high, black platforms give Grande an extra boost and add a slightly more mature edge to the very youthful looking outfit.

22 Mila Kunis' Draped Gown Suits Her Petite Frame

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It's quite an impressive feat but Mila Kunis' outfit choices have somehow managed to make a pint-sized woman look almost willowy. An easy trick for any vertically challenged girls out there is to wear some high heeled shoes beneath a skirt or pair of pants that hide your footwear completely. The cut and the draping of this lavender gown only enhances and elongates Mila's look. The dress is really a stunner on its own but it also serves to enhance Mila's best assets in particular. The downward curve of all of the fabric on the skirt of the dress makes it look flowy and extra long, while the shaping of the bodice gives Mila the illusion of having a natural hourglass figure. With such a frilly and detailed dress, going for a very subdued hair, makeup, and accessory look is right on the money.

21 Reese Witherspoon's Monochromatic Summer Dress And Denim Jacket Combo Looks Fantastic

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Reese Witherspoon looks every bit the Southern belle in this casual look. The head-to-toe black and white combo is a crisp and classic look. The blue denim jacket is a nice pop of color that breaks up the monochrome outfit. What's impressive about Reese's outfit is that all of her black and/or white accessory pieces manage to look coordinated without looking like they're dyed to match or something. A lot of celebs strike gold with the clothing they wear but then fall short with the accessories. It's nice to see a star who's fully decked out in accessories that actually work well with the clothes that she's wearing. The loose structure of the clothes in this look strikes just the right balance for someone who wants to look classy and casual while still feeling super comfortable in their clothing throughout the day.

20 Alyssa Milano Rocks A Pair Of Paper Bag Waist Leather Trousers

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Alyssa Milano chooses the perfect outfits for her petite body, like this one for the red carpet. It's really no surprise that she snagged the gig as the host of the fashion reality show competition, Project Runway: All Stars. Black and white is always a mature and classic look for any formal event but the lace top and paper bag waist pants give it an extra unique edge that a lot of red carpet looks don't have. A paper bag waist can look odd on the average sized woman because it can emphasize the hips, which many women may be looking to avoid. If you're already smaller than average, it can give you some added shape and volume without overloading your body with fabric. Alyssa's corset and lace shirt is the perfect way to top off this look. The black corset gives the outfit something extra, while the lace top keeps things looking conservative.

19 Kristen Bell Shows Short Girls How To Rock Voluminous Skirts

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Pulling off a really voluminous look can be a tough job for a petite lady but the corseted bodice of Kristen Bell's Screen Actors Guild Awards dress truly makes her look like a Disney princess come to life. Magenta is a color that can easily look more youthful than most petite adult women want to appear but the depth and richness of this pink color make the gown look more sophisticated. The bodice really does a lot to elongate Bell's figure. While the average evening gown might have a fitted top that starts to balloon out to the skirt around the hip area, the top of Kristen's gown stays fitted a few inches lower than you might expect, giving her the illusion of a longer torso.

18 Rachel Bilson's Billowy Dress Flatters Her Baby Bump

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Rachel Bilson is pretty widely known for being a hardcore fashionista, so it really shouldn't be much of a surprise that such a little woman managed to look amazing and fashion-forward even while pregnant. Obviously, when you're expecting a child you are rocking a wider midsection than you probably ever will have in your life. This flowing and feminine look just goes to show that even if you're a petite person with a wider midsection you can look gorgeous and show off your body. Unless you have a big chest that would require you to wear pretty heavy undergarments at all times, choosing a flowing sundress is almost always a safe choice for girls on the smaller side. While a flowing look can make average or larger sized girls look extra large, petite women who are carrying a few extra pounds will still look pretty small and cute in a loose and casual sundress.

17 Anna Kendrick Proves That Short Girls Can Play With Different Shapes

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Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick might be naturally tiny and very slim but this flattering dress manages to make her look mature and give her some extra curves to her body. Unless the widest part of your body is your midsection, wearing a look with a cinched in waist is almost always really flattering. What's nice about a garment with a cinched waist is that you can create an illusion of whatever body shape you want just by choosing the right proportions from top to bottom. If you're small-shouldered and want to make your torso look a bit bigger then just go for a look with a structured and slightly larger shoulder. If you want to emphasize your hips and make a narrow pelvis look larger, just pick a look with a wider skirt. And if you want both? Well then just get something that has both, like Kendrick did here.

