20 Times Charlize Theron's Fashion Styles Grabbed Our Attention

Fate can be a funny thing. In 1995, a young South African model came to Hollywood in hopes of making it big. Her first role was almost landed but at the last minute, it fell through. As it happened, that role would have been the lead in the infamous bomb Showgirls. Which means it’s quite possible the career of Charlize Theron would have ended before it began. Instead, she debuted in the 1996 drama 2 Days in the Valley as a moll who showed off her body but also sleek in a tight white outfit. From the beginning, Theron had an aura about her, a hot drive that led to numerous other films and regularly topping lists of the sexiest women on the planet.

But in 2003, Theron proved she was also a first-rate actress as her role in Monster won her the Oscar. Since then, Theron has mixed blockbuster fare with various smaller movies and won hails for both looking hot as hell but also amazingly talented. At 42, she’s at the top of her game and also proving herself as an action star with the acclaimed Mad Max Fury Road and Atomic Blonde.

A woman willing to bury her beauty on screen if she has to, Theron really shines on red carpets and in various interviews. Just a shot of her in spandex, t-shirt and cap going to and from the gym is something that looks great thanks to how she barely appears to have aged. If anything, she’s hotter than she ever has been and proves it with her style. From award shows to interviews to even just the downtime, Theron has proven she can make any style work. Here are just 20 times her fashion choices were amazing, proving she remains one of the best looking women in Hollywood.

20 Fit For A Queen


Mixing a prequel and a sequel rarely ends well. Huntsman: Winter’s War is a good example. It tried to do set up to Snow White and the Huntsman and then work a sequel to that movie with the return of Theron’s evil queen. It didn’t work out well, the movie a big flop although Theron did her best to kick ass in her scenes (even if much of her stuff ended up on the cutting room floor) and promote the film.

That included this Late Night taping in New York where her outfit looks almost regal. The tight black outfit is great with a high collar and bare arms, showing off her great curves. Her dress flows down to a slit just above her calves, letting her legs show off. The strapped shoes finish it off and the dark shades let her retain her cool beauty nicely. It all ends up working to prove that just doing a TV interview, Theron can remain one of the hottest women alive.

19 Jet Black


Many an actor has hit a post-Oscar win slump. Theron, sadly, was no exception. Her follow-up to the triumph of Monster was Aeon Flux, based on the popular animated series of a future fighter. She looked amazing with short jet black hair and rocking the tight leather suit. She even suffered a serious neck injury doing a stunt that nearly left her paralyzed. Sadly, the movie was a critically ravaged flop and a blow to her standing. But she still did her best to stand out such as arriving at the 2005 Golden Globes with this amazing look.

With her hair still short and black, it’s a huge contrast to her usual appearances. The dark dress perfectly matches, shoulder-less with a nice flow to it and matching earrings. Theron would bounce back with an Oscar-nominated turn in North Country to get cred back but she still managed to make her Aeon look work nicely for a darker sexy motif.

18 Furious Style


The Fast and Furious series has always relied on cool cars and awesome action. But adding Theron just made an already great series even better. In Fate of the Furious, she played Cipher, a cyber-terrorist who blackmails Don into working for her against his own team. Theron was great in the role, standing out with her braided hairstyle and brilliant in her work as the villainess a step ahead of everyone. She also showed off nicely on the red carpet promoting the movie.

For the premiere, Theron is clad in an outfit Cipher herself might try, a sleek Christian Doir pair of pants with a nice light shirt and stylish jacket. The choice of a diamond necklace tight on her throat and a pearl one flowing down with diamond earrings makes the outfit look more elegant but also street-stylish. There’s a possibility Cipher can return in a sequel and you can count on Theron to add more heat to an already burning-hot franchise.

17 Orange On Red


Theron had been around in the business for a bit with her debut in the 1996 film 2 Days in the Valley. It was notable for her first nude scene and a wild fight with Teri Hatcher but also showed her cool sultry beauty she would use for her career. In 2000, Theron got her first invite to the Academy Awards as her film The Cider House Rules was among the nominees. So she took to the carpet at her best in a gorgeous backless orange gown.

