20 Times Selena Gomez Had Perfect Red Carpet Style

The Selenators and the Beliebers are adjusting to Jelena being an item again. Let’s face it, Selena Gomez is a darn cute singer and cute as a button— but she is known more for her rocky relationship with Justin Bieber than she is for her music. With the 2018 Grammy’s snubbing her, Selena and her fans couldn’t care less. Her albums sell like hot cakes and while she hasn’t reached Taylor Swift status, she is a burgeoning force in the music industry.

As a popular figure in the music industry, Selena is talked about for her beauty and her dressing sense too, especially as she falls in the “safe & conservative” dressing category. She dresses well, doesn’t wear anything too flashy, and carries herself with a sense of style and purpose. With an adorable face and great physique, Selena is a red carpet diva in the true sense. Unlike some musicians who love to make a statement with her clothes, Selena dresses in sartorial style and only seems to be getting better with age. From being a teenager who dressed modestly for red carpet appearances to a young woman who made some mistakes before she finally found her place, Selena's fashion sense is certainly an inspiration. Here are some of her best red carpet looks that were talked about for long times to come.

20 All Glammed Up As A Teen

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At 17, Selena was barely legal and looked like something out of a Tinkerbell movie. Cute as a pixie, she made her AMAs debut in 2009 in a dress that could have made her look like a disco light because she is so thin and sleek. The silver-sequined dress is a Talbot Runhof and Selena fairly shines in it. A simple silver clutch and black heels complete the ensemble that shines with bling and simplicity. Selena’s subdued makeup only add to her gamine charm and with her hair pinned back in curls, she looks like a little pixie, about to make some magic. At 17, she clearly has the makings of a raving beauty and while she may have started her career as an actress, she is proving to be a diva of some mettle.

19 Suddenly Grown Up

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Two years later, Selena wowed her fans by ditching the conservative look and choosing a bold one at another AMA appearance. This time, she dressed up in an Armani gown that had a high slit and low backline. Needless to say, she looked positively stunning in the daring number, which she topped off with killer bling heels. A sequined clutch, as well as diamond earrings, added to her beauty. And this time, she did experiment with makeup as well, and the tangerine lips and cheeks added some poise to her youth. With a body like that, Selena Gomez can certainly carry off daring gown designs, though this one is a far cry from the stuff that some singers and divas like to wear on the red carpet. The word that comes to mind is demure.

18 From Athletic Teen To Grown-Up Beauty

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Just three years later, Gomez showed up in a completely different look that indicated that her teen years were all but a distant memory. The gown was demure enough in that it showed no skin, but it certainly showed off her newly acquired or developed assets to the maximum. The gown was tight enough on top to show off every curve she had and enhanced her to the maximum. A black Armani Privé was what she chose to wear at the 2014 AMAs, and she dressed it up simply. Black sandals matched the gown's accent color and chunky gold bracelets added some festivity. With her hair pulled back to show off her earrings, Selena wore oxblood lipstick and heavily lined eyes to compliment her stunning attire. She looked achingly petite in the boat neck gown and clearly, her stylist seemed to have excelled at her job – Selena had definitely arrived.

17 A Change Of Style

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Fans did not have to wait too long for her next fashionable appearance that set the tongues wagging. At the 2015 AMAs, Selena showed off yet another awe-worthy ensemble. This time it was a ruby red, backless, little number that showed off her beautifully-toned back to its fullest extent. The dress was a Givenchy and was festively sequined all through and showed off just a hint of legs as well, and she carried it off with towering and sleek stiletto heels. The same red shade was used to give depth to her eyes and being such a rarely use makeup color— it looked even more amazing. A thin, chain bracelet adorned her hands and matched with the back fastening of the dress itself. She let her hair fall down her back in poker straight sleekness that she kept severely center-parted. She looked like a million bucks in the dress.