16 Eva Longoria's Suit Look Is Super Flattering And Cute

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Suits for women get an unnecessarily bad rap for sometimes looking too old or too stuffy but this short pantsuit that Eva Longoria is rocking shows just how alluring and hip the right suit can look on someone. The classic navy color of this look is a good choice, considering how unconventional of a cut and style this is for a suit. While going for such a low-cut suit jacket without an undershirt is a choice that requires a lot of boldness (and presumably a lot of fashion tape), it keeps Eva looking super feminine. Suits with shorts are also an unusual but awesome choice for any woman who is looking to rock a suit while still looking young and hip. The slight puff of the sleeve gives Eva a little bit more volume without making the jacket look oversized. When it comes to picking the right suit jacket for a woman, finding one where the shoulder seams actually lay on your true shoulder is the key to wearing something that fits you properly.

15 Hayden Panettiere Looks Incredible In A Casual Button-Up Shirt And A Great Pair Of Jeans

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Nashville star Hayden Panettiere is certainly playing to her audience with this cowgirl-inspired look but her outfit just goes to show that when it comes to selecting everyday pieces for a little woman's night out, it is all about the size and fit. The overall look of a plaid top, some jeans, and a pair of nice boots is a pretty simple outfit to throw together but since none of the individual pieces are oversized or poorly fitted, Hayden looks super cute and stylish instead of like she's being eaten alive by fabric. When you're 5'3" or under, it can be hard to find clothes that are the right proportions for you but this casual look demonstrates how far finding clothes with the proper fit can go in making you look put together and well styled. If it's within your budget, getting your clothes tailored to your body can also be a lifesaver for smaller women.

14 Jenna Dewan Tatum Lets The Necklace Do The Talking

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Choosing a very top-heavy dress can be a risky choice for taller women, but if you're as itty bitty as Jenna Dewan Tatum, it's a look that can actually enhance your body instead of making you look bizarrely wide in the shoulders. The stiff structure of the dress is offset by the satiny sheen of the fabric and the over-the-top embellishment on the bodice. The overall look manages to be feminine and fashion-forward, while actually being pretty conservative too. The pencil style skirt of the dress does accentuate the narrowness of Dewan Tatum's hips. The hem of the skirt seems to be so narrow that it might actually be difficult to actually walk in but as an overall fashion statement, this look has a mature vibe to it that makes Jenna look like the business savvy and stylish woman that she is.

13 Jennifer Love Hewitt's Flattering Green Gown Is A Knockout

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Jennifer Love Hewitt might be diminutive in size but she definitely has the curves of an ultra feminine woman. Choosing clothes for yourself when you're tiny and curvy is not usually very easy but this well-tailored dress emphasizes Hewitt's hourglass figure and super slim waist really beautifully. If you're a bit bustier, it can be difficult finding dresses with tops that fit you well. The interesting trick on this hunter green dress is that the brown belt hits just below Jennifer's chest where an empire-waisted dress's waistline would be (and empire waists are usually not super flattering on curvaceous women) but the dress is still fitted to Hewitt's actual waist, giving her a really pretty silhouette. The pleats in the front make the hourglass look of this dress even more intense, giving the tiny Hewitt some Kim Kardashian-style curves with some easy cheats in the structure of the dress.

12 Kourtney Kardashian's White Suit Look Is Stunning

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A white pantsuit with a crop top is a pretty tough look to pull off while looking mature and elegant but Kourtney Kardashian manages to do both with this particular fashion choice. The slight sheen on the fabric of the suit gives it a more formal look than your average woman's pantsuit. The lacy crop top would probably be too much to wear on its own but the subtle peek of the feminine satin and lace adds just enough girlishness to a very structured and covered up look. On a bigger woman, a white pantsuit can look kind of bulky and cumbersome but Kourtney is tiny enough that it just makes her look average-sized instead of too big. Obviously, wearing an all-white look is never a decision for the faint of heart but this ultra-tailored pantsuit look is something that brings attention to the eldest Kardashian sister for all of the right reasons.