Her hair dyed brown for a movie, Theron instantly got attention with the gown and the nice silver clasps at the straps with the silver purse and bracelet good accessories. It was the first of many Oscar red carpets for Theron and from the beginning she proved she had just the right style to stand amid the Hollywood elite on the biggest night for the town.

16 Sleek And Sure


Somehow, Theron is able to take outfits that could have been a disaster on anyone else and make them shine brilliantly. Take this outfit she wore for a premiere of her action hit Atomic Blonde. It’s basically a black leather bra underneath a sheer black top with sleeves ending just under the elbows. A black skirt flows down like curtains to show off her legs and you have a large diamond necklace with shoes that resemble boots.

It could have been a mess but on Theron, it just looks fantastic. The woman just has something in her that brings out an incredibly sexy side no matter the outfit. Indeed, her latest movie, Tully, has her gaining several pounds and going around in jeans and beat-up shirts yet still looking like a supermodel. Theron has proven over and over that her style is constantly turning heads on the red carpet.

15 Critical Choice


It doesn’t get the attention of the Oscars or Golden Globes but the Critic’s Choice Awards is a key Oscar precursor. Quite often, they get the ball rolling in terms of wins and seen as a predictor for who takes the big awards. Theron showed that, as claiming a Best Actress trophy for Monster was the first step on her road to the Oscar. She also won a Choice award for Mad Max as the Critics honor Action Movies as their own category. In 2014, Theron was introducing Seth McFarlane who was being given a separate honor for his comedy achievements of Family Guy and various movies.

But McFarlane himself had to note Theron was stealing attention away with her lovely outfit, looking like straps around her neck leading to her dark dress with a dark sash across her chest. She was bright and funny with some digs on McFarlane in her intro and he paid her back with some shots of his own. But Theron looked great to show she could be hot with her humor.

14 Thanksgiving Bikini

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Most just have good dinners with their family and try to avoid arguments. Others enjoy watching football and some may get a jump on Black Friday shopping.

In 2017, Theron proved she could celebrate Thanksgiving in her own hot way. Rather than the hustle and bustle of shopping or prepping a big dinner, Theron took her kids to Cabo for a getaway. Thus, on Thanksgiving Day, when many in the U.S. were handling cold temperatures or even snow, Theron was rocking a stunning black bikini with bun done up and shades on. It shows off her fabulously toned body which looks better than many actresses half her age. That is the result of great workouts. The woman appears to have barely aged at all and if anything, has just gotten hotter. Leave it to Theron to make Turkey Day a hot one and that bikini her own style.

13 Mad Warrior


While Theron is known for daring roles, Mad Max Fury Road was something else. A reboot of the classic post-apocalyptic saga, Theron won raves for her part as Furiosa, a rough driver. She threw herself into the role with a fake arm, doing many of her own stunts, and putting up with African temperatures that went over 100 degrees. She also got attention for shaving her head nearly bald yet somehow looking hotter than ever. The movie was a smash that even won several Oscars, unheard of for an action film. Theron did her best in promotions and handling stuff such as winning an MTV Movie Award for her role.

She looked great showing up there in a fantastic outfit, mostly sheer with lovely looks at her legs and the floral pattern over her arms quite nice. The “leaf” motif over the main body works quite well, elegant but also hot to fit the setting. So she may clean up nicely but Theron shows she can work any event in her own fashionable way.

12 Cannes Bright


The Cannes Film Festival is a huge event, a week-long celebration of film. Of course, many tend to ignore the movies and just enjoy the sight of various celebrities hanging around the French Rivera from red carpet events to parties.

Theron has attended a few times, often going for the darker motif other stars wear. But 2015 was different as she was there to promote Mad Max Fury Road. She thus decided to be daring by taking to the carpet in an incredibly bright yellow gown. It could have been messy, yellow on the red carpet but Theron was able to make it work very well. It flowed about her with simple straps, elegant in its simplicity and the trail behind her adding to its beauty. Theron always shines, but this one was better than most and one would have to be mad to think she doesn’t look hot as hell.

11 Lovely Mix


The Met Gala is one of the bigger nights for celebrity fashion. The worlds of movies, music, and modeling converge in New York on the first Monday of May for an annual party to support the arts. Every year has a theme although often, starlets will just show up dressed in whatever they want.

