20Gwyneth Paltrow’s Epic Fail

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Gwyneth Paltrow is usually one of the best-dressed celebs on the red carpet. An amazing physique with an epic fashion senses means she is very often the epitome of fashion and the newbie starlets in Hollywood should be taking notes from this lissome blonde. That is, excluding the 2002 Oscar mistake that Paltrow

made. It wasn’t as if what she was wearing was from the flea market – quite the opposite in fact. The Alexander McQueen dress was a coveted one but somehow was terribly ugly. It has a sheer and sleeveless bodice with a pleated black skirt with a long train. While the dress may have looked good on the couture stage, amidst the glittery presence of the red carpet, it made Paltrow look wan and worn out. The earrings and necklace did nothing for her and even her makeup seemed rather meh… The Grecian braids were the only saving grace but it was a clear case of too little and too late.

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