24 Iconic Fashion Pieces From SATC We Could Still Buy Today

Carrie Bradshaw is the most iconic TV show character. Women around the world are crazy about SATC because of its storyline and most of all, the fashion. Over the six seasons, Bradshaw has worn the most iconic outfits from designer brands such as Dior and of course, the most beloved Manolo Blahnik, which Carrie was obsessed with. Bradshaw loved making statements with her outfit selections from stand-out hats to eccentric hats to killer heels. Carrie also loved her tulle skirts and short dresses, but two of the most iconic outfits are the famous white tutu and the newspaper-print cocktail dress which we can still buy today. Bradshaw also loved her fur coat and wore it on many occasions.

All these stunning outfits, which women across the world want to wear and possibly don't even mind spending money on, are still available. Surprisingly, we can actually afford some of them. Time to whip out that credit card and invest in your favorite Carrie Bradshaw piece.

24 The Famous White Tutu In The Opening Credits

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Bradshaw deems the ballerina look in the opening credits of the popular show and while no woman would actually wear something like this out in public, it's an iconic skirt in pop culture. Funnily enough, the iconic white tutu only cost $5 and it was more of a bargain buy for Carrie since in the first couple of seasons, she didn't exactly have a huge bank account like she did after she published her first book. There were doubts, though, as to whether they should keep it or not, but luckily they did. Sadly, that $5 price tag rose to $140 at Field because it's so popular.

23 It's All About The Fur

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Another iconic item Carrie wore is the fur coat. It was big, fluffy, and its sole purpose was to keep her fashionably warm. Bradshaw loved it so much, she wore it often in the first couple of seasons, and then brought back again in the last episode when we find out Big's name is John. It also made an appearance in the movie. You could say it goes hand in hand with Big to be honest. It is worth thousands on eBay and sold at auctions, but luckily for us, we can get something similar at Posh Mark for $25. It's fluffy like Carrie's, but a little shorter.

22 She's a journalist inside and out

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This dress has become a fashion statement thanks to Carrie and it portrays her freelance writing career. The John Galliano for Christian Dior newsprint dress appeared in season three when Carrie apologized to Natasha, Big's ex-wife. It's unique because of the newspaper design across the whole dress and we can still buy it in 2018. It's on special at the celebrity dresses for only $98.99. The dress is a must-have for your party wardrobe and it's affordable. Plus you will stand out just like Carrie did.

21 Bradshaw's Beloved Manolos


The fashionista adores her Manolo Blahnik heels so much that it just seemed absolutely perfect for Big to propose to her with a pair of beautiful blue Manolo Blahnik 'Hangisi' jewel pumps. You can get the exact same pair at Neiman Marcus for $995 which is quite pricey, but so worth it. You can go cheaper with a similar paid from M&S for over $50. And if these aren't exactly your style, investing in any Manolo shoes would still pay tribute to Bradshaw.

20 Carrie Loved Her Tulle

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Bradshaw definitely loved her tulle. Not only does she rock tulle in the opening credits, but she also wore a light green tulle dress in Paris when Big finally finds her and tells her she's always been the one for him. It's as if it's all come full circle, and while this tulle dress is much more sophisticated and glamorous compared to the pink skirt, it shows that no matter how many years and seasons have passed, Bradshaw is still true to who she is. If you're interested in rocking some tulle too, eBay has someone very similar for $189.

19 Always in need of some flair

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Yes, the white short dress that Carrie wore was only in the first movie, but it's still iconic since it was in the opening scene. And who could ignore that flower? Bradshaw did love her florals, and while this isn't the first time she wore a flower pin, it seems like they just kept getting bigger as the seasons went by. The floral dress is short which is perfect for a summer day. You can get a similar design on eBay between $100 and $200, but it's in black instead of white.

18 A Fendi Baguette 

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Bradshaw's prized possessions were her shoes, but what she also loved a good baguette, especially if it was Chanel, Dior, or Fendi. So much so that Carrie made the bag popular during the series. It went out of fashion, but it has now come back as a trend this year. Want to have a bag like Carrie's? You can get a similar one at The Real Real between $100 and $800. There's a big selection, but we suggest getting a brown leather one to be like Bradshaw.

17 Style At The Spice Market

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In Sex and the City 2, Carrie and the girls went to Abu Dhabi on vacation and Bradshaw decided to dress in style for a public outing overseas instead of going for comfort. The purple skirt became an iconic piece for Bradshaw because it was reminiscent of the tulle skirts and Versace gown Carrie wore in the series. It's so stunning, especially since it has elements of a ball gown and luckily for us, we can get a replica at Etsy for $309.

16 Carrie Loved Her Newsboy Hats

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Besides shoes and bags, Bradshaw was also madly in love with her hats and she wore some outlandish ones, but her favorite was the vintage newsboy hat which she donned in season four on numerous occasions. Costume designer of the series, Rebecca Weinberg loved the look and that's why it was so significant in the show. Carrie wore a business suit or a romper to go with the style. You can still get one like Carrie's today and for cheap — about $20 on eBay.

15 Iconic Saddlebag Dior

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Bradshaw made women chase down bags, clothes, and her famous "Carrie" necklace, but in 2000, Carrie also made the saddlebag logo print by Dior really popular. This year, it's back with new designs which were featured at the fall show at Paris Fashion Week. The exact same one that Carrie had would be considered vintage, so it'll be hard to find, but the latest designs and older versions are available on eBay for roughly $200 which isn't a bad price for a designer bag.

