20 Things Kendall And Kylie Do To Look Above Average (But They're Still So Fake)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have a high ranking on the world’s most beautiful list. They’ve been blessed with good looks and access to some of the best names in the industry to ensure that they always look picture perfect. And, that perfection is something that the two girls constantly work on. Kylie is a makeup mogul who has perfected the art of the nude and bronzed contour look that she brought back into fashion. Kendall is a supermodel with a slim physique and ‘girl next door’ looks that grace the covers of magazines and billboards around the world.

So, it’s safe to say that these girls know a thing or two about beauty. They are constantly being photographed and filmed, so they have to make sure that they’re always camera ready and picture perfect. Yet, their beauty routines couldn’t be more different from one another. Even though the two are sisters and describe each other as their best friend, they each have a unique approach when it comes to their beauty routine. Kylie is the glamour queen who uses bronzer and false lashes daily. We bet you’d be surprised at which falsies are her go-to. Kendall, on the other hand, has described herself as ‘the least girlie one’ in the Kardashian-Jenner clan. She gets ready in five minutes and focuses on her skin care regimen as she has struggled with skin issues throughout her teens and twenties. Yet, if you’re curious to find out which products the Jenner girls use for their everyday flawless look, then you’re in luck. We’ve not only got their products but their routine that you can do in 10 quick steps.

20 Kendall - Obsessively Cleanse

First off, let’s just say that Kendall’s routine is perfect for busy people. She has even told ‘Byrdie’, “I’m very simple and lazy with my beauty routine. I wouldn’t say that I’m daring. But, I’ve always been super OCD about washing my face. I wash my face at least two to three times a day.” For women who don’t enjoy wearing too much makeup, Kendall’s the perfect model to copy to learn how to get glowing skin. So, what’s her go-to cleanser to keep her face squeaky clean?

According to ‘Allure’, Kendall uses Clean, a natural cleanser from her dermatologist Christie Kidd. In case you were wondering, you’ll have to book an appointment with the famed dermatologist to have access to her line of skincare products as they’re not available to the public, but only her clients.

19 Kylie - Christie Kidd Face Wash & Blood Serums

Kylie hasn’t really had to deal with the problematic skin that her big sis, Kendall had. She uses a simply cleaner from the dermatologist that she and Kendall visit for their clear skin. Her formulas are reported to tighten pores, clear up blemishes, and keep the skin glowing.

Although, as we mentioned before, you have to head into Christie’s office and have her assess your skin first before she’ll allow you to buy one of her products. Immediately after washing her face with Christie’s face wash, Kylie will apply Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Serum. Luckily, you can pick this up at your local pharmacy. And, you’ll be glad that you did as this super hydrating serum locks in moisture to keep your skin hydrated and glowing all day long.

18 Kendall - DIY Zit Cream

Kendall has openly spoken about her struggle with acne. In fact, she’s blamed her volatile skin as one of the reasons that she has suffered from low self-esteem. It wasn’t until she began to regularly see dermatologist Christie Kidd that her skin improved. After using the dermatologist’s cleanser Kendall follows with her homemade zit cream. She swears by it.

The supermodel mixes a ½ teaspoon each of raw honey, lemon juice, and baking soda to spread onto any spots that might appear on her face. Of course, this is reserved for nighttime or as a quick pimple-curing mask to wear in the morning for a few minutes. The best part is that it is dermatologist approved as honey calms skin, baking soda absorbs oil, and lemon exfoliates dead skin cells.

17 Kylie - Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream Moisturizer

Kylie must have the least temperamental skin on the planet. This moisturizer is packed with oils such as avocado and coconut, and shea butter. It’s a moisture bomb for your skin that can also cause oily skin to look a little too ‘greasy’.

Yet, one of the great things about this moisturizer is that it’s ideal to use on both the face and body. So, if it’s too intense for your face, you can easily slather it onto your legs and arms. It also has the lovely scent of an orange flavored creamsicle. Those with dry skin will find that it’s perfect for moisturizing especially during the dry winter months. And, anyone looking to live like a Jenner for the day will find that it’s an easy splurge as it costs less than $10 per jar.

16 Kendall - Moisturize Day & Night

Kendall has given a shout out to her favorite night cream. Surprise, its Estee Lauder’s Night Wear Plus Anti-Oxidant Night Detox Crème. In case you didn’t know, Kendall is a model (and ambassador) for the brand. This crème detoxes the skin from environmental damage with anti-oxidants such as Vitamins C and E. As a woman whose job usually has her skin ‘inhaling’ the fumes of big cities and wearing a lot of makeup, Kendall’s skin definitely needs extra cleansing help.

It also hydrates skin without clogging pores. Kendall is prone to acne, so this is an important trait that she has to look for in her moisturizers. If you’re prone to breakouts, you might want to follow in this model’s footsteps and grab the super anti-oxidant crème for your nightly moisturizing regimen.

15 Kylie - Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

“My usual go-to is the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. You can still see my skin through it.” There you have it. Kylie loves a light foundation from a makeup artist that you might not be familiar with. It’s light coverage also makes it easy for Kylie to use a base that will allow her bronzing and highlighting skills to shine.