In the case of Theron, she arrived in this fantastic mixed color gown which looked beautiful on her. It’s almost all white save for black stripes down the side, looking like a classic vanilla-chocolate sundae. The black jacket draped around her bare shoulders is like a cape, making her stand out even more, and paired with the several diamond bracelets on her arm, makes her look like royalty. The short and stylish haircut just draws more attention to that dress, which is always a good thing. It’s a regal bit for her, looking absolutely wonderful and easily taking attention even amid the slews of stars hanging around.

10 Suited Up


In 2013, Seth McFarlane hosted the Academy Awards in a gig critics seemed to hate. Not helping was McFarlane engaging in some rather sophomoric humor such as an opening song where he basically sang about all the actresses in attendance who had gone nude on film. A pre-taped bit had Theron reacting to her name called out by glaring angrily at McFarlane. He then tried to “class it up” by having her and Channing Tatum do a dance routine.

There were no hard feelings as Theron then starred in McFarlane’s A Million Ways to Die in the West. But Theron has proven she’s risen above needing to show skin to make an impact. Witness this fantastic Cannes outfit as she comes out in a suit that makes the boardroom look sexy. It’s stunning with the shirt having a few buttons open, showcasing her seductive side and her power. Theron actually looks hotter fully clothed than many women do naked, something that adds to her power in Hollywood.

9 Bow Down


The Golden Globes are a key precursor of the Oscars in two ways. First, they’re the early sign of who can win in some categories. Second, they give the stars a chance to show off what styles they may bring to shows in the coming year. The Globes are a fun party, not only for the alcohol, but for the speeches.

Theron has conducted herself well in several of these while doing her best to stand out. This pic from the 2012 Globes (where she was nominated for her role in Young Adult) is a perfect example. The light pink is a great color to match her light skin with a nice flowing trail behind it. The large bow could have been messy but Theron makes it work with the silver brooch. We're also loving the slit up the leg. It's almost like an adult prom dress. She definitely proves that wherever she goes, she is the belle of the ball.

8 Rev It Up


Just before her turn in Monster, Theron was still known for “hot gal” roles. One was The Italian Job, a remake of a cult 1960s film. She played the daughter of a master thief who’s betrayed and taken out by one of his own gang. Wanting payback, she and the other gang members get together to pull a heist which involves a slew of chases in small cars. There’s been talk of a sequel but nothing coming of it which is too bad as Theron seems open to it. She has a fondness for racing as shown by this pic at the 2013 Grand Prix.

The all-white design lets her stand out majorly amid the various racers, almost a suit yet also quite comfortable. The sash in lieu of a belt is a good change, as is the jacket flowing nicely over her light shirt. It just stands as a great sight on the track and even if she’s not behind the wheel herself, Theron can still get anyone on a race track revved up just by her very presence.

7 Hats Off


It’s not noted as much as some of her other styles but Theron has a thing for fedoras. Maybe it’s fondness for her role in Head in the Clouds which included a scene of her taking a bath in nothing but a fedora and tie. But in various walks to and from the gym or getting groceries, Theron can be seen brandishing a variety of fedoras and making them work well.

This pic is from the 2013 GLAAD Awards as Theron has always been a supporter of LGBT causes. It looks wonderful settled on her short blond hair, matching her simple black dress, complete with a golden chain belt, and matching bracelet on her arm. She has a lovely smirk on her face as if she enjoys the attention as she hobnobs with the various celebrities present. It shows that while Theron’s hair gets attention, hiding it a lot with this style of hat is a fashion choice she can pull off so well.

6 Blonde Bombshell


Theron has always been known for her love of action movies. Yet many were still astounded by her turn in Atomic Blonde. A throwback to old-styled action, she played an MI-6 agent in 1989 Berlin just before the fall of the Wall. With a great soundtrack, Theron shined well in action stuff (not to mention her steamy love scenes with Sofia Boutella). She also threw herself into the action such as a stunning five-minute stairway fight scene that had critics raving.