14  Summery Headscarfs

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Another item Carrie was obsessed with is headscarves which she wore on a number of occasions in the series and she even donned the look again in the second movie. You definitely will want the look because it's essential for a summer day. It's a bit hard to find the exact same headscarf Bradshaw wore, but it's still in fashion today so it's not hard to find and they come in many designs. They're between $20 to $30 on Etsy and you can even get bohemian designs like Carrie.

13 Boho New York Look

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In season 5, Carrie looked more casual than she normally does, but even though Weinberg wasn't happy with it, it still became a staple, but it's a fresh look for a chill day out in New York. The white top is ruffled and the cropped jeans are perfect and of course, a classic Bradshaw move is to wear heels with a simple style. You can get a similar ruffled white top at Merlette for $320 and denim cropped jeans at ASOS for about $30.

12 The Rainbow Skirt

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During a windy day, Carrie had an embarrassing moment in season 5 when her rainbow skirt lifted up. That scene alone makes the outfit so iconic, but also because it's a store favorite by Nanette Lepore. The fashion is still popular today as you can still buy it at many stores and they're not expensive at all with the price ranging between $30 and $100 on Etsy — it depends on the style and shape. Carrie's stripes are horizontal and have flaps so it would be better to buy that style.

11 Kate Spade Purses Was The Trend

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Carrie loved her designer bags and purses, especially Kate Spade which became iconic and everyone wanted one and still do today. Kate Spade clutches are very popular and luckily for us, we can get the exact same one that Carrie had for $330. She wore this particular clutch on more than one occasion, proving that that kind of style and color can pretty much go with anything.

10 Knits for any occasion

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It's hard to imagine that Carrie would love wool sweaters, but she does, and instead of making the style look boring with just a simple pair of jeans, she actually makes it stylish with a mini skirt. It's perfect for a chilly day and sweaters are easy to buy. You probably couldn't get the exact same turtleneck knit but there is a variety of pink-knitted turtlenecks in store, especially during the winter. Just keep your eyes peeled at stores like H&M and Zara that offer a variety of knit turtlenecks. And since Carrie strives to look unique no matter what she wears, take notice that she undid her the folded sleeves here so that they cover her hands.

9 The White Dress That Turned Heads

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Remember in the second movie when Carrie was talking about how much she had changed since she first arrived in the city and was trying to catch a cab. Well, the improved Bradshaw caught a taxi just like that with the stunning white dress and even though it seems quite plain, it's very elegant and fits her beautifully. The dress soon became one of the most iconic outfits for Carrie and luckily for us, we can buy it at Patricia Field's online store for $350. It may seem a lot, but it's worth it.

8 Carrie Also Loved Her Cowboy Hats

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Yes, this is a strange one since Bradshaw was all about the designer clothes and accessories, but she also knew how to add a little country to her style. In season 2, when she saw Big with Natasha while at a party in the Hamptons, Bradshaw wore an orange straw cowboy hat and it was very different to what we normally see, but Carrie rocked the look. We probably can't get the exact same kind, but you can buy a straw style hat at eBay for about $30.

7 Girls Night Out

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Bradshaw did occasionally like to party with the girls at trendy places in New York and Carrie always knew she could never go wrong with a fitted cocktail dress. Bradshaw had a pair of black sunglasses on and instead of only wearing this style of dress at night, she also wore this sleek dress during the day. You can get a similar style at Shein for $10 and accessorize it like Carrie with a trendy bag, heels, and sunnies.

6 Magic Eight Ball 

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Along with the purple skirt Carrie wore at the spice market the day she bumped into Aiden in the second movie, Bradshaw wore a black Dior T-shirt which went really well with the skirt and of course, it's another iconic shirt for Carrie. Bradshaw's is a real Dior shirt, but you can get a similar one on Etsy for about $26 so you can get the whole outfit and step out in style like Bradshaw.

5 Stranded On a boat with Big

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This is one of Carrie's most sophisticated dresses. It's a navy blue sailor dress that is fitted in all the right places. Bradshaw wore the getup on a boat in season 3 and it was awkward for her as she was stuck with Big on the boat and couldn't escape until it docked. At least Carrie looked fantastic. You can get a very similar one at ASOS for $76 and it's the same length, color, and it even has an identical detail in the front.

4 Carrie's Necklace

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We have to add the chain in because it was Carrie's most prized possession which we realized when she lost it in Paris and found it again. It's so famous that you can get a personalized name in the same font as Carrie's. I know it's not an outfit, but it deserves to be on the list since Bradshaw wore it every day and with every outfit in the first couple of seasons. There's a number of online stores where you can get it from and it's about $30 to $40.

3 The Famous Eiffel Tower Bag

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Okay, this is a pricey one, but it's worth mentioning as Carrie had it as an accessory in the first movie and it's special because it reminds them and us that Big saved Carrie in Paris and brought her back where she belongs. The bag is very unique since it's shaped like the Eiffel Tower and it's by Timmy Woods. If you want the exact same bag, though, it will cost you $2,658, which is quite a lot of money but, it would be a collectors item for die-hard fans.

2 Travelling in style

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In the second movie, Carrie wore a one-shoulder dress that is so soft because of the material and light pink in color. Bradshaw stepped out of Abu Dhabi's airport with the dress and it's perfect for travel but most importantly, a hot summers day. Carrie also accessorized the outfit the right way with a colorful headscarf. You can get a similar dress on eBay for $67.

1  Pleats galore 

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Another famous dress from the second movie is the orange Halston pleated dress and it's a frock that is ideal for hot summer days. Bradshaw wore it during her walk on the beach in Abu Dhabi. It's not as iconic as the rest, but it's still special because it's a more relaxed style for Carrie. It costs $1,213.35 at Shopbop. It's so expensive because it's a Halston Heritage dress.

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