16 Miss Goody Two-Shoes?

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This ensemble was a far cry from the Victoria's Secret one. At the 2015 Jingle Ball Tour, Selena appeared in a very sleek avatar that she simply shone in. A nude and black, crystal-embroidered David Koma pencil dress made her look almost business-like, except for the bling. The deep bodice looked sinful on Selena, as the pencil skirt further enhanced her curves. Known for her love of Kit-Kat bars, Snickers, and pasta, we are sure she was into some serious calorie control to look this delicious. Dark eyes and nude lips perfected the look, as her hair was left loose after being pressed poker straight. The black pumps and those red nails teased this ensemble into perfection. Her fitness secrets? If sources are to be believed, its Pop Physique, a barre and ballet-inspired workout.

15 Back In Black

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For her 2015 KIIS FM Jingle Ball appearance, Selena channeled her inner bohemian. She outshone everyone on the red carpet in a bell-sleeved off-shoulder top and a matching high-slit skirt, both by Camilla and Marc. A Dauphin ring and black pumps completed her sun-kissed look. While she obviously has youth on her side, that skin doesn’t come easy. Says Selena, “I just can't understand when – and no offense – people have to wear makeup all the time, and they'll say, 'Oh, you can sleep with a tinted moisturizer or a self-tanner on your face and you can wake up.' For me, I just think that's not my vibe, plus I do breakout. I don't know if it's bad advice, I just think it's kind of to each their own. For me, I can't really sleep with things on my body or tinted things just because I get worried. It's not my vibe.”

14 Back To Leather At The UNICEF Ball

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Her health remained a tad troublesome in 2015 but she appeared at the Louis Vuitton-hosted 6th biennial UNICEF Ball in January 2016 looking absolutely radiant. She wore a stylish red zip-up Louis Vuitton leather gown that she literally shone in. With a plunging neckline and laser cut-out flowers, the gown looked great on her. She chose to wear minimal accessories with the dress and finger rings were her only bling. Kohl-lined eyes and a nude look completed the look, though her hair looked a tad awry. However, Selena admits that most of the mermaid locks you see on her are hair extensions. She has Latina hair, which is heavy, frizzy, and tends to fluff up with heat and humidity. Clearly, there’s a lot that goes behind the making of a diva!

13 Gomez Channels Her Inner Biker Girl

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Mostly, you see Selena dressed to perfection in the good girl category — not too over-the-top, she is a minimalist dresser who loves her simply gowns. She tones down her makeup and firmly believes in the less is more adage. In fact, she once even stated that "When I was younger, I did my own hair and makeup, and it was really a lot different back then!" Now, of course, she has a whole entourage with her, but her innate style has always been simplicity over bling. But on the pink carpet at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Selena looked a whole lot different. She wore a tough black-leather studded high-slit Louis Vuitton gown with black strappy mules and looked sassy, to say in the least. The high slit and plunging neckline were offset by a completely toned-down makeup and her hair that was left loose to cascade down in soft waves.

12 Her First Appearance After The Diagnosis

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Selena Gomez kept away from the spotlight for a while in 2015 and 2016 because she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, lupus, for which she had to undergo chemotherapy for as well. So the 2016 AMA appearance came after a while and fans were happy to see her alive and kicking. Her style was a little more subdued and clearly, Selena had lost some weight. She wore a floor-length, coral red, Prada gown for the 2016 AMA's that made her look waif-like with its cinched bodice. A hint of cleavage and bare arms made her look almost ethereal, as she pulled her back into a simple ponytail with a center parting. An eye-catching ring and earrings were the only bling she went with for this simple and elegant ensemble. She did look a little pale and gaunt but her toned-down appearance only seemed to make her inner light shine brighter.

11 Back To Bright 

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The treatment definitely seemed to be working for Selena was back to being her usual radiant self. Soon after the 2016 AMAs, she made an appearance at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards and this time, her ensemble was way different than before. The bright red, asymmetrical waist, cutout jumpsuit is from Mugler and she carried a Jimmy Choo clutch with a chain wristlet. She matched the silver clutch with silver Guiseppe Zanotti stilettos and chose to wear choker necklaces around her neck. Her hair was left down in windblown beachy waves and her makeup was safe enough too— dark eyes paired with nude lips and cheeks. The look suited her trim body and survivor attitude and put her firmly amongst the fashionistas. It was also a refreshing break from her usually gowned appearance and made her look beautifully youthful.