Theron, at 42, in a role such as this showed that women can kick ass regardless of their age. She had the same great drive on the red carpet for the premiere, as instead of a simple top or dress, she basically wore a white bra with a white mini-skirt. Maybe she was just tired of doing promotions and did wear a better outfit for a later party. However, this just shows how Theron can make any outfit work.

5 Golden Glow


Theron had talent but for the first several years of her career, she was constantly being reduced to nothing more than eye candy. Which was why her turn in Monster was so stunning. Buried in a makeup job that made her unrecognizable, Theron channeled criminal Aileen Wuornos in a way that took audiences and critics by storm. Roger Ebert called it “one of the greatest performances in the history of cinema” and Theron was steamrolling at the award shows. It all culminated at the Oscars where she won Best Actress and was clearly moved by this honor.

While she was criticized for too much of a tan, Theron still dazzled in a light sequined dress that shimmered well under the light. Her blonde hair had a nice 1940s style bob that was a hot throwback, and the slit up the dress showed her matching heels. Of course, the best accessory was the Oscar, which definitely added more of a glow to her night of triumph.

4 Ocean Shimmer


The sci-fi epic Prometheus has been cited as a disappointment by some due to its length and muddled storytelling. However, some defend the director’s cut as being much better. Plus, you get to see Theron as a gorgeous businesswoman in charge of an alien exploration. The writers joke that her entrance was supposed to be doing push-ups in the nude but “sadly, clearer heads prevailed.”

As muddled as the movie may have been, Theron did her best to promote it, including at the London premiere. With the decision to have a blue carpet to fit the sci-fi setting, Theron matched it in a gorgeous ocean-blue gown. It’s a fantastic design, shimmering with a nice “wave” motif to it, as the shoulders are bare and it flows by her legs with a nice slit at a hip. Her blonde hair falls in nice waves, making the look both casual and elegant all at once.

3 Queenly Dark


One of Theron’s wildest roles had to be Snow White and the Huntsman. A dark take on the fairy tale, she played the evil queen who sucks the life force out of young women and uses various magical powers. It was truly unique, and while the movie was criticized a bit (like asking audiences to buy into the fact that Kristen Stewart was supposed to be more beautiful than Theron), most thought it was a fun role for Theron. She got to change it up, and looked amazing in some elaborate gowns and crowns.

At the Cannes Film Festival premiere of the film, Theron showed off in a dress that would have been perfect for her character. Sleek and black lace, it was nearly sheer in the front with a wide sash around the torso, high heels spotted in the trail. The wrap around her shoulder gives it an elegant air as well as the nice lace font to it. Overall, it’s a terrific outfit, elegant yet stunningly hot, a combination Theron pulls off nicely.

2 Red Grace

The Oscars is the biggest night of the year for Hollywood. Every one of the major stars and power players come out to celebrate movies, and can always be seen looking their best. Many admit to prepping for weeks or even months in advance with multiple fittings and choosing the right outfit, decked out as glamorous as possible to get attention. But in 2016, Theron claimed she didn’t know until just a week before the ceremony what her dress would look like.

She gave her stylist total control over the outfit as she was busy filming, and trusted her to make the right choice. That definitely worked out in her favor; Theron looking breathtaking in this red gown, plunging at the front with a silver necklace dangling nearly to her waist. The straps are thin yet shapely and the flow is terrific. Theron confessed she was unsure of wearing red, a color she doesn’t do too often but it worked out with her. She was hailed as one of the best dressed that year.

1 Silver Sheath


This dress is absolutely amazing in how it fits like a glove. For a Hong Kong press release, Theron clad herself in a skintight silver dress that flowed over her like some sort of sci-fi uniform. Ironically, Theron has experience with that, having done a guest-star turn on Seth McFarlane’s sci-fi comedy The Orville.

This dress is amazing, as it looks like it was literally poured over her, rather than slipped on. Her legs look amazing, and the dress, paired with the high heels, diamond earrings and short hair to showcase that makes the whole ensemble more alluring. It shimmers in the natural light and manages not to clash with the cameras flashing. Judging by the look of pride on her face, she knows just how good she looks. She definitely stole our hearts with this outfit, and proved she has a style that is unique to her.

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