The young makeup mogul has yet to launch her own Kylie Cosmetics foundation, but we wonder if it’s not that far off. In the meantime, she’s enjoying Charlotte’s foundation which is known for perfecting the skin and adding a ‘youth-boosting’ light effect. It’s perfect as Kylie admits that she doesn’t wear heavy makeup looks every day. “If I’m going to see people, I won’t wear heavy makeup. It’s not attractive on me,” the star told The New York Times.

14 Kendall - Protect With Sunscreen

Ask any actress, model, or even dermatologist that has great skin and they’ll tell you that part of the secret to their flawless skin is being loyal to wearing sunscreen. Kendall is no different. In fact, she’s known for keeping a bottle of sunscreen in her bag to ensure that she’s constantly touching up to protect her skin. Her go-to is Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of 46.

Again it’s specially formulated for skin that’s prone to breakouts. It not only protects acne-prone skin, it also calms irritations. It’s also a lightweight formula that doesn’t go on heavy or greasy as some sunscreens do. Kendall is constantly being looked and photographed, she doesn’t have time to worry if her skin looks slimy or cakey with products.

13 Kylie - Anatasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Kylie is a contour queen. She’s confessed to every product that she uses and one of them happens to be Anastasia’s contour kit. It’s an easy to use crème palette with 6 shades perfect for contouring and highlighting your cheekbones to perfection. You simply choose which of the 4 kits has the right shades for you and then you can whip out your tools to blend and sculpt.

For most girls, it might be a little much for an everyday look. Yet, Kylie is not most girls. She’s a celebrity who is constantly in the spotlight. So, it makes sense that she’d want to ensure that she’s always putting her best foot forward. Kylie also loves Anastasia’s brand for her eyebrow pencils too. She visits the eyebrow salon when in Los Angeles.

12 Kendall - Try Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Foundation

As the face of Estee Lauder, it’s no surprise that Kendall is a fan of the brand’s foundation. She uses her fingertips to blend dots of the foundation onto her skin. It’s her low-key way to avoid having a caked on look. It also allows her to put her makeup on everywhere as long as she has a bottle in her purse and her fingers handy.

“I’ve done makeup in cars… in port-a-potties,” the model has said of her makeup routine. We don’t know if Kylie or Kim could say that they’ve done their makeup while on the move. While the other Kardashian and Jenner sisters prefer heavy contouring and layer, mix, or add several foundations together, Kendall is low-key and sticks to the bare minimum.

11 Kylie - EyeShadow

Kylie’s favorite eyeshadow palette is Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar. Just as the name suggests it’s a palette of warm shades. Each has a metallic shimmer to it, not too much for everyday wear. Although, you can layer or wet your brush for a more pigmented look for the night. And, with 16 different eyeshadow shades to choose from, there are different looks that you can create from the single palette.

It’s no wonder that when Kylie launched her own line of eyeshadow palettes, she stuck with warmer shades. She has six different palettes that all have one or two different brown shades. Although, none are as shimmering as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. We’re sure that Kylie is working on that as we speak.

10 Kendall - Get Flawless With Concealer

“I learn a lot from being on set,” Kendall told Vogue Magazine when interviewed about her beauty regimen. One of the things that the 21-year old has learned is how to cover up any flaws that might appear on her skin. For any spots or slight discolouration, Kendall adds a dash of concealer. She’ll usually also make sure to add it to the eyes to make the area lighter and brighter.

Just as she does with her foundation, Kendall will use her fingertips to blend the formula into her skin. Her low key approach to beauty doesn’t include beauty blenders and a trio of brushes to apply products to her skin. Like we said, Kendall is a perfect example of the low-key beauty girl.

9 Kylie - Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

Even after applying false lashes, Kylie still looks for ways to add more oomph to her lashes and blend in the false lashes with her own by using mascara. ‘It’s so important to have a good mascara. There are some that pump up your lashes enough to totally skip falsies,” the makeup mogul shared on her app.

If you’re more of a low-key beauty diva, then a good mascara is your key for amping up your eyes without having to glue stuff to your face. Kylie has two favorite mascaras. She uses Lancome Hypnose for long luxurious length. Then, she’ll swipe on Loreal’s Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara for extra definition and color that lasts all day long. Kylie has also used Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara which has a beeswax formula to lengthen and define each and every lash.

8 Kendall - Estee Lauder Angled ‘Brow Now’ Definition Pencil

“When I was like 14, having thin eyebrows were the cool thing, so I literally plucked them all off. My sisters yelled at me and threw out all the tweezers in the house. I’ve never touched them myself ever since.” It seems odd to hear that one of the most beautiful girls in the world who has literally grown up on a set, would ever make beauty blenders. Yet, Kendall did.

These days she leaves her brows alone and chooses to define instead of plucking them all out. She uses Estee Lauder’s Brow Multi-Tasker to fill in her brows. She also uses a brush to lightly blend and ensure that the hairs are all in one direction. With her perfect arches, we think that she’s mastered the art of the perfect brow these days.