10 Selena Loves A Side Slit

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In May 2016, Selena Gomez kicked off her official Revival Tour and fashionistas went gaga over the Swarowksi-covered leotard that she sparkled in onstage. Once the concert was over, it was time for Selena to kick off the leotard and party in style. And so she did, in the slinkiest, most flattering satin gown in silver. The gown was by Galvan and it wasn’t just the material that made it a hit. The deep plunge of a neckline was new for the rather conservatively-dressed Selena. The gown also had a side slit, which she and her fearless sass seemed to carry with perfection. She wore feathery sandals to complete the look, sans any jewelry. Her hair cascaded down in perfect waves and her makeup matched the party mood— dark eyes and mauve lips with lovely contouring and pink cheeks.

9 This Stunning Blue Gown Was Made For Her

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At the 2016 Grammy Awards, Selena showed off another blingy ensemble. This time, she appeared in a long, sparkly, Calvin Klein Collection gown that was a lovely shade of royal blue. The neckline was a daring plunge and the gown also had midriff cutouts. A bow at the back led to a short trail and the strappy outfit looked appealing on a tanned Selena. She wore simple ear hoops to offset the gown and chose to go sans a clutch or any other jewelry. This time, while her hair was again left open in waves, the parting was a side one and looked pretty on her. Smokey eyes with just a hint of blush on her cheeks were paired with coral lips. While the gown was definitely blingy and bright, she downplayed the makeup and looked like a diva on the red carpet.

8 Looking Like A Diva In Silver

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At the Vanity Fair Oscars party in February 2016, Selena wore a shiny, silver, mermaid gown by Louis Vuitton and looked absolutely stunning in it. The only problem was that she made a quick fast food run to In-N-Out and apparently, the skin-tight gown could not take Selena’s full stomach— ergo, it ripped! She Instagrammed it too saying, “I legit ripped my dress right after this shot. I blame In-N-Out!” So basically, when wearing form-flattering, tight dresses, junk food detours need to come to a grinding halt before you burst right outta the dress… Though she was honest about it all saying, “I'm horrible at discipline when it comes to working out. I'm one of those people who's like, 'Ah, I ran for five minutes. I think I'm good.' Not the best, so I've been working with my trainer Amy Rosoff Davis. I wanted to be healthy; I wanted to feel good. I just wanted to make sure I was the best I could be for the show and for my fans.”

7 Channeling Sandy From Grease

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In November 2017, Selena was honored as Woman of the Year at Billboard's Women In Music. This was clearly her night to shine and Selena rocked the red carpet in a Versace pantsuit with a neckline that barely held her up. The all-black pantsuit featured a really stunning bodice tucked into leather pants that had laser cuts outs from thigh-to-toe. The pants were cinched in with a rather gaudy belt buckle. This was the year that Selena experimented a tad with hair color and can be seen sporting sun-kissed locks in shades of brown and blonde. Her hair was swept up in a messy chignon and simple gold hoops were her only accessories. She wore studded stilettoes in gold and black and looked pretty as a picture as she stepped onstage to receive her award in a tearful speech.

6 This Time She Went Short And Bold

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At the AMA Awards Red Carpet in November 2017, Selena wowed her fans by leaving the gown at home and wearing a lovely, little black number. The woman can clearly dress in PJs and look good in it and here, she wore a studded, zipped, and riveted black leather Coach dress that made a bold statement. The bleached hair and black biker dress looked fabulous on her and showed the world that she had a rather eclectic style. In fact, Selena admits that “she loves dressing up and her style cannot be defined because she loves to try new things. For her, style should be versatile just as your taste and fashion sense are versatile and changes in time.” With that LBD, shiny silver earrings and riveted pumps, she certainly looked every bit the music rockstar.