11 Lea Michele's Eyelet Look Is Alluring And Classy


Wearing a partially sheer dress on the red carpet is a choice that can make you look really over-the-top but the transparency is barely noticeable with this lace dress that Glee star Lea Michele wore to an event for GLAAD. The bodice of this dress is incredibly flattering on Michele's body and manages to be daringly low cut without looking like it's trying to be shockingly revealing. While horizontal stripes on a skirt can be a risky decision, the alternating laces on the bottom are subtle enough that it doesn't actually look like stripes but still gives the effect of breaking up the skirt and elongating Lea's body. With a dress that goes all the way down to the floor, it's easy to give yourself a bit of added height. Lea is presumably wearing some significantly high heels beneath her dress that you can't see because it's truly floor-length.

10 Lucy Liu's Funky Dress Is Absolutely Perfect On Her

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This outfit choice of Lucy Liu's is so hip and cool that it's almost unbearable. It manages to pull together a lot of disparate looking fabrics and styles to create an overall cohesive and unique look. Obviously, she's getting a bit of a height boost from the platform shoes but the studded leather gladiator-style sandals also bring an extra edge and a unique touch to the entire look. The color blocking on the pleated skirt is definitely an unexpected cut and combination, while the touch of copper is something that you don't normally see either. It brings a nice punch of stunning brightness and shimmer to an overall dark and neutral-colored look. The top of the dress makes use of striped fabric to create some nice, flattering lines on her torso. The whole ensemble gives off a unique and classy vibe to this cute and feminine look.

9 Natalie Portman's Tank Dress Is A Total Winner

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This classic, flapper-inspired dress that Natalie Portman wore to the Golden Globe Awards is so beautiful that it would most likely look incredible on anyone but for someone as tiny as she is, it was an extraordinarily flattering fashion choice. When smaller girls are wearing looks with a lot of fabric, it can often times look like they're getting swallowed by their own dress but the extra volume on the bottom of this dress is just enough without being overwhelming. A drop waist on a dress can be kind of a difficult look for some women to pull off because it really emphasizes the hips. However, if you're already petite and have small hips anyway, wearing something that highlights your hip line can actually give you the illusion of more curvaceousness than you really have. The delicate satin cream color is broken up with a sparkling black belt to create a very unique and elegant fabric combination.

8 Rooney Mara's Long Skirt Flatters Her Small Frame

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Rocking a top that has only a little more fabric than a regular crop top for a formal entertainment industry event is a bold move but this red top and skirt combination looks really great on the film star Rooney Mara. The ankle-length skirt is a nice piece to balance out the skimpiness of the top, while the added detail of the alternating mesh stripes is a pleasant surprise. The skirt hits Mara at her natural waist, which makes her legs look even longer. The breakup of her bare midriff in between the skirt and top helps prevent her torso from looking awkwardly short. The floral detailing on such a bright red is an interesting and unusual combination. The sleekness of her hair and makeup really pulls the whole look together. The black shoes are just run of the mill but with such an attention-getting outfit, a fancy shoe isn't really necessary.

7 Nicole Richie's Cheeky Skirt Makes Her Look Tall

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Obviously, Nicole Richie's sky-high Christian Louboutin heels are giving her some help in the height department but this gold satin wrap skirt and black mesh top really suit Richie's petite frame well. The embellishments on the top are unique and wearing a super long-sleeved, high-necked shirt on the red carpet is a nice change from the typical red carpet dresses. The tea-length skirt is a striking gold color and while it may look a little conservative for the red carpet, the super-high slit is a nice surprise. While piling a lot of fabric onto a small girl can sometimes make it look like they're drowning in their clothes, Nicole has used the extra yardage around the top of her skirt to cinch in her waist, making her legs look even longer and highlighting her natural body shape.