7 Kylie - False Lashes from CVS

While Beyonce spends hundreds for her mink falsies, Kylie heads over to CVS to spend less than $10 for hers. “I love CVS because I get all of my lashes from there,” the youngest Jenner has said. We’re surprised that there aren’t Instagram snaps of her at the pharmacy store. It’s still good news that she’s accessible for fans trying to copy her every move and look. And, if it’s good enough for Kylie who ensures that she always looks flawless than it’s good enough for the rest of us.

Kylie’s favorite are strip lashes as they tend to be the easiest to apply when you’re putting on new lashes every day. Individual lashes take too much time and are reserved for her red carpet looks when she has a makeup artist apply them.

6 Kendall - Bronzer & Highlight

Kendall does enjoy a sweep or two of bronzer over her cheekbones. After all, she has to ensure that she has that sculpted ‘model look’. She sweeps a powder bronzer onto her skin with a large fluffy brush. Yet, don’t think that she’s using Kim’s highly pigmented and glittery shades of bronzer.

Kendall prefers earthy tones that are closer to her natural skin tone for a sun-kissed glow as opposed to a disco-princess glow. It’s the last step to achieve flawless skin. For special events, Kendall might use a highlighter such as RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. The creamy formula is her make-up artist’s go-to for the young model as it ‘photographs so beautifully’. “We tap it on the high planes of the face and add a little touch above the Cupid’s bow to enhance the pout and create the illusion of a fuller lip,” makeup artist Aidan Keogh explained.

5 Kylie - TiZO3 Sunscreen

According to dermatologists, this is one of the best sunscreens out there. So, it’s no wonder that Kylie has it in her skincare arsenal. It’s a mineral sunscreen whose main ingredient is zinc oxide to block harmful screen rays. The sunscreen also has another function. It doubles as a makeup primer.

Considering that Kylie is known for her carefully curated and layered makeup looks, it makes sense that she’d look for products that can do two things at once. It saves her time and effort having to put things on her skin. If you’re looking to start your day like the youngest Jenner you can pick up this sunscreen at Jet or Amazon for a cool $33. We never said that Kylie was thrifty. She’s just smart about choosing good products for her skin.

4 Kendall - Fragrance Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss

Kendall is truly loyal to the brand that she is the face of. She not only starred in the commercial for the brand’s perfume, but she also hails it as her favorite scent. In the red lacquered bottle it suggests a modern classiness that is a part of Kendall’s image. It’s described as having sultry notes of leather layered with fruity scenes to give it a more feminine structure.

In Kendall’s own words the fragrance it ‘stylish, strong, and feminine.’ She loves the scent for the grown up look it gives her and because it has a ‘mix of woods and florals.’ The model has also gone on to say that, “It’s very glamorous, smoky, dark, and sexy.” Because of its sultriness, Kendall only wears the perfume at night. By day she prefers to go au natural.

3 Kylie - Setting With Powder & Sprays

Kylie doesn’t just set her makeup in place with a powder. She’s a makeup mogul who uses both. Kylie’s go-to powder is Bobbi Brown’s sheer finish which comes in a yellow shade. “I like the yellow because it cancels out any rd, and it works really well with my spray tan color,” Kylie said on her app.

The powder is loose and creates a flawless setting for any makeup look. After that’s on, Kylie than seals in her makeup look with a spray. She likes Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to ensure that her makeup stays in place. She might not wear makeup every day, but when she does Kylie is serious about appearing flawless for the cameras. You can pick up either of these products at Sephora.

2 Kendall - Lip Gloss

“I don’t fully put lipstick on; I take it and then dab it just to enhance my own color,” Kendall said when questioned about her lip color. The young supermodel prefers light pink lip glosses when it comes to her day-time lip color. She might even choose a shade that has a little bit of shimmer to it. By night, she’ll go for a full blown red shade that is stark contrast from the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan who prefer to overline their lips in nude shades to enhance their lips.

Yet, Kendall is low key. She doesn’t have time for lip primer, lip liner, and lipstick. She’ll save that for her big night out on the red carpet. For her everyday looks, she prefers to flaunt her natural beauty and keep it simple with kissable, pretty pink lips.

1 Kylie - Lip Liner

We couldn’t forget about Kylie’s lips now, could we? Kylie’s lips are famous after she had the world wondering whether or not she had lip fillers. Spoiler alert! She did. Yet, that doesn’t mean that Kylie can’t use products that make her lips appear even bigger. She uses her lip liners and glosses for a perfect and very full looking nude lip. Kylie has shared on her app, Snapchat, and Instagram how she uses her glosses. She has even gushed about her favorite shade which happens to be Candy K, a pinkish nude.

Then, she’ll slather on a gloss from her line in a similar nude shade; Literally. Three products on your lips is a far cry from her sis Kendall, who dabs her lips for barely-there color. Although, each girl is different and known for their very different beauty looks. Obviously, Kylie is glamazon.

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