5 From Dressy To A Tad Casual

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Coach is clearly one of Selena's favorite brands and she even collaborated with Coach on some designs. So the NYFW, Selena wore a casual ensemble from Coach’s Spring 2018 Runway Show. A tan, leather jacket, black T-shirt, stone-wash jeans with some accented pockets, and black heeled boots was a very different public appearance for her. Shorter hair and more of a red lip than usual made Selena look pretty cool. And that fresh face? Well, Selena takes extremely good care of her skin, using the same Olay products that both her grandma and her mom used. She also uses the Clarisonic brush and cleanser to wash her face in the morning to maintain that dewy complexion. Plus, she never, ever, ever sleeps with makeup on! Let’s face it, beautiful skin will add its own charm to makeup too…

4 A Whimsical Floral Take

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At the September 2017 BoF 500 Gala, Selena channeled Hollywood glamour and wore a Rodarte Spring 2018 gown. The sheer gown matched her Latina complexion and its floral ruffles were a pretty different choice for her. She went retro with her makeup and hair, which created a stark but beautiful contrast to the gown. A deep-parted bob and a dark lipstick, coupled with a black clutch completed her near perfect look. While some applauded her decision to wear dark briefs under the sheer gown for many, it was an unwanted distraction. The gown had plenty of tulle ruffles and floral details so the black briefs stood out under the spotlight. But Selena does show her wacky side every now and then, “I have a sweat bed, which looks like a burrito that I wrap myself up in, and I sweat for about 45 minutes. Just little things to kind of keep me healthy and keep me focused.”

3 When In Doubt, Go Bright

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If you thought that puffball skirts were a thing of the past, here’s Selena to refute it all. At the 13 Reasons Why premiere in March 2017, Selena wore this stunning, metallic orange, Oscar De La Renta dress and looked positively ravishing in it. Careful details made this look absolutely perfect. The ombre-shade drop earrings matched perfectly with the cute, white mules, as well as the cutest application of an orange eyeshadow. The tight bodice suits Selena’s tiny frame perfectly and the flare of the skirt accentuates her tiny waist. With her hair pulled back into a sleek bun, it’s pretty clear that Selena the fashionista is here to stay and will continue to wow her fans with epic looks like these. The coral lips along with that slashy orange eyeshadow is a look that will probably stay for a while with many.

2 In The Season Of Love, Wear Pink

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Selena Gomez announced her relationship with The Weeknd in style, arriving at the Met Gala in 2017 in a dusty pink Coach dress. She wore her hair short in a smart crop that framed her face perfectly, and for a change, her makeup was fairly colorful. The dark pink eyeshadow along with a nude and toned down ace and lips looked good on her, as did the choker around her neck. The dress was embellished enough for Selena to choose to go with no jewelry, and being the simple girl at heart, she shined through in any case. Her relationship with The Weeknd may have been short-lived but at this moment, she certainly seemed to be in love and happy to boot. The plunging neckline, that high slit, and those beige sandals made her look like an ethereal diva.

1 A True Victoria's Secret Angel

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We'll leave you with this image that is still seared into the eyeballs of many Selenators. She wore this stunning, black ensemble for her performance at the 2015 Victoria's Secret fashion show. She seemed to have left all her decorous gowns at home for this one, including her undergarments, we think. The black, slinky, low-cut, and high-slit gown was a Jolibe Atelier gown. Chain and stud-embellished Saint Laurent boots and fingerless gloves completed her bold look. To add some bling to her outfit, she added in a mega-carat diamond choker. While Selena may look like a diva, she likes t keep it simple. Asked about her beauty take and she goes, “I don’t really bother because life is life. If it's a photoshoot, I'm probably more lucky because Photoshop, and if it's a close-up, I have to have makeup, and I just kind of do it. You can't really fight it. I think there are things that I could do or procedures for sure, but I just don't. I think that's gonna happen.”

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