6 Serayah McNeill Shows Short Girls How To Do Wide-Leg Pants


Empire star Serayah McNeill's outfit for this Michael Kors event might be a tad too daring and revealing for most but it's definitely an interesting and flattering look for her to be rocking on a red carpet. Wearing a crop top that is so short is no easy feat, especially if you want to look fashion forward and not be revealing too much skin, but the super high waist of the wide-legged paper bag pants compensates for the top to create an overall look that actually seems pretty tame. The print is a pretty intense one, so not covering herself from head to toe in a black and blue floral was probably a good call. While the fact that her top even manages to stay on is a bit of a mystery, it's definitely one that flatters her neckline and shows off her curves.

5 Shakira's Leather Pants Are Amazing On Ger

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The Colombian pop singing superstar Shakira might be tiny enough to shop in the children's section of a department store but the looks that she normally chooses for herself are anything but childish. Shakira's classic rock and roll combination of leather pants and leather boots are a fairly standard and flattering choice but the skinny cut on the pants and the extra platform heel on the boots elongates her legs even more. The hemline of her shirt sits a tad lower than the norm but the extra-low cut top compensates for the added length and brings an undeniable feminine appeal to the overall look. In order to keep things still looking casual and comfortable, Shakira adds her black and white printed jacket, which breaks up the outfit without clashing with the rest of her outfit either. The wide shoulders on her blazer definitely make her look a bit taller than she really is.

4 Lucy Hale Sticks To A Classic Shape And Does It Perfectly

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Obviously, Lucy Hale's super high platform sandals are giving the petite actress a lot of extra height and length to her body but the red mini dress is the real star of this red carpet. Finding mini dresses that work well on a small frame can be difficult but the skirt of this dress hits in just the right place on Lucy's legs, while the extra demure neckline of the look keeps an overall revealing dress still looking classy. The bright orangey-red color is a really fun and youthful looking choice, which leaves Hale looking pretty hip. The basic makeup and loose side braid add to the easygoing image. The gold accessorizing is probably something she could have gone without but it's minimal enough that it still works without taking much attention away from the bold color and bold dress cut.

3 Vanessa Hudgens Shows Shorties How To Rock A Long Gown

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Vanessa Hudgens may be on the smaller side but this Sachin & Bobi Noir structured dress that she wore to the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards was the perfect look for her to be rocking at a fashion awards show. The bodice is a flattering cut on Vanessa and the black mesh at the top gives it an extra demure look. The belt on the dress actually hits Hudgens below her natural waist, which elongates her torso. The high-low cut of the skirt makes her legs look even longer as well. Dressing a petite frame without making it look even smaller than it is isn't an easy task, especially given the traditional cuts of formal dresses, but with the right proportions in a garment, even the tiniest of girls can look regal and powerful.

2 Zoe Kravitz Rocks A Boxy Leather Dress

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This super cool architectural dress is not a look for the faint of heart but considering Zoe Kravitz's overall coolness credentials, it seems like the kind of look that is tailor made for someone as artsy as her. Designing a dress with the kind of paneling that also hides its construction well is no easy feat and the fact that this design manages to combine leather panels with some super delicate looking sheer mesh is pretty impressive. The shoes don't look super comfortable and they're kind of needlessly complex and attention-getting, considering how much of a star the dress really is, but they certainly help the pint-sized celeb look anything but short. The deep green leather is an interesting choice. It's unusual to see a leather look in such an unusual color but it makes the dress look even more unique and mature.

1 Jada Pinkett Smith Plays With Lace

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Wearing a translucent top on the red carpet can look easily look a little over-the-top but the delicate lace of Jada Pinkett Smith's top along with the overall conservative cut of this long-sleeved look does a lot to offset the surprise of her barely-covered torso. A shimmery silver lace is an unusual choice for this kind of ultra frilly look and the volume of the skirt does a whole lot to make the tiny Pinkett Smith look bigger than she really is. The simple, no fuss styling of this look definitely lets the bold features of the dress take center stage in the way that it needs to. The bottom of the dress grazes just above the knee, which is just the right place for it to end. When you're on the smaller side, an easy way to make your outfit look odd is by choosing a look that is too long in the sleeves or on the skirt. Choosing something that is properly fitted to you means that half of the battle is already